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Jaw-droppingly Gorgeous Bathrooms That Combine Vintage With Modern

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

These wonderful bathroom designs made us gasp! Irina Schastlivaya can make bathrooms look like works of art, simply by using patterns on tiles. The patterns are not too in-your-face and by that making the space appear even smaller and cluttered – they are unnoticable, at first, but add a whole new dimension to what would easily be a boring bathroom. She always slips one or two eye-catching details that make the space feel inviting. Golden handles or thin golden tiles, ambient lighting cleverly distributed throughout the room that create a warm, inviting atmosphere… as if she knows just exactly what every bathroom should feel like! Scroll on to see some truly amazing work from a gifted artist.

Now, with slightly bigger bathrooms, the designer gave herself room for over-doing it. Painting the pipes in a rich gold colour, choosing to clash warm toned tiles with cooler toned ones, or mixing patterns all over the place, we feel that when it comes to these designs, it becomes a question of taste. Some people may like the Moroccan feel of the blueish-cream bathroom, and some may find it to be too much. To some, marble is cold and slippery, hence impractical, and don’t think that it’s the best choice for a bathroom floor, but those who like luxury and a vintage feel in their bathrooms should enjoy these upcoming photographs. We find them very interesting and wonderful! Especially the ones, where she combines dark wood with different tiles!



Vintage Bathroom Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Planning a bathroom makeover? Try a fresh vintage bathroom design for a change. The simple and clean lines of 1920s to 1930s style bathrooms are back in vogue. Lavish yourself with a long soak in a vintage claw foot tub filled with bubbles and refreshing herbs. The classic vintage style is one to be savored and enjoyed.

Bath Fixtures

  • Antique shower doors, Roman bathtubs, claw footed porcelain tubs and art deco fixtures are all beautiful, but where do you find them? Vintage Plumbing or Baths from the Past are good places to start for original, antique plumbing fixtures. But realize that these are very heavy pieces and therefore rare. When an older home is demolished, these pieces are often crushed and cast aside due to their weight, size and age. Therefore, these restored antiques are often fairly pricey. To find newer, reproductions of these wonderful vintage designs, take a look at Renovators Supply website. There is something to be said for new bath fixtures versus “antique.” You can find pedestal sinks, claw footed tubs, toilets, high tanks, bidets, medicine cabinets, lighting, as well as tub, shower and kitchen faucets. There is even a glass bathtub.


  • For flooring, use a 1920s inspired geometrical tile pattern. Use smaller, colored tiles in two or three color combinations or even black and white tiles for drama. Choose ceramic or stone tile in a mosaic, basket weave or checkerboard pattern and glossy polished stone is more in keeping with vintage versus the newer matte finishes. All white is also an option that keeps future redecorating costs to a minimum.


  • For a vintage look on your walls you can either use tiles or bead board. Glossy white bead board is a great way to capture the vintage spirit on your bathroom walls and can be installed in individual planks or panels. When choosing tile for the walls, use four square rectangular subway tiles to recreate the era.

Built-ins and Storage

  • In the 1920s, metal medicine cabinets were used. Purchase a great reproduction or refurbish an antique in oak or pine. Add a tall, narrow wood cabinet from floor to ceiling to store toiletries and towels. Add an antique chest of drawers or dresser for added storage options. Place a heated towel rack in your bathroom for added luxury.

Mirrors and Lighting

  • Liven up your vintage bath with chrome and frosted glass light fixtures. Hang an unusual art deco chandelier for a creative focal point. Bring in round or oval shaped mirrors with beveled edges to capture the romance and glamor of the roaring 1920s.

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Vintage and Modern Bathrooms by Irina Schastlivaya

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathrooms are among the most important rooms in every house, no matter they are small or large, simple or luxurious, white or colorful and they are part of our universe. When we have our home, we want to do it according to out own personality, to our taste and this also refers to our bathroom. If some of us prefer simplicity, others want their bathrooms to look like some works of art. Irina Schastilivaya’s designs are definitely in the second category. Who could imagine that simply by using patterns on tiles, your bathroom turns into a real work of art?

These details are eye-catching and make the space inviting, adding another dimension to the concept of common bathroom. There is a permanent combination of modern and vintage that creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The modern furniture pieces in a strong color and the strong patterns and decors on the tiles and the glass doors are the just an example.

Sometimes you can have a feeling of finding yourself in another period, in a residence, which belongs to a king or a queen, and not in a normal bathroom. At the same time, beyond the luxury, everything breathes modernity and elegance. Did you choose the bathroom that you like best?



Vintage Wooden Bathroom Wash Basin Designs Furniture from Simpolo

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Combine this wooden wash basin designs with your house living design. The simple light of the wash basin will make us more love to care our body and soul. The perfect combination of classic design with modern shape was obviously can be seen from these classic wash basin ideas. We will see the great combination of brown color. The old brown color was smoothly combined with the bright brown color system. This wash basin was completed with the painting decoration on the front side. The hand painting was embedded the esthetic side of bathroom furniture. Need something usual but still artistic? Try this vintage bathroom wash basin décor and feel the usual furniture combine with the functional side of furniture. The oval shape of furniture combine with additional ceramic decoration will make us more excited with this furniture. as the expression of care with the society living, we can show off trough these handmade wash basin furniture.



Classic Italian Vintage Bathroom Furniture Pictures 2010 by Regia

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Complete your luxury concept house trough this classic vintage bathroom design furniture. See the details of the product and enjoy the great experience from this stuff. Along the old concept combine with the modern ideas, we will found the extra-ordinary products. First experience will show from the red classic product. See the tile of the mirror, and the gorgeous wash basin that complete with the mirror. Obviously, these vintage bath accessories collections 2010 were perfectly made for those who love in style and prestige. This stand wash basin was included with the red sexy cabinet. Come and see other collection from Regia and you will be excited. Another collection was the new vintage bath up. This realist concept was combining both classic designs with minimalist style. This stand bath up was very gorgeous cover in black and white color complete with the faucet on the edge of this. This black and white collection was complete with the other needed of the bath room. See the details of the mirror, cabinet, closets, and the hang towel. It’s very gorgeous and perfect. Come to Regia site and see how perfect these cool vintage bathroom furniture and accessories for your luxury home.