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    Kitchen and Bathroom Sales Training

    (April 22, 2015)

    It's time to hit the books and head back to school! The KBC Design Group is now offering our kitchen and bath education online! Whether you are a new designer, a seasoned manager or a lead carpenter, our online training can meet your needs. The programs offer guidance and assistance in all aspects of running a company and are designed exclusively for the kitchen and bath industry. If there is something specific you are interested in learning more about, but do not see here, please reach out to us. Chances are there are other people wanting to learn the same thing, and we are happy to create a kitchen and bath education class for you!

    Reach your full potential with the following courses:

    Basic Design & Sales Training

    This program is specifically designed for recently hired kitchen and bath designers and sales professionals new to the industry.  It is also for existing design team employees who are presently supporting owners or other design professionals on staff (i.e. Design Assistants).  It is strongly recommended for individuals intending to follow a Sales Designer career path as well as those hired for their kitchen and bath sales potential who are in need of additional training on the basics of kitchen design and the fundamentals of selling kitchens and baths. This class delivers basic training in kitchen planning, cabinet qualities, job estimating, management systems, salesmanship and bathroom planning.  The course lasts 3 months and attendees will meet twice a month for two hours per each session.

    Advanced Sales Skills Training

    One of many educational opportunities offered by KBC Design Group , sales training is conducted by DFF, VP of Education, and uses the DFCCC™ Process. The training provides business owners, design professionals, and salespeople with a practical, proven, road map for filling their prospecting pipeline, improving their closing ratio,  and increasing profits.  The process, in and of itself, helps kitchen and bath salespeople differentiate themselves from their competition throughout the kitchen sales, bath sales, and client development process. Transform yourself from an Order-Taker into a Professional Closer!

    The KBC Design Group System™ embraces the KBC BATHROOM AND KITCHEN™ Process, an updated version of the System, and integrates it with proven successful practices developed by the KBC Design Group . Tom Blau is a licensed trainer for this Process. With more than 30 years in the kitchen and bath industry, Tom is uniquely qualified to convert order-takers into true sales professionals. For more details and to review the agenda, please contact us.

    Project Management Training Course

    This online program is designed for the newly hired and/or existing Lead Carpenters, Project Managers, Sub-contractors and Dealers/owners. It is also for existing Sales Designers who have been given responsibility of direct project management of work sold. The training will increase productivity of installation operations, reduce communication errors, substantially reduce profit erosion from mistakes and oversights, and build a stronger team spirit. If your present installation crews are costing you time, money and sleep, this training program is for you. It will also help to create a new project management profit center for your company. This training lasts 4 months and attendees meet two times per month for two hours each session.  For more details and to review the agenda, please contact us.

    Basics of Plumbing for Kitchen & Bath Designers

    In today¡¯s economy, bathroom remodels are becoming just as profitable as kitchens and easier to sell to the cash-strapped consumer. The secret to being successful is a thorough understanding of how to price and package the services associated with bathroom sales, and to increase your sales of plumbing and bath-related products. A large percentage of kitchen dealers need more education on the basics of plumbing. Once they are comfortable with these basics, they will be more likely to attempt and smoothly close the bathroom sale, confident in their ability to perform as an expert. Bathroom dealers, both those just starting out and those that are seasoned, will find this training valuable in keeping their knowledge of the plumbing fundamentals up to date and fresh in their minds. This training lasts one month and attendees meet two times for two hours per session. For more details and to review the agenda, please contact us.

    Exit Strategies for Kitchen & Bath Dealers

    This online program is specifically designed for Owners, Partners, General Managers, & Business/Office Managers who wish to gain insight on some of the ways small, closely held businesses are sold or successfully transferred to the next generation. Whether you are just starting out, or are looking for the right avenue towards a rewarding retirement, this online series will address the many essential steps necessary to successfully sell your business at a premium price. This training lasts one month and attendees meet two times for two hours per session. For more details and to review the agenda, please contact us.

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