Toilet and Bath Floor Plan

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Toilet and Bath Floor Plan

The kind of fixtures you buy for a bath remodeling will depend on how much you have to spend, and on how large a room you are planning to remodel. Cost of bathroom fixtures varies with size, style, fittings, and materials used. Regarding bathroom layouts, be sure to allow at least one and half feet between the front of the sink and the front of the toilet. There should be two feet between the front of any fixture and the wall across from it. Minimum bathroom floor area needed for a person cleaning the tub is 30 inches (along the side of the tub) by 20 inches.

At the side of the fixtures allow at least two inches between toilet tank and sink or vanity and three inches between toilet and bathtub and four inches between toilet and the wall at the side of it. The best bathroom floor plans will locate the toilet so the large waste pipe goes between and parallel to the floor joists rather than cutting through them. This saves cutting the joists and may save costly floor framing. You can also save on the cost of piping by placing all the fixtures along one wall in new bath remodel. It is best to allow six inches between sink vanity and the wall. Allow more than the minimum of space if you can. Leave room for storage cabinets and towel bars. Rearrange your design until you have the fixtures in the best possible layout.



Before and After Bathroom designs

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Contempory small bathroom designs feature clean lines and minimalist elements. A mold-infested bathroom outfitted with cheap tile and cabinets, and a drab beige tub deck is transformed into a contempory bath with porcelain sinks and granite countertops as is shown in these before and after bathroom photos. Another project highlights an ugly, windowless bathroom covered in dark wallpaper and wood trim featured plastic columns, brown wallpaper, and lacked a window. The bright and customized new master bathroom makeover showcased non-splash sink bowls and sleek cabinetry.

Explore your bathroom in a three-dimensional environment and use free online bath design tools to create a virtual design from your own floor plan or using bathroom photos. If you are planning a new bath remodeling project, today’s internet is your best resource for bathroom designs and planning tools. With free online tools you can change the floor plans, change the colors of the products, add a whirlpool, or paint the walls. Choose between their bathroom photography with standard bathroom fixtures or use your own photograph of your bathroom. Also featuring the ability to save and print your favorite bath design along with faucet model numbers and prices. You can even place a person in your virtual bathroom to give you an idea of how much room you have to move around in.

American Standard Brands is a leading North American manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality building products, including faucets, fixtures, furniture, vitreous china fixtures, cast iron sinks, whirlpool tubs and other wellness products for the bath and kitchen as well as decorative panels.



7×8 Small Modern Bathroom Designs

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7x8 Small Modern Bathroom Designs

If your bathroom can be as large as a 7×8 bathroom floor plan, you can arrange the bathroom fixtures in a number of ways. Moreover, the extra floor space with small bathroom designs this size makes it possible to use the bathroom as a dressing room. This is also an economical arrangement if all the fixtures are placed along the 7 foot wall across from the door; you can save on the cost of piping by placing all the fixtures along one wall. To the left of the door is a floor-to-ceiling cabinet for towels and bath supplies. The tub has been recessed by building a wall between tub and the cabinet. The key to achieving well-designed modern bathrooms is to make it feel more spacious. Now, more than ever before, bathroom fixtures are available in a beautiful selection of colors, materials, sizes and styles. With small in size bathroom fixtures, you can visually open up the space. This is a popular solution adopted by many professional designers.

In the 7×8 modern bathroom design, you will need an overhead bathroom light fixture as well as light at the mirror. For most small bathroom designs, a light over the mirror, or bathroom sconces at the sides, will be enough. For side light fixtures, placement about 5-1/2 feet from floor to center of bulb is the right height. Place fixtures so the light shines on both sides of the face instead of in the mirror. For safety, use wall switches rather than pull chains for the light fixtures. In the bathroom it is usually possible to touch both water and metal while using electric bathroom appliances or switching on lights. There is a great danger of shock if wiring is defective, or equipment is not properly grounded. So, try to locate switches and convenience outlets out of reach of anyone in the tub and away from pipes or other metal objects in small bathroom designs.



Outlined Bathroom Fixtures Mix Form & Function

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There is a raw beauty in the shape of certain household objects often masked in modern design – these objects, by contrast, show off both their outside lines and internal workings.

From Althea Ceramica: “Outline is an impassioned tribute to the style and the spirit of the 60’s. Forms never before seen, unusual, characterized by an “emptying” of volumes which gives life to a design, or better a concept, from which spring interesting aspects regarding living the bathroom environment and its protagonists.” Read more »



Modular Portable Bathroom for Small Space Interior Design

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Portable bathrooms do not have a reputation for luxury – shower, scale and fan? Forget it. Until now, that is. Somewhere between a mobile go-anywhere bare-bones restroom and a high-end built-in modern washroom design, these bathroom modules are intended to slot into small available spaces in houses, condos or apartments and attach themselves with minimal construction work. Read more »



All-in-One Super-Sleek Bathroom Set

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Space-saving combination fixtures are in vogue, but few go as far as this one. This stylish space-age combo fixture folds out to reveal a toilet, sink, shelf and mirror, all in one object and fanning out from the center like features of the ultimate giant-sized multi-tool knife.

Definitely designed (by Dang Jingwei) with small bathrooms in mind, one of the neatest features is the built-in water-saving system that reuses tap water (used to wash your hands or brush your teeth) as toilet water with the push of a button. Read more »



Strange or Sexy Bizarre Bathroom Sink Fixtures

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Really, would these sinks make you stimulated … or strangely uncomfortable? Unfortunately, the designer’s thoughts are unknown is this was an anonymously submitted image that will surely.


Each piece was clearly individualy sculpted and the surrounding decor suggests an elegant setting – so really, it may have been a bold move to include such sexy (or at least scandalous) bathroom sinks in whatever location this may be.



Origami Sophisticated Bathroom Suite

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Italian company Stocco takes bathroom fixtures to a whole new level of style and sophistication with their Origami suite. The unusual suite of bathtubs and sinks uses modern shapes and clean lines to create beautiful fixtures that will truly set a bathroom apart from any other.



While some of the objects in the Origami line are more decorative than others, all add a little something special to the bathroom landscape. Unexpected shelves, uplighted cutouts, or an elegant tub-side table space are surprisingly at home in these pieces, giving each its own unique personality. Read more »



Luxurious Modern Shower Design

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The shower is one place we can always go to relax and get away from everything troubling us in the world at large – a small and sometimes unappreciated hideaway in the home where no one bothers you and the noise of everday life is drowned out in a torrent of warm water.


Why not, given its role in our lives, invest a bit more into the design of our shower – make it a real retreat with the home if we can afford it? While these ultra-luxurious fixtures from Dornbracht are not cheap they seem worth it for those who value their time spent in the shower.


On the somewhat cheaper side of things (though nontheless expensive), they also offer a variety of stylish bathtub faucets and handles that can add a touch of modernism to go with a more simple and elegant bathroom interior design.



Design beautiful bathrooms with Autokitchen 11

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New textures and bathroom fixtures
We just released the Summer Catalog Update for Autokitchen 11. The update really expands your choices in almost all relevant categories, including cabinetry, appliances, textures and bathroom fixtures. 

We are very excited about some of the new wall textures, including the new micro tiles shown in the above image and the wavy tiles shown in the image below.

Several new bathroom over-the-counter vessels are also included, completing an already rich collection of bathroom fixtures.  As always, the dimensions in these new fixtures can be altered via a quick right-click, so that you can portray them as you want them to look.