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Modern Minimalist Bathroom Eclectic Decorating Style from Hansgrohe

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

This minimalist design bathroom with eclectic decorating styles from Hansgrohe is combining elements from a variety of sources allows you to pick and choose your favorite elements from decorating styles. An Eclectic decorating style mixes elements from at least two of the other three decorating styles (traditional, contemporary, asual). The overall color tone is generally neutral – whites, blacks, creams, earth tones and grays. The sleek, minimalist style of a contemporary bathroom features a streamlined, uncluttered look with an emphasis on textures, materials, lines, lighting, and cutting edge design.

For example you may love modern decor and contemporary style floor lamps, but feel a contemporary style couch doesn’t give a homely feel as you’re looking for in your living area. Some people like to include a color highlight (such as painting a wall in an accent color) to make the room “pop” without disrupting the overall clean simplicity of the contemporary bathroom. By Patricia Urquiloa.

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