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Toilet and Bath Floor Plan

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Toilet and Bath Floor Plan

The kind of fixtures you buy for a bath remodeling will depend on how much you have to spend, and on how large a room you are planning to remodel. Cost of bathroom fixtures varies with size, style, fittings, and materials used. Regarding bathroom layouts, be sure to allow at least one and half feet between the front of the sink and the front of the toilet. There should be two feet between the front of any fixture and the wall across from it. Minimum bathroom floor area needed for a person cleaning the tub is 30 inches (along the side of the tub) by 20 inches.

At the side of the fixtures allow at least two inches between toilet tank and sink or vanity and three inches between toilet and bathtub and four inches between toilet and the wall at the side of it. The best bathroom floor plans will locate the toilet so the large waste pipe goes between and parallel to the floor joists rather than cutting through them. This saves cutting the joists and may save costly floor framing. You can also save on the cost of piping by placing all the fixtures along one wall in new bath remodel. It is best to allow six inches between sink vanity and the wall. Allow more than the minimum of space if you can. Leave room for storage cabinets and towel bars. Rearrange your design until you have the fixtures in the best possible layout.

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