Bath Remodeling: Bathroom Floor Plans

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


There are several ways to plan for a successful bathroom remodeling. An old favorite way to draw up bathroom floor plans was to make cut-outs of brown paper or newspaper exactly the size of the fixtures you plan to use in the bath remodel. Then arrange the cut-outs on the floor of the space you will remodel for the bathroom. Another way is to draw a bathroom floor plan to scale on graph paper. Let ½ inch equal 1 foot of the available bathroom design space. Make cut-outs of fixtures drawn to the same scale. Draw lines in this bathroom plan to show the location of windows and doors.

Don’t worry if the finished bath design appears small; remember that the latest bathroom tiles design can make a room appear larger. Then arrange the cut-outs on the floor plan. Be sure to allow for enough space between bathroom fixtures to clean easily. Plan the plumbing so pipes can be put into walls and under the floor where they are hidden from sight. If vertical pipes cannot be placed in the walls, box them in. Plumbing fixtures are heavy; make sure the floor joists are large enough to hold the fixtures. In an old house remodeling, have an experienced builder check the floors before beginning the bath remodeling. They may need more or larger joists.



Beautiful Freestanding Bathtubs for Opulent Bathroom Design from Recor

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The Recor company has been founded in 1958 in Portugal and takes one of the leading places in production of different kinds of contemporary cast iron bathtubs. It will present its latest models on prochain Mosbuild 2010. These models are awesome freestanding baths for elegant luxury bathroom designs. They are made of qualitative material and decorated by amazing patterns. Gold finish and sophisticated shape of elegant legs create an atmosphere of beauty and opulence. Any bathroom with one of such charming freestanding bathtubs could remind a royal room and give a lot of pleasure to its owner. The cast Iron bathtubs from Recor could become a proud part of any classic bathroom designs. If you like less opulent models with more modern designs then you also could find the right freestanding model among other products of this company.

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