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Panoramic Views bathroom

By Bathroom Designer

Panoramic Views bathroom

Inspired by the panoramic ocean view, this bathroom incorporates a saltwater fish tank as the focal point of the space. The fish tank is built into a partitioned wall and can be enjoyed while showering or getting ready in the vanity area. The shower is designed to provide a spa experience by using nine body sprays, a steam shower and rain-like showerheads on the ceiling. Design by Bruce Rosenblum




Luxurious Bathroom Design – A Home SPA

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


This luxurious bathroom is designed as a home SPA.


What is the secret of this exquisite look? First of all, it’s the color scheme – classical, black and white with natural wood touches and green plants to enliven the look.


The design is minimalist: strict lines, sharp corners and no unnecessary details. Pieces of nature give the luxurious touches to the bathroom, have a look: green plants and those in blossom, usual stones on a big plate decorated with the same flowers and in the sink to cover the tap hole. Candles in lanterns add coziness and relaxation feeling; lanterns won’t let you quench the candles.


Natural wood, soap and bath salts also give a luxurious touch to the space; add a jewelry stand and some drawers with funny inscriptions and the bathroom would look charming. Luxurious Bathroom Design – A Home SPA, bathroom minimalism, big bathroom design, luxurious bathroom, luxury bathroom design, minimalist bathroom, minimalist bathroom design, modern bathroom design ideas, unique bathroom designs



Luxurious SPA Bathtub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Luxurious SPA Bathtub With Every little thing You Require To Relax, bathtub, Most effective bathtubs, Residence spa, spa, spa bathtubs, Fashionable bathtub, ultra Contemporary spa, Exceptional bathtubs.

This luxurious Organically grPersonal-Formd Spa is inspired by the Mom of pearl. The Incredible Form Enables a sensuous escape from stressful Existence, by stimulating all the 5 senses and soothing them. You Could possibly Select combinations of lighting, Seems and arom at Inexpensive cialis On the web herapy Your self Utilizing a touch interface. There are wellness Applications Readily available or you Could possibly Produce your Personal and Spend less it. Integrated pots Permit you to have a glimpse of Character when indulging in the bathtub.

You can Produce a Mix of your Preferred Facilities and flowers, This kind of as orchids and ferns. Concealed faucets and shower Offer a Sensation of Good, all-in-A single Framework. Excellent relaxation and escape from everything that bothers you!



Vintage and Modern Bathrooms by Irina Schastlivaya

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathrooms are among the most important rooms in every house, no matter they are small or large, simple or luxurious, white or colorful and they are part of our universe. When we have our home, we want to do it according to out own personality, to our taste and this also refers to our bathroom. If some of us prefer simplicity, others want their bathrooms to look like some works of art. Irina Schastilivaya’s designs are definitely in the second category. Who could imagine that simply by using patterns on tiles, your bathroom turns into a real work of art?

These details are eye-catching and make the space inviting, adding another dimension to the concept of common bathroom. There is a permanent combination of modern and vintage that creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The modern furniture pieces in a strong color and the strong patterns and decors on the tiles and the glass doors are the just an example.

Sometimes you can have a feeling of finding yourself in another period, in a residence, which belongs to a king or a queen, and not in a normal bathroom. At the same time, beyond the luxury, everything breathes modernity and elegance. Did you choose the bathroom that you like best?



Bathroom: bath with Swarovski Diamond Bathtub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bath with Swarovski Diamond Bathtub Bathroom accessory is a highly refined, perfect for those who want to enjoy moments of relaxation in a luxurious and sparkling. Surely we are not talking about a pool since only aesthetically beautiful but also very valuable, with over 45,000 Pink Swarovski crystals, Applied on the outer surface.

The project was born from the imagination of the designer in California Lori Gardner, Which is already known for its ability to modernized classics contextualizing them in an extraordinary way.

The style of this bath is purely retro, with his feet in an antique style and a beautiful bright pink on the outside “storm” of Swarovski crystals, set one by one for a total of 3 years of work.

The Diamond Bathtub is currently on display in Costa Mesa, Calif., at the shop home accessories Fleur de Lys, but you can order customized copies.

For those who did not want to spend a fortune to take her home, and show off in your bathroomBut he just wanted to try it, Diamond Bathtub you can even rent.

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Innovative and Seductive Bathtubs Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

This Innovative and Seductive Bathtubs Design Shiva’-Art is an authentic jewel of elegance with particularly clear in the line of the wooden front panel available in bleached oak or wenge. The innovative force yields technical products of great practical value appreciated not only throughout Italy but also in European countries and overseas. BluBleu creations, true jewels in the bathing environment, arise from a continuous research into style always aiming to successfully interpret contemporary trends and providing the maximum freedom of combination of materials and solutions for a pleasant well being and relaxation.

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Bathroom Remodeling Suggestions

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The toilet is the one room in your house which you can guarantee everyone gets to visit sooner or later. It isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity, everybody has to go. It’s the one room in your home that your guests will ask directions to.

It makes a lot of sense then, when you’re bettering your property, to contemplate the bathroom as a very important target on your list as it could potentially make a very massive difference.

To my surprise evidently many people don’t put the bathroom at the top of their list when planning house improvements. This could be because they think a bathroom improvement is too big a job or their bathroom is simply too small to do something with. This is not always the case.

Keep in mind that enhancing a small bathroom doesn’t need to be about its actual size but rather about it’s apparent size and the way you give the illusion of space to your visitors. Selecting mild colors, adding lighting around the edges of the bathroom and carefully putting a mirror or 2 are all cheap and comparatively simple things you are able to do that can make plenty of difference in a small bathroom.

Reasons for Remodeling your Bathroom

The principle reasons that most individuals undertake a bathroom remodel fall mostly into the categories below:

    Improving your living standards
    Improving the worth of your property
    Energy efficiency

Lets take each of these and see how they apply to your small bathroom. Read more »



Spa Master Bathroom With Home Gym

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Henry and Nick have been renovating their massive three-story Victorian house since moving in four years ago. They started at the bottom and worked their way up, but were baffled when they got to the final room: an awkwardly-shaped master bathroom that was anything but functional cabinetry.

The third-floor space was cramped and outdated, and the guys were desperate to turn it into a modern-day “gentleman’s club.” Recently, Nick was diagnosed with diabetes and told to commence an exercise regimen. It was then the project took on greater urgency and I was called in to help. For now they not only wanted a new bathroom, they needed a workout area to help Nick maintain a healthy lifestyle. Solid Wood Cabinet

As it stood, the bathroom room was chopped up into three separate spaces: a toilet/tub/shower space, a storage closet and a sunroom. So the first order of the day was to gut the maze of small rooms, pull out all of the old fixtures and start from scratch. Once this was accomplished, I was left with a huge, open space which I painted in a crisp, neutral shade. I then put down clean white tiles overtop of radiant heating pads on the floor.

Next came the task of installing new state-of-the-art bathroom fixtures. I put in a gorgeous soaker tub — complete with a waterproof LCD television and remote control — and tiled the adjacent in a beautiful white and dark taupe mosaic tile. For a little something extra, I flanked the tub with gorgeous dark wood bookcases. I also installed a new toilet and a barrier-free shower stall with multiple body sprays, an overhead rain shower and a handheld showerhead wardrobes.

On the wall across from the shower, I put up a chic double vanity comprised of dark wood cabinetry topped with a white quartz countertop. I then put up two very tall mirrors and two modern polished stainless steel basins with funky wall-mounted spout faucets. Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

However, this bathroom was not just about relaxation. It needed a workout component to help get Nick moving. To that end, I put in a low-impact elliptical trainer with a heart monitoring system. The machine, which has a good view of the television, sits beside new sliding glass doors with white linen curtains that will eventually lead out to a new deck.

I also created a dressing room adjacent to the bathroom that would make any fashionista giddy. For the ultimate in organization, I put in a stunning dark wood storage system complete with shelves, drawers, clothes racks, a built-in ironing board and a washer and dryer. Bathroom Vanity

To lighten up the room, I put up a chrome-disc chandelier over the tub and four sconces over the vanity. Then it was time for a few final finishes —Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink  a heated towel rack, some fluffy robes and some spa-like amenities — and the space was complete.

By using masculine finishes, modern fixtures and space-saving techniques, this bathroom got a men’s club-inspired makeover that blends serenity with functionality. It’s a bathroom and workout space in which any guy would be proud to flex his muscles. China kitchen cabinets

Spa Master Bathroom With Home Gym