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Wooden Small Kitchen Design Ideas

By Bathroom Designer


We hope our design make your home more modern and elegant, as well bringing an aesthetic enjoyment to choose the style according to taste or preference. If you need related information for Wooden Small Kitchen Design Ideas, please take a look at the Gallery below. Thank you for your support and if you have questions.



Dream Barn Kitchen Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


A barn kitchen is a dream! So warm, so cozy, so inviting! We’ve already told you of barn bedrooms and living rooms, and now it’s time for the coziest place in the house – for kitchen. The main décor piece in a barn kitchen is wooden beams which make the space cozy, rustic and sweet. Adding wooden kitchen furniture of natural colors would bring even more warmness to the space. The styles which look best of all are rustic, modern and shabby chic: modern look makes a contrast with wooden beams and other barn features while shabby chic and rustic styles are natural-looking for a barn. Look at some beautiful barn kitchens below and enjoy! Read more »



Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets – Shaker Kitchens Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets – Shaker Kitchens Design – Classic And Functional Cabinets

The shaker kitchen design originated from a religious and social movement that started in the American Colonies during 1770′s. Shakers maintained a way of living that was simple, efficient, and sustainable. Thus, they constructed their homes following the principles of functionality as well as simplicity. Today, the focus on cleanliness, streamlined designs, as well as functionality makes the shaker style kitchen cabinets popular even in contemporary homes.


The shaker style puts emphasis on the value of craftsmanship. Firm, well-designed cabinetry with dovetail carpentry in the interior surfaces can endure wear and tear and maintain a shaker-themed kitchen that looks and functions like new for the years at a time. The most common materials for these cabinets are maple and cherry. The cabinet doors, most of the time, showcase recessed panels created from a slab of wood with plain framing surrounding the edges. The drawer fronts as well as the recessed panel doors present sleek and smooth straight lines across the shaker style cabinet frame faces.


These shaker style cabinets are also popular because of their very organized look. Shaker style kitchen cabinets have orderly cabinet spaces with sufficient room almost for everything, so you can avoid clutter. You can select from the options for built-in features like spice drawers, plate racks, pull-out drawers, knife drawers, sliding racks for your small appliances, and even Lazy Susans made for pans and pots so you can prepare food in a kitchen that is clean, organized, and very functional.



The shaker style cabinets made in shaker style are known for their efficiency. They are more serviceable when set in a layout that makes traffic simpler in the kitchen and arranged in a work triangle as delineated by the National Kitchen & Bath Association. There is a certain number of feet that lie between your sink and stove, from your stove to your refrigerator, and from your refrigerator back to your sink.


Shaker kitchen cabinets can be painted or have a natural wood finish depending on your style and taste. Often, they are constructed without molding, beading, or other embellishments; but they are frequently painted in cream colors or at times with vibrant deep red or dark blue.


Final Note

Make sure that the hardware of your shaker style kitchen cabinets is functional, instead of just flashy. Simple drawer pulls, as well as knobs created from matte-finished metal like brushed nickel or from turned wood, complement shaker style very well. This establishes a simple and clean look, which will is sure to never go out of fashion when it comes to kitchen styles and designs.



Wood kitchen cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Having strong reliable kitchen cabinets are very important to have in a kitchen. Wood kitchen cabinets are an example of a reliable type of cabinet. This is because wood kitchen cabinets are very solid making the cabinet door extremely well-built. Upgrading to wood kitchen cabinets is a positive choice because they are used daily and you will not have to worry about breakage from this excessive use. Purchasing big items for your home can be quite pricey therefore it is a good idea to get wood kitchen cabinets so that once you upgrade you’ll never have to upgrade again.

Why Plywood vs. Particle board?

Cabinets made out of plywood hold great strength. Plywood consists of sheets of wood that are glued together in an odd number of layers. This creates symmetry in the wood and causes the wood to be less prone to warping. Cabinets made out of particleboard are a composite material. It consists of wood chips, sawmill shavings and saw dust with a synthetic resin used for binding. Particleboard is prone to expansion and discoloration due to moisture. Although particleboard may be a less pricey form of cabinet, plywood will be a material that you will never have to replace due to its strong reliable construction.



Sensual And Modern Kitchen Design – Seta Class By Ged Cucine

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The symbiosis of wood and lacquer, mostly black lacquer, always is great. It looks ultra modern and at the same time very natural and sensual. Designers of Ged Cucine have chosen just this color solution to create a dramatic kitchen, which is named Seta Class. Black glass doors and black hood in stainless steel are in perfect harmony with the wooden doors with aluminium handles. The work top is made of Jaipur Stone and so it is quite durable and reliable. The island in this kitchen furniture set isn’t appointed to cook but thanks to two-levels top it could become a cool place to have a breakfast or snack.

Besides an excellent design this kitchen demonstrates functionality, comfortable ergonomic and high quality. You could find more information about this modern kitchen on Ged Cucine site. black kitchen cabinets, contemporary kitchen design, Ged Cucine, modern kitchen, modern kitchen ideas, wooden kitchen, wooden kitchen cabinets



Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

If you accept an alfresco kitchen but abridgement accumulator space, alfresco kitchen cabinets are your answer. Beyond aloof ‘storage boxes’ however, they can additionally ascertain the appearance and attending of your alfresco kitchen, aloof as calm cabinets do for your calm kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets appear in a array of abstracts and styles, so you’re not bound as far choices go. They’re additionally fabricated to angle up to the elements so there’s no charge to be anxious about how they’ll book in the sun, rain or snow.
Convenience is a benefaction too. Being able to abundance aggregate you charge appropriate there in the alfresco kitchen is a lot easier than consistently accepting to run aback to the “inside kitchen” for supplies.

Kitchens are the undisputed heart of the home, where everyone gathers, mingles, and lingers during parties. But to achieve that kind of appeal outside means expanding your outdoor living space. To draw a crowd—and keep them entertained—requires a bit more than plopping down a table and a few plastic chairs.
With an outdoor kitchen you can prepare meals and be around your guests with minimal time spent running back inside for plates, beverages, or tongs. Although you could spend tens of thousands of dollars for a custom outdoor kitchen, a basic island is an efficient design that leaves out the complexity of curves and angles. Not only that, with an island guests can relax on one side while you’re cooking on the other, so you feel as though you’re part of the gathering.

Outdoor kitchen and exterior cabinets will not crack, split, or rot when exposed to weather. Custom outdoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen design add beauty and function to any outdoor patio kitchen.

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Italian Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Italian Kitchen Cabinets

Italian Kitchen Cabinets

Italian kitchen cabinets can make a surprising impact on the atmosphere of that space.

For many families, kitchens are the heart of their homes that are more important than simple food prep.  Beyond eating and cooking, this room is a natural meeting space – a sort of extension of the family room – where family members can gather, talk, and enjoy a drink, snack, or meal.  The décor of this room impacts the overall feel of the space and whether you choose contemporary. modern, antique, or country kitchen cabinets, this will have an influence.

Italian kitchen cabinets have become very popular among interior designers and individuals decorating their own kitchens as the soothing, welcoming feel of the Mediterranean became recognized as an ideal ambiance for this casual family sharing space.  That being said, the basic elements of it have been used in kitchen décor for many decades now.  These elements include pieces such as a large table, warm neutral colors such as terra cotta, iron racks for hanging kitchen tools, and other traditional pieces you’d see in an old fashioned Italian home.

Italian Kitchen Cabinets – Combine Old World With New World

Of course, today the traditional style isn’t the only option.  There are also gorgeous modern options, with Italian kitchen cabinets to match.  Whether the space is large or small, there are appealing cupboards and drawers to complement the needs of the room and your individual taste.  It combines the appeal of the Old World’s wood and workability with the clean lines and modern conveniences of the world today.

In the space, the table should be the center of the room while the Italian kitchen cabinets – not entirely different from some forms of country kitchen cabinets – frame one, two, or even three of the walls.  Below them, there should be places on the walls and countertops for utensils to be conveniently and yet decoratively stored, combining functionality with the actual décor of the room.  Hooks should hang nicely aligned somewhere near the stove so that oven mitts, potholders, and cooking utensils can be easily found and accessed. 

The entire room should use the Italian kitchen cabinets for storage of items such as glasses, mugs, and dishes, while the working elements should be proudly displayed for ease of reach and the warm feeling that the kitchen is indeed used and lived in.  This classical, practical, and very down-to-earth design will make the room a natural place in which to gather and remain together as a family. 

It wastes no space and doesn’t hide the fact that the room is also highly functional for preparing the family meals – an important event that is shared with each family member every day.  It gives a natural, old fashioned feel without sacrificing the luxuries that we appreciate today.

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Design for Single Line in Kitchen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Single Line in Kitchen

Single Line in Kitchen,appliances,cooks

The single line kitchen offers extra floor space and best for small spaces. The appliances can be placed under the bench top and a large workspace remains there for chopping and other kitchen activities. Most of the other storage should be located overhead. Place appliances and workstations properly so that the flow of work could be efficient and safe.

There is doorway at each end of the kitchen, so family members can use it as traffic area. For serious cooks, this type of layout is inefficient. Here is the gallery of various single line kitchen pictures. Go through all the pictures and select one for your home.

kitchen Cabinets,single-line design

On this page you will find single-line design for you kitchen area in your home. Just click on any of the kitchen single-line picture below to see the actual bigger version.

single line kitchen Cabinets



Orange Kitchens

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

To continue with our series on kitchens by color, we bring you Orange kitchens today. Orange radiates fun, flamboyance and energy. Orange is considered to be an extreme colour and sometimes tend to evoke a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ attitude from people. Orange, like red, is also said to be appetizing. Scroll down to see orange colored kitchens from some of Europe’s top kitchen makers.

Orange Kitchens

Orange Kitchens 2



Modern Kitchens In Wooden Finish

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Modern Kitchens In Wooden Finish

Kitchen designers are always looking for new materials and unusual modern finishes. Although natural wooden finish is timeless and nowadays many famous kitchen producers return to that beautiful finish. They demonstrate that modern design blended with natural wooden color could help to create an amazing kitchen. Kitchens with wooden finish elements can look modern like the lacquered ones and sometimes even more modern than them. Wooden cabinets combined with black glass or black glossy lacquered surfaces looks perfect. This color matching makes a kitchen very elegant and dramatic. If you prefer more light models then white and wooden kitchens could become a well solution. These kitchens could create a comfy and calming ambience. Bellow you could see several awesome kitchen designs with different combinations of wood with other materials.