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Hot Water-Saving Shower, Sink & Toilet Bathroom Set

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Leaving the water running while it warms up is a wasteful habit, but what is the alternative? Taking a cold shower?


Talk about a rude awakening. This idea contains a water-saving solution that should really make its way into more bathroom interiors.


This award-winning designer layout by Frank Guo features a space-dividing partition that doubles as a holding tank for water warming up while you wait to hop into the shower. When the user is ready and the water warm, they can push a button to switch modes and begin showering. Read more »



Stainless Steel Kitchens

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


For high-quality undermount sinks, stainless steel is the industry standard, but this durable and attractive material can be deployed inside a home in other ways, and most notably: they can be introduced without making yours look like a commercial kitchen.

The high-end Elam series from Tisettanta is elegant and minimalist – what is particularly engaging (and useful for those looking for new layout ideas) is the contexts they are put into for showroom display and photographs. Read more »



Cool and Unusual Two-Layer Bath Sink

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


We’ve founded one very interesting solution for a modern bathroom among products made by an Australian designer, Mal Corboy, and want to share them with you. The idea is to make a small cool waterfall in your bathroom. A special surface between a bath faucet and a sink should be placed. The water flows on the upper surface and falls into the big bath sink. The upper surface and the sink are made of the same white material and organize a very harmonious composition. The sink is quite big so it could accommodate several every day using items. Thanks to the clever construction of this creative sink the water flows in the right direction and doesn’t splash anything. This original bathroom sink could become a cool inspiration for you to create your modern and unusual bathroom design. More information about this white two-layer bath sink you could find on Mal Corboy site. bath sinks, bathroom sinks, bathroom washbasins, contemporary bathroom sinks, contemporary washbasins, designer sink, Mal Carboy, modern bathroom sink, original sink, unusual bathroom sinks, unusual wash basin, white bathroom sink, Cool and Unusual Two-Layer Bath Sink by Mal Corboy.



Very Slim Glass Bathroom Sink

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Very Slim Glass Bathroom Sink, Omvivo offers an original range of bathroom sinks – Washplane. Its name perfectly reflects the best feature of its models – slimness. These bathroom sinks almost haven’t any hollow for the water. If you needn’t to hold the water then these sinks could become an interesting choice for you. Although they have a quite complicated construction because their tanks are completely integrated in a wall. If you aren’t afraid of this difficulty then you could decorate your bathroom by one of very stylish sinks by Omvivo.Glass Bathroom Sink, One more advantage of such sinks – all tubing is hidden in the wall and don’t spoil bathroom look. There are a lot of models which are differs by materials and a little by shapes available. Read more »



Natural Bathroom Wood Sink

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

If you like furniture with wooden finish, then you might be interested in Stan collection by Plavisdesign. With this collection you could furnish your bathroom not only by wood cabinets but also enrich it by an elegant wood sink. This bath sink is made of natural teak, which looks very nice in combination with stainless steel elements. The simple shape accentuates the great beauty of natural wood. Stan combines itself the best features of fashionable minimalist and Chinese styles.

It could help to create modern, very relaxing and natural atmosphere in your bathroom. This wood vanity sink could fit not only for cabinets with wooden finish, but also will look cool with white lacquered ones. More information about this wood sink and other bathroom items made in the same style you could find on Plavisdesign website. Natural Wood Bathroom Sink – Stan by Plavisdesign, bath sinks, bathroom sink, bathroom sinks, bathroom washbasins, contemporary bath sink, modern washbasins, natural bath sinks, Plavisdesign, sinks, unusual bathroom sinks, wood sink, wood vanity sink, washbasins.



Kitchen Sink

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchen Sink

When you’re designing or renovating a kitchen, make it a priority to put a window over the sink. It vastly improves your outlook on washing dishes. “Looking at the farm is a pleasure,” Martha says.

Sink Basin

“Use a plastic bin for soaking or soaping to save water,” Martha says. The plastic is also more forgiving than a hard sink should you drop a dish. When you’re washing a lot of very fragile items by hand, such as crystal stemware, lining the sink with a terry towel also does the trick. Keep dish soap in a clear plastic pump bottle by the sink. (Martha uses Martha Stewart Clean Dish and Hand Soap, of course.) PP Basket.



Sheet Metal Sinks in Steel by Lago

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Modern, unique and hip are the best ways to describe these sheet metal sinks made of steel by Lago. The first metal sink featured here is called Steel and is pretty unique in its way of draining water. Instead of your usual center drain, the water drains out through the perimeter of the sink. Not only is that pretty cool, but apparently, this promotes a cleaner sink too. Steel can be installed free standing or supported and can be adorned with neat little containers for holding soap and toothbrushes. The other sink by Lago featured here today is called 20 Degrees and among all its sleek, sharp edges is a very welcomed curved basin. This curve allows for a lovely cascading effect of the water when it’s running. It also may be accessorized with colorful containers for your bathroom extras. There is something so current and fun about these sheet metal designs, maybe it’s the overall thinness of them. They would be happy additions to any contemporary, modern home. Learn more at Lago.

Sheet Metal SinksModern sinks,  cleaner sink , contemporary sink



Interesting Bathroom Vanity Sink by DNA+

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Not all washbasins have to look alike, as shown here by DNA+ with their interesting bathroom vanity sink. Part of the Erosion sink collection, this sink comes in two standard versions and a double series. The sink is modern and minimal, starring shape and form as design leads. Apart from looking really cool, the unique circular indentations or protrusions are also perfect for holding soap, jewelry or other bathroom accessories while using the sink. This vanity sink is made of EON solid surface material in a ‘pure white’ color. EON is an inert, non toxic material that is completely recyclable and allows for a lot of flexibility and creativity in manufacturing – so it’s clear why this vanity sink can have the look it does. Learn more at DNA+.



New Kitchen Sink Technology by Dornbracht

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

New Kitchen Sink Technology by Dornbracht

In its Water Zones product line, Dornbracht introduces new kitchen sink technology to allow a home owner to take the best from commercial and residential kitchen sink design ideas. Most commercial lines allow for simple things like filling a pan with water or a very long nozzle to reach pots and pans. Water Zones introduces a series of fittings that can be selected in the sink setup that will allow for different types of functionality to meet the needs of your kitchen. More information: here.






Kitchen Sinks

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

When it comes to kitchen decor, sink has a major role to play in accentuating the charm of your kitchen. On a daily basis, it witnesses a number of activities and undergoes plenty of pressures. Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance to ensure the practicality of the kitchen sink, in terms of its functioning. So, don’t go just by the looks, but also mull over its functionality. Read on to know more about sinks for kitchen.

If kitchen sink design is a major concern for you, you don’t need to worry at all, as the market provides you with a large number of appealing design options to choose from. Apart from fulfilling the utilitarian purpose, the kitchen sinks today serve as a great decoration. In the contemporary times, you can find a fabulous variety of kitchen sinks in the market, differing in their designing, finish and material.

The sinks of the modern times are intricately designed and not just contain a faucet and a bowl. Consisting of multiple bowls of varying sizes, they consist of cutting boards, instant hot water dispensers, drainers, sprayers, soap dispensers and many more. Even in terms of material, there is a great diversity available in the market like stainless steel, porcelain, enameled metal etc.

There are a number of factors that need to be borne in mind before making the final selection of the sink type you would like to go in for. The first and foremost thing that you need to pay attention to is the size of the sink, as in its width and depth. Once you are clear about the size, the next thing in priority is the material that is used in the making of kitchen sink.

Out of the various kitchen sink types, the more popular ones are those made from granite, copper and stainless steel. Assess your personal needs, check out the various kinds of kitchen sinks, analyze the pros and cons of each type and thereafter, make the final selection of the sink that you would like to go in for to adorn your kitchen.

Acrylic Kitchen Sinks
Available in distinctive varieties of colors and sizes, the acrylic kitchen sinks are becoming popular day by day. They usually come in matte finish, providing you the option of polishing. Acrylic is an absolutely nonporous material and therefore, more and more people prefer acrylic sink for their new kitchens.

Antique Kitchen Sinks
If you want to give an antique look to your kitchen that resembles the styling of the Victorian era, then what can be a better idea than installing an antique style kitchen sink? The antique kitchen sink will take you into the flashback; thus reminding you of the glorious past.

Apron Kitchen Sinks
In the present time, kitchens have taken a multi-functional role with separate work zones. Out of the ‘zones’ in the room, the kitchen sink is the busiest work area. This has caused the sinks to evolve as an element of the Decor of the kitchen. Manufacturers have recognized the importance of sinks as both functional and decorative elements of the kitchen.

Cleaning Kitchen Sink
Kitchen sink bears the maximum brunt of the cooking activities. They are made to bear the soiled dishes and are easily susceptible to stains quite easily. Therefore, it becomes vital to clean the kitchen sink on a regular basis and make it germfree, so that the life of the sink is prolonged.

Copper Kitchen Sink
With the development in kitchen sink market, these days, kitchen sinks are made from materials like porcelain, stainless steel or copper. Dates back to the ancient times, copper sink is something that people desire to incorporate in their kitchens.

Corner Kitchen Sinks
Sink is one of the most inevitable parts of a kitchen. Almost all the work we do revolve around the sink, be it rinsing utensils, or cleaning utility equipments or even washing the vegetables. Before choosing a sink, you need to make an important decision of where it should be placed.

Granite Kitchen Sink
When it comes to looking out for a durable and easy to maintain kitchen sink, granite is the name that immediately strikes the mind. Granite kitchen sink is increasingly becoming the popular choice by people, as it truly adds to the beauty and glamour of the kitchen. It is best able to withstand the day to day pressures, in terms of denting, staining and cutting.

Installing Sink Faucets
If you were of the opinion that installing the kitchen sink faucets is a cumbersome task, you would be surprised to know that it is instead a very easy process. There are certain tips you need to know before you start the process. In case you need to mount the faucets into a new sink, remember to do it before the setting of the sink.

Kitchen Sink Faucets
Choosing kitchen sink faucets is indeed a challenging task and demands your time and attention. In the present times, with such a diverse variety of sink faucets hitting the market, you will keep thinking as to which one to go in for. Faucets are mostly available in one or two handle.

Stainless Steel Sink
Owing to the large number of benefits that it offers, stainless steel is increasingly finding way in the making of kitchen sinks. If you are looking out for a pocket friendly low cost sink option, then stainless steel kitchen sink is just the apt choice. Extremely light in weight, kitchen stainless steel sink is available in a variety of sizes and thickness.

Stone Kitchen Sinks
Kitchen ambience is a very important aspect of home Decor. In order to give kitchen a proper ambience, several factors are kept in concern. These factors can be divided into two basic categories the functional aspect and the aesthetic aspect. It is very important for a kitchen to be perfect in both the aspects.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks
An undermount stainless steel kitchen sink can be described as the style of sink wherein the basin is mounted under the counter top. Commonly known as recessed sink, this style is gaining popularity amongst the masses. Undermount sinks are available in a host of materials, including fashionable copper sinks and solid surface material sinks.