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6 Freestanding Modern Bathtub Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Does your ideal soaking experience involve a classic clawfoot corner-tub design, stark contemporary bathtub or something as informal and relaxing as a hammock? Whether you like the modest natural wood look or prefer the rather flashy (pun half-intended) see-through varieties, there is a luxury bathtub in this collection to fit virtually any bathroom personality and personal taste.


Offered by HighTech this elegantly curved wooden tub seems anything but, well, high tech – save maybe the smooth cylindrical metal fixtures that service the stand-alone, naturally-finished basin. Pebbles around the base replace the need for conventional tile. They provide a nice textured and traction-friendly surface for bare feet catch, but equally important: they channel and ultimately drain any overflow (or excess water should the wood turn leaky). Read more »



Creative Storage Idea For A Small Bathroom Organization

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Most of us have a to create enough storage space in our small bathrooms. There are so many things to store that a contemporary urban bathroom simply is too small for them. At least it won’t be comfortable if you fill it with traditional storage cabinets.


We gathered for you some creative ideas how to organize your storage in a small bathroom. The cool thing about all of them that they mostly are very budget-friendly. Read more »



What is a Walk-in tub?

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


A walk-in tub is a bathtub that is generally used for the same purpose as a traditional bathtub; however it is designed to provide individuals with a safer, more convenient and comfortable bathing experience. Walk-in baths are typically intended to suit those with mobility challenges such as those that are disabled (physical handicaps), the elderly, and/or those who suffer from painful ailments. They were created to meet the needs of individuals who want to bathe independently and securely.


Some people purchase accessories for their traditional tub like bath seats, grab bars, etc. in order to try and meet their desire for independence and security in the bath, they find however that those “band-aid” type solutions are not really a solution at all. Traditional baths, even with all of the available accessories, are not designed for those who suffer from mobility problems. This is where walk-in tubs come in.




By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Discount Bathroom Cabinets
Buying inexpensive bathroom cabinets does not mean giving up quality, as you’ll discover at KBC BATHROOM & KITCHEN. Constructed with the highest quality materials and using exacting workmanship, our cabinetry combine the perfect blend of style, function and value, all at unbelievable discount prices. Buying bathroom cabinets online give you the best of everything you’re looking for in new bathroom remodeling project.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Options
Our bathroom vanity cabinets are limited only by your imagination. Choose from a wide range of wood species, including traditional oak or maple, and more exotic finishes such as bamboo. We also offer painted white bathroom cabinets to fit in with today’s most popular bathroom remodeling trends. Browse our website or call our excellent customer service department for a full listing of all the cabinet finishes and styles available.

Whichever bathroom vanity cabinet you select, you can be assured that your new bathroom cabinets will be the highest quality available. All of our cabinetry are constructed with Grade A plywood for strength and durability. You’ll never find particleboard or MDF in any box construction from KBC BATHROOM & KITCHEN. Our shelves are 100 percent 3/4″ plywood as well, so they’ll never sag, warp or disintegrate if they get wet. Additionally, our cabinets feature matching finished interiors and finished sides for a high- end look and long wear.

Every one of our cabinets features quality construction details as well. Look for undermount solid birch wood dovetail construction drawers in many of our cabinets. Many of our designs also have full extension and soft closing drawers. Look for full-width I-beam construction on our cabinet tops, providing stability and anchor points for the countertop you choose.

Stock Bathroom Cabinets
Stock cabinet styles allow manufacturers to save money by constructing high quality cabinets in standard sizes for a lower cost. What this means for you is inexpensive bathroom cabinets that are the highest quality. Our expert design staff will help you create a custom bathroom look using stock bathroom cabinets, allowing you to use all the modern features you want combined with the inexpensive bathroom cabinets that your budget needs.



Modern Traditional Bathroom Decorating Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathrooms are a necessity in any home. Decorating that modern traditional bathroom can be a challenge, however. Since bathrooms are generally pretty small in terms of space, Bathroom Decorating Ideas it is important to ensure that each item has a place and fulfills a purpose.
  • 1

    Opt for a monochromatic theme. Pale colors such as light blue, yellow, sage green and cream make spaces appear larger. Darker colors like gray, navy blue and forest green make spaces appear smaller and can seem confining.

  • 2

    Show clean, sharp lines in your modern traditional bathroom with fitted bathroom cabinetry. With plenty of storage space in these custom-made cabinets, clutter can be kept to a minimum. Choose white or dark wood for your cabinetry to make it blend in with the rest of your décor.

  • 3

    Create a focal point with your bathtub. Freestanding bathtubs are excellent for small spaces, since they can be placed nearly anywhere. Install a showerhead and a wraparound curtain so the bathtub can do double duty.

  • 4

    Select neutral colors for flooring and countertops. Off white, cream and stone colors are perfect for the modern traditional bathroom. Choose ceramic or stone tiles for flooring. Laminate is not a good choice for flooring due to moisture levels found in the bathroom. Opt for granite or marble countertops. If neither of these is in your budget, substitute laminate countertops that look like granite or marble.

  • 5

    Ensure that all accessories coordinate with one another. This includes cabinet hardware, towel hanger and soap dishes. Choose chrome accessories to match faucets or go with a dark wood alternative.

  • 6

    Add pops of color with towels and washcloths. Choose colors such as bright green, orange, yellow or black for towels. Place a sleek chair in the corner of the bathroom to hold towels. A small basket under the chair can hold rolled up washcloths.

  • 7

    Install a variety of lighting options. Bright lights should be placed over bathroom sinks, so applying makeup is a breeze. Overhead lighting with a dimmer switch is an added luxury — you can change the lighting level to suit your preferences.

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Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Luxury bathrooms are a cut above your standard bathroom design. With high-end fixtures such as spa tubs, steam showers and surround-sound audio systems, these luxurious bathrooms need an elegant design scheme that will fit with the upgraded fixtures. Whether you need a modern, traditional or contemporary design plan, you can create a bathroom that is as luxurious as the new fixtures.
  • Contemporary

    • If you choose a contemporary decor scheme for your new luxury bathroom, choose elements that are sleek and often constructed of industrial elements. Select stainless steel and glass vanities with built-in sinks or low-profile vessel sinks in either glass or stainless steel. Choose stone flooring, such as slate, or consider a concrete floor. For decoration, choose one bold color, such as bright red or yellow, and add only a few accents in that color, such as a floor rug or one large piece of wall art. You can also include natural elements, such as large potted plants with vibrant green foliage, to soften the hard edges of the contemporary design and make the bathroom more inviting.


    • For a luxurious, traditional bathroom, choose pieces that reflect comfort as well as luxury. Choose furniture-style vanities in rich wood finishes, like cherry, oak and mahogany, and consider hardwood flooring in the same tones. Marble and granite work well for both flooring and vanity tops, but avoid black or dark gray tones, as this will give your bathroom a contemporary design feel and interrupt your traditional finish. For wall colors, choose a soft color. You can go with a neutral, such as beige, or select a muted shade of your favorite color. Select accents in pairs to provide the balance required in a traditional design scheme. For example, place plants potted in matching urns at either end of the vanity, and groupings of similar photographs in wooden frames on the walls.


    • Though country decor is often more casual than contemporary or traditional design, you can still use country-style design in your luxury bathroom. Choose upscale country elements, such as a copper pedestal or claw-foot tub or an antique furniture-style vanity. Pick flooring in hardwood with lighter tones, such as white oak or pine. For wall colors, consider traditional country colors, like sunny yellow, soft pink, sage green or sky blue. Complete the country feel of your bathroom by adding accents. Look for vintage photographs in antique frames and create groupings of three or four on the walls. Use vintage tea towels hung on antique hooks for hand towels and add antique porcelain, ceramic or cut-glass bottles to the vanity top to hold necessities in style.

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Vintage Bathroom Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Planning a bathroom makeover? Try a fresh vintage bathroom design for a change. The simple and clean lines of 1920s to 1930s style bathrooms are back in vogue. Lavish yourself with a long soak in a vintage claw foot tub filled with bubbles and refreshing herbs. The classic vintage style is one to be savored and enjoyed.

Bath Fixtures

  • Antique shower doors, Roman bathtubs, claw footed porcelain tubs and art deco fixtures are all beautiful, but where do you find them? Vintage Plumbing or Baths from the Past are good places to start for original, antique plumbing fixtures. But realize that these are very heavy pieces and therefore rare. When an older home is demolished, these pieces are often crushed and cast aside due to their weight, size and age. Therefore, these restored antiques are often fairly pricey. To find newer, reproductions of these wonderful vintage designs, take a look at Renovators Supply website. There is something to be said for new bath fixtures versus “antique.” You can find pedestal sinks, claw footed tubs, toilets, high tanks, bidets, medicine cabinets, lighting, as well as tub, shower and kitchen faucets. There is even a glass bathtub.


  • For flooring, use a 1920s inspired geometrical tile pattern. Use smaller, colored tiles in two or three color combinations or even black and white tiles for drama. Choose ceramic or stone tile in a mosaic, basket weave or checkerboard pattern and glossy polished stone is more in keeping with vintage versus the newer matte finishes. All white is also an option that keeps future redecorating costs to a minimum.


  • For a vintage look on your walls you can either use tiles or bead board. Glossy white bead board is a great way to capture the vintage spirit on your bathroom walls and can be installed in individual planks or panels. When choosing tile for the walls, use four square rectangular subway tiles to recreate the era.

Built-ins and Storage

  • In the 1920s, metal medicine cabinets were used. Purchase a great reproduction or refurbish an antique in oak or pine. Add a tall, narrow wood cabinet from floor to ceiling to store toiletries and towels. Add an antique chest of drawers or dresser for added storage options. Place a heated towel rack in your bathroom for added luxury.

Mirrors and Lighting

  • Liven up your vintage bath with chrome and frosted glass light fixtures. Hang an unusual art deco chandelier for a creative focal point. Bring in round or oval shaped mirrors with beveled edges to capture the romance and glamor of the roaring 1920s.

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Bathroom Formal Curtain Photos

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Traditional Formal Bathroom Curtain Design Photograph Examples

Bathrooms can be difficult spaces to choose curtains and drapes for.

Get some ideas on how to use drapery for traditional bathrooms, photos spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing.

Remember that there is usually a great deal of moisture in the air of the bathroom, so consideration of the fabrics and track systems need to be considered. Easily laundered fabrics are the best option to reduce any chance of mold building up.

Sheers on a french pleat head with a decorative rod. They gently diffuse the light and create a formal backdrop for the freestanding bath.

Colored Sheers with angled leading edge, soft and subtle, gently cover the window and create a warm glow of natural light in the bathroom.

Simple Gold Fabric Sheers tied back soften the look of the bathroom. White venetian blinds allow for complete privacy.

Scarf drapery over a decorative rod frames the view from the luxury bathroom. The weight of the curtain design, lowers you eye and brings to back to the feature of the bath. It creates a roman drapery feel, I am waiting for the toga clad person to walk in.

Jabots used with a pelmet and blinds. Elegant but not over the top, they are away from the direct line of water, they frame the window and soften a very detailed and ordered formal bathroom.



The Luxury Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

From tiny powder rooms to wide-open masters, bathrooms are becoming the sexiest spaces in the house

The bathroom is a high-traffic area and one that guests are likely to see, and yet when decorating, it can easily be overlooked. At its core, the lavatory is a utilitarian space but as author Samantha Nestor says, “People are using the bathroom as an oasis once again, and learning that you don’t have to be governed by any of the rules.” In her book, The Luxury Bathroom, Nestor explores what makes this essential room so inspiring. It’s become a lavish spa-like place, a welcoming spot for guests, a place to take risks and make clever design decisions, as well as the most personal space in the home. Whether these rooms stand out for their opulence, or wow us with their streamlined simplicity, one thing is clear: The bath is becoming an irresistible retreat. In our preview of the book, you’ll see that Nestor has indeed chosen “the spaces with the most imaginative solutions to different problems and places and that people would aspire to have in their own homes,” because unlike reading rooms or walk-in closets, “Everybody has a bathroom.”



country small bathroom designs ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Country small bathroom designs can take many forms. A bathroom country design means you can decorate this room in rustic, quaint, humble, English or French country style.

Or you can use flea market or thrift shop chic with perhaps some aged furniture, wholesome lifestyle or old pictures.

 The bathroom country design and decorating has changed more than any other room in the home over the past few years.

Today, a country bathroom is a place where you feel relaxed and at peace.

This kind of design is about creating a tranquil environment where comfort is crucial.

Even a country small bathroom can appear spacious and comfortable with good design and the right products.

Items associated with country style design:


• Blue and white ceramic tiles for the countertop and walls,
• Pine wood flooring,
• Freestanding white-painted furniture for storage,
• White-painted cabinetry with glass doors for storage will give the room a beautiful country feel and look,
• Light green or pink ceramic tiles for the countertop,
• Tongue-and-groove paneling for the walls,
• Terra-cotta floor tiles,
• Wicker baskets,
• Flowers, stripes and plaid fabric for the window treatments,
• Window treatments with fabrics that have birds, checks, leaves, feathers, berries and flowers are perfect country small bathroom designs.