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Large Luxury Bathtub or Small Interior Swimming Pool

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


All too often, designers (and design) get(s) caught up in definitions – constrictive categories limit out-of-the-box ideas and free-thinking innovation. Often a new design idea lies at the intersection of old ones, such as this interior swimming pool design by Kostalia that does not clearly fit the definition of a swimming pool nor that of a soaking tub.

An asymmetrical form, underwater illumination, hidden rim drainage for a flat-to-the-floor modernist appearance and other features make this seem almost like an elegant pool one would find at a luxury spa. However, its residential context and small size make it as comfortable and cozy as a conventional bathtub. Read more »



Sexy See-Through Bathtub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


At first this transparent tub looks appealing – perhaps even moreso to some when they see a girl perched on the promotional photograph about to get in. But those of us who like our privacy, one has to wonder: what happens when this woman steps out of the frame and into the bath with those windows wide open all around?


To be sure, this bathtub from Gruppo has every luxury feature one could wish for. While not quite a walk-in, stepping into the spacious interior gives one access to hydro-massage and hydrothermal spa options for relaxing and working out muscle tension. This fixture also comes equipped with radio, audio players and headphone adapters all in reach – as well as remote to use them with and headrest to lie back on. Read more »



Luxurious Bathroom Design – A Home SPA

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


This luxurious bathroom is designed as a home SPA.


What is the secret of this exquisite look? First of all, it’s the color scheme – classical, black and white with natural wood touches and green plants to enliven the look.


The design is minimalist: strict lines, sharp corners and no unnecessary details. Pieces of nature give the luxurious touches to the bathroom, have a look: green plants and those in blossom, usual stones on a big plate decorated with the same flowers and in the sink to cover the tap hole. Candles in lanterns add coziness and relaxation feeling; lanterns won’t let you quench the candles.


Natural wood, soap and bath salts also give a luxurious touch to the space; add a jewelry stand and some drawers with funny inscriptions and the bathroom would look charming. Luxurious Bathroom Design – A Home SPA, bathroom minimalism, big bathroom design, luxurious bathroom, luxury bathroom design, minimalist bathroom, minimalist bathroom design, modern bathroom design ideas, unique bathroom designs



Luxurious SPA Bathtub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Luxurious SPA Bathtub With Every little thing You Require To Relax, bathtub, Most effective bathtubs, Residence spa, spa, spa bathtubs, Fashionable bathtub, ultra Contemporary spa, Exceptional bathtubs.

This luxurious Organically grPersonal-Formd Spa is inspired by the Mom of pearl. The Incredible Form Enables a sensuous escape from stressful Existence, by stimulating all the 5 senses and soothing them. You Could possibly Select combinations of lighting, Seems and arom at Inexpensive cialis On the web herapy Your self Utilizing a touch interface. There are wellness Applications Readily available or you Could possibly Produce your Personal and Spend less it. Integrated pots Permit you to have a glimpse of Character when indulging in the bathtub.

You can Produce a Mix of your Preferred Facilities and flowers, This kind of as orchids and ferns. Concealed faucets and shower Offer a Sensation of Good, all-in-A single Framework. Excellent relaxation and escape from everything that bothers you!