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Small Modern Bathroom Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Small Modern Bathroom Designs

The smallest modern bathroom layout you can design and still handle an average size tub is 5 feet square. The sink in small bathroom designs can extend from the wall only 15 inches and the toilet only 27 inches. This provides the minimum space needed between front of sink and the toilet. Nevertheless, the 5×5 small bathroom plan does not provide enough space in front of the tub for easy cleaning. In a room as small as this, there is space for storage if a narrow bathroom vanity is installed instead of a pedestal sink. The latest bathroom tiles design can make a room appear larger.

Moreover, storage space in modern bathrooms can be carved out in the studs of the wall above both the toilet and the sink. With a 5 x 5 bathroom layout it is necessary for the door to open out of the room and the window situated window over the tub. This is not a good or a safe place for a window, but sometimes it is the only possible location. If you are faced with a window over a tub, casement windows with cranks are easier to open than double-hung windows.

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