The difference between a Dual Fuel and an Electric Towel Rail

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Electric Only Towel Rails

Electric Only Towel Rails

An electric heated towel rail comes pre-filled with a liquid and has an electrical element as its only heat source.

Some electric towel rails come filled with oil and others come filled with a water-based solution containing a mix of central heating preservatives.  Here at KBC-WARMRAIL we believe that a water-based solution is a far more environmentally friendly method.

Once the towel rail has been filled, bungs are then placed in the filling holes to keep the mixture in.  Another benefit of water-based thermal transfer fluid is that if there is some leakage during transportation it can be easily topped up with water. The electric towel warmers here at Trade Plumbing are filled with a mixture that is strong enough to be topped up around ten times during the lifetime of the product. To prevent damage during its journey to you we always pack the towel rail element separately in your box and would always recommend ensuring this is done. Your Part P registered Plumber or Electrician will be able to fit the element in your heated towel rail with ease.

A Dual Fuel towel rail comes with no filling fluid as it is plumbed in to your central heating system allowing it to be heated by your central heating system; it also has an electrical element so it can still be used when your central heating system is not active.

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