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Gorgeous In-Floor Bathtubs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


In-floor bathtubs can make any bathroom a relaxing spa-like space. The in-floor design gives tubs a more luxurious and stylish appeal than traditional tubs have. Such design makes tubes easy to get in and out because there is no need to climb over and out of the standard tub. All in-floor bathtubs feature overflow systems that also can be integrated into the bathroom design very well. The gorgeous bathtubs presented on pictures are made by KÄSCH. Their installations can give you some idea what I’m talking about. bathtubs, in-floor bathtubs, luxury bathtubs Read more »



The Luxury Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

From tiny powder rooms to wide-open masters, bathrooms are becoming the sexiest spaces in the house

The bathroom is a high-traffic area and one that guests are likely to see, and yet when decorating, it can easily be overlooked. At its core, the lavatory is a utilitarian space but as author Samantha Nestor says, “People are using the bathroom as an oasis once again, and learning that you don’t have to be governed by any of the rules.” In her book, The Luxury Bathroom, Nestor explores what makes this essential room so inspiring. It’s become a lavish spa-like place, a welcoming spot for guests, a place to take risks and make clever design decisions, as well as the most personal space in the home. Whether these rooms stand out for their opulence, or wow us with their streamlined simplicity, one thing is clear: The bath is becoming an irresistible retreat. In our preview of the book, you’ll see that Nestor has indeed chosen “the spaces with the most imaginative solutions to different problems and places and that people would aspire to have in their own homes,” because unlike reading rooms or walk-in closets, “Everybody has a bathroom.”



Great Bathroom Remodeling Tips and Ideas For Bathroom Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

When scouring the Internet for bathroom remodeling tips, you may have been disappointed to find there is not much real help out there. With so many people trying to upgrade their bathrooms today, you would think that really useful tips for remodeling bathrooms would be in abundance on the Internet. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily the case.

In response to the lack of online ideas for bathroom designs and the few tips for remodeling bathrooms that are available on the Internet, comes to the rescue!

Here, you will find such helpful information as…

Articles offering tips for remodeling bathrooms and trends on the latest designs
Listings of firms specializing in bathroom designs
Where to find bathroom remodeling software
Pictures of various bathroom designs that will help you get inspired!
Our goal is to create a one-stop site where you can gather all of the information you need to complete your bathroom remodeling project. There is no greater feeling than completing the project on your own — and with your own hands. Not only does it save you money, you can also take personal pride in a job well done!

With all the many trends and styles for bathroom design available today, you’ll have your pick of everything from floor to ceiling. Inspiration, creativity and personal style are keys to a successful bathroom redesign project.



Outdoor Shower Enclosures Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Wanna Get a little closer to nature this summer with an outdoor shower? I’ve always wanted an outdoor shower, alas, the perfect location has eluded me. Maybe you’ll have better luck. Hope this Creative Design Ideas for Outdoor Shower Enclosures will help you more or less.

For the products, sources and pricing of items featured in this design inspiration board, see below: Outdoor Shower Design Considerations

Building Materials & Products

Use materials for your shower deck that are resistant to mold, mildew and rot. (Teak or Brazilian Walnut [Ipe]) Outdoor shower fixtures and accessories must also be able to stand up to the elements. Think stainless steel, brass, galvanized.

Outdoor Shower Design

Help your outdoor shower to blend into the surrounding landscape. Build a border with river rocks or beach pebbles. Or if you use deck tiles for your shower deck, leave the odd tile out and fill the voids with those same river rocks.

Don’t forget important functional and decorative accessories. Roll your fluffy towels up and keep them close at hand in a planter pot holder. The Prince Aha Stool from DesignWithinReach provides a spot to sit while drying off, but with its removable lid it’s also a great place to stash and store soaps and shampoos. Give your towel a place to dry with wall hooks. For those who like to shave in the shower a mirror is a must.

Outdoor Shower Drainage

The water must go somewhere – be sure to select a location with a slight incline away from your house. Slats between your deck tiles will naturally provide drainage. If the earth surrounding your outdoor shower is less forgiving, encouraging proper water drainage could require taking a more elaborate route. For more information about drainage I’ll turn you over to Bob Vila and Residential Architect Online.

Outdoor Shower Privacy

Just because you like to shower outside, it doesn’t mean you’re an exhibitionist (or maybe it does). If you’re at all interested in protecting your dignity, you’ll want a shower enclosure of some description. A privacy screen will do the job of keeping any Peeping Toms from seeing anything you don’t wish them to.

Hot Showers

A cold water outdoor shower may appeal to some – for others, if the plan is to actually linger under the flow of water, a hot water source will be a necessity. There are various options available for including hot water in your outdoor showering experience. Connecting into the plumbing of your home’s existing hot water system should be left to a professional, however there are DIY solar water heating options such as this one courtesy of HGTV.

Environmental Considerations

Environmental consideration must be given to the soaps, shampoos and conditioners that you use in your outdoor shower. Thank you to greenlagirl for pointing me in the right direction for EO eco-friendly personal care products.

Municipal Regulations / By-laws

Before proceeding with an outdoor shower project, make sure you check with your local building department to see if there are any specific bylaws pertaining to construction, design or drainage.



Bathroom Villeroy & Boch: Premium Collection My Nature

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

It’s called Premium, and My Nature is a new collection of health and Bathroom furniture signed by the famous company Villeroy & Boch. We are talking about a complete line of components for the bathroom mimal with a design with clean lines and soft for those who love the taste slightly modern country. That’s right, the bathroom line Premium My Nature, Villeroy & Boch has reinterpreted the country style through the use of chestnut wood trim and decorations inspired by nature.

By Villeroy & Boch My Premium arrives Nature, A complete collection of bathroom fixtures, tubs and bathroom furniture to furnish the ideal ‘bathroom in an original and functional.

It is a range of products to the purity of Ceramic White combines an innovative inserts wood chestnut and patterns inspired by nature. The result is line but a modern bathroom flavor country!

Villeroy & Boch also wished to pay close attention to the environment by creating a bathroom collection truly eco: The surface of the elements is in ceramicplus, a material repellent to dirt and lime to facilitate cleaning of surfaces and limit the use of detergents, while the wc  Acquareduct  features innovative system that allows you to save a considerable amount of water. Finally, for illuminating the bathroom furniture has been chosen the use of technology to save energy LED.




Ultra – Modern Stainless Steel Wash Basin Faucet Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The futuristic bathroom appliance designs in this passage will let us know that the most popular factory ofbathroom appliance was already release a new design of bathroom faucet that we can try on. In this site we will see the simple design but use the unique motivations so that even the layouts of this faucet was simple but when we were seen this stuff we will invited to apply on and go to bathroom appliance store close by. Actually, this stuff was not only decorate or design with the thought of stainless steel wash basin faucet ideas but also with some other compatible material so that here we will see several new and decorative style design of a bathroom appliance especially for the faucet decorations. The tap side that completes this faucet was decorating similar with the water drain of this wash basin faucet so that we will get the full modern layouts through this appliance. As the full inspirations, now we can start to see one of this ultra-modern bathroom faucet decor. captivating design by Toyo Ito for Altro-Supergrif

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Uniquely Barefoot Sink Ideas for Natural Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Looking down the natural barefoot sink design in this bathroom decorating ideas was looking original and invites us to have one. The real condition that was available in this bathroom decoration can be getting through the appliance of nature and the combination of the original stuff. The barefoot decorations were come from the sea and the side of ocean. We can try to make by our self this decoration. We can try also to add several sea shell if we want to have more than just great but also amazing and good looking. The colordecorations that cover this uniquely bathroom sink idea were the real performance of this barefoot design. The square or rectangle size of the sink was flexible and effective. We were freely to choose which one the most necessary for our bathroom space. The faucets appliance can be place perfectly on the top side of the barefoot. After completed with those ideas, now we can turn into this vintage modern wastafel inspiration.

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