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Traditional Kitchen Design in House Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Besides contemporary and modern designs, traditional kitchen, too many mainstream. Usually for people who like things that tend of traditional and classical likely. To get the traditional kitchen design you may have to choose the oldest furniture. However, traditional does not mean old-fashioned. Traditional concept of design can be seen from the lighting, furniture selection, accessories, and coloring. For the selection of furniture, may be combined among some materials. The old-fashioned stove very traditional look. As for the bench or counter, wood with marble remains an option. The table is designed with drawer boxes with rounded handle. The dim light of a traditional design is decor the kitchen. It’s also equipped with some decorations such as paintings, flowers, or other wall decorations. Brown and cream colors may well mix with traditional tiles. If you do not like the tiles are mediocre, you can use traditional patterned of marble.

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