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Natural Cedar Hot Tubs for Outdoors

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Soaking in a warm water is a great pleasure and a very relaxing procedure that like all people around the world. There are plenty of cool solutions to enjoy such water at home. They come with different hydromassage systems and other spa features as for indoors as for outdoors. Even though most of them feature modern designs and look, some of them still are quite natural. Northern Lights Cedar Tubs belong to these natural hot tubs. They are made of Western Red Cedar but have all the amenities of modern plastic spas. This cedar not only features an amazing look but also a very aromatic scent. In case you have a free space in your backyard you won’t regret if you buy such hot tub.

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Quite Possibly the Coolest Hot Tub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Ever want to steam on the side of a mountain or carry your hot tub with you on your canoe? Off-the-grid, durable, mobile, strangely sexy and well-engineered, the Dutch Tub is probably the last thing you would expect to see someone lounging in at the top of a summit – but one of the best aspects of the tub is that it moves easily, making the scene above more realistic than most people realize.


This ingenious hot tub is a completely energy-independent gadget that requires no plugging in. Firewood is placed in a spiral on the side that naturally circulates and heats the water in the tub. As a result, the stainless steal tub and its durable poly-fiber hull are transportable by car or even, as you can see, by boat or canoe.

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Outdoor Bathtub & Shower Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Why KOS called this the Geo 180 rather than 360 is tough to say – seeing as it provides an incredible in-the-round outdoor bathing experience. What sets this apart from the standard soaking or hot tub? The shower above adds an exotic touch to be sure.

In some ways, this design harkens back to classic models of communal bathing in hot springs or other natural water sources. Overall its simplicity speaks volumes – the experience alone of sitting back against the gently curved surface with water sprinkling down from above is enough to sell most of us on this amazing outdoor bath design. Read more »