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Tropical-Style Bathroom Vanity

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Add to an exotic bath with a luxurious vanity. Open storage space below is adorned with a woven pattern that adds an element of Japanese flair, and dark wood cabinetry fits in beautifully with the exotic-looking hardwood floors. Create a focal point for the vanity by surrounding the mirror with a thick frame that stands out against the background. The look here is completed with rattan-weave inserts in the cabinet doors and greenery on the countertops. For a tropical decor in your bathroom that exudes a sense of calm and relaxation, various design elements such as weave patterns and raised sink bowls are the perfect touch.

Who manufactures the Victorian-Style vanity on slide 10 and how can it be purchased? Where do I find this wood flooring (perfectly country)? Looks like pine. Who made this white vanity and mirror – I would love to order one? I just love this combination of tradional & contemporary styles in the Bathroom Vanities - Home & Stone carries a lot of various traditional & contemporary, as well as diferent type of other styles in Bathroom Vanities, The sink and vanity are by Waterworks. You can get a similar version and cheaper version at Restoration Hardware. If you want the cheapest knockoff, look at Home Decorators Collection. The sink isn’t as thick, but it is the same style and alot less money. Now if I could only find the tiles.

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