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Contemporary Kitchen Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchens have transformed from rather poky rooms where food came out of, into spaces that incorporate the dining and sitting rooms into an integrated whole. Kitchen design has had to catch up with this evolution as all the various elements are now in full view for all to see, with kitchen cabinetry increasingly resembling fine furniture, with kitchen islands and counters replacing dining tables. The design ethos of the contemporary kitchen is firmly in the direction of clean uncluttered lines and enhanced functionality.  

Modern Kitchen Trends

There have been some key kitchen trends over the last decade which have transformed our kitchens into the functional and convenient locations they are:

  • The modern trend in kitchen cabinetry has been toward lighter shades with white dominating. The two major advantages of this are that any colour palette can be matched to white, as well as fitting in with practically any theme or style of kitchen
  • Integration is another key trend, with appliances now hidden behind cabinetry and panels for a more sleek, cohesive look
  • Stainless steel is the other big trend for appliances, with practically every type available in this sleek looking material
  • Technology has made its mark felt in practically very room of the house, and the kitchen is no exception, with integrated ‘intelligent’ fridges and appliances that use significantly less energy
  • Lighting is now better planned with coverage for workstations and cooking areas prioritised

Versatile Kitchen Design

With a heritage that goes back to the 1930’s Galvin Design Gallery are passionate about the style and product quality of their range, and are determined to source the finest architectural plumbing and hardware for their clients. They specialise in kitchen and bathroom fit outs – including everything from the taps to the plumbing.  They are perfectly placed to track trends in the sector and identified the following demand from their customer base:

  • Ceasar Stone is definitely the kitchen benchtop material of choice currently
  • Feature panels, splash backs and vertical feature walls are an emerging trend in homes, with customers opting for versatile products like their Marblo range that can easily be changed
  • Euro inspired design is perennially hot with a range of Danish designed handles on the horizon

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