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Unusual Bath Vanities by Ypsilon

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Transform your bathroom into the lap of luxury with these opulent unusual bath vanities from Ypsilon. The Italian company has created the Noir bath vanity (pictured above) just for her, with gently curved legs and a sculptural mirror, complete with touch-sensitive vanity lighting and defogger. The sink is pictured in white, but is available in a range of colors to suit her style. Another great design geared to the women is the Vanity (pictured below) – an elegant vanity complete with a sink and integrated compartments ideal for storing potions, lotions and make-up.

Welcome to a new world of glamour, right in your own bathroom. Learn more about these unusual bath vanities by visiting Ypsilon.



Gorgeous Bathroom Vanities by Arte Bagno Veneta

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

These gorgeous bathroom vanities by Arte Bagno Veneta will take your bathroom from lackluster to luxury! Get inspired by their classic elegance for a romantic bathroom design you’ll love. The Deco vanities are a cross between the Art Deco era and modern art. Their sexy silhouettes are set on slim legs with jewel-like finishes that shine, and hardware that you can’t keep your hands off of.

The Deco vanity is available in floor and wall-mounted models. Featuring the same level of luxury but with a more modern twist, the Victory vanities come in a palette of rich, glossy surfaces, optional patterns adorning the cabinet fronts and vessels, and even integrated lighting. Paired with ultra-contemporary hardware, the Victory vanities make a modern statement. Check them out at Arte Bagno Veneta.



Bathroom: bath with Swarovski Diamond Bathtub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bath with Swarovski Diamond Bathtub Bathroom accessory is a highly refined, perfect for those who want to enjoy moments of relaxation in a luxurious and sparkling. Surely we are not talking about a pool since only aesthetically beautiful but also very valuable, with over 45,000 Pink Swarovski crystals, Applied on the outer surface.

The project was born from the imagination of the designer in California Lori Gardner, Which is already known for its ability to modernized classics contextualizing them in an extraordinary way.

The style of this bath is purely retro, with his feet in an antique style and a beautiful bright pink on the outside “storm” of Swarovski crystals, set one by one for a total of 3 years of work.

The Diamond Bathtub is currently on display in Costa Mesa, Calif., at the shop home accessories Fleur de Lys, but you can order customized copies.

For those who did not want to spend a fortune to take her home, and show off in your bathroomBut he just wanted to try it, Diamond Bathtub you can even rent.

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Victorian-Style Bathroom Vanity

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

A dresser-style vanity can be an ideal way to blend modern and historical elements in your bathroom. Gothic-style arched mirrors, ample storage space, and scalloped skirting create an old-world look and offer up-to-the-minute practicality. The white-stained vanity matches the color scheme in the bathroom, with creamy whites and lightwood floors, while the bridge-style faucet’s porcelain handles add to the Victorian style.