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Minimalist Cube Shower Boxes

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Cube is always one of the most minimalist shape, so if you want modern and minimalist bathroom, you should choose shower box from the Cube Zone collection by Albatros. This comfortable shower looks very stylish and contemporary. It is cube box from transparent glass, which has limestale-proof treatment. The shower box is offered with equipped panel, covered with teak-like staves and removable transparent metacrylate seat. This shower is available in Vaporsystem version with on-off Turkish Bath, which could help you relax and get a pleasure.[Albatros, comfortable shower box, cube shower box, minimalist shower, turkish bath Read more »



Modern Beige Kitchen Design With Red Walls

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


A kitchen is often a very important space to cook together with your family, to gather to have a meal, and that’s why this place should be very cozy, stylish and functional. This kitchen by Deulonder Arquitectura Domèstica was organized so that everything is at hand, it’s just 17 square meters. The kitchen island is just 130 x 78 cm but it’s enough to cook comfortably. I love the colors – beige was used to widen the space but there are also bright red walls to make it more cheerful – and the green plants are used for the same purpose. The kitchen turned to be functional, small but very stylish. contemporary kitchen design, gorgeous kitchen design, kitchen decorating, kitchen design, minimalist kitchen design, modern kitchen design ideas, stylish kitchen design
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Stylish And Cozy Wooden Bathroom Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Wood is an amazing material as it’s eco-friendly, rich-looking, brings coziness and warmth to any space. But can it be used in bathroom design, in a space where there’s no wood usually as water spoils it. But with modern waterproof coats everything is possible! Have a look how it designers use this material for bathroom décor. First of all, it’s fashionable wooden bathroom furniture – bathtubs and washbasins – they look really relaxing, SPA-like and luxurious. Wooden panels are also used for floors and wall décor – it makes the atmosphere so cozy! Using wood and stone – if you like – you may create different styles: modern, minimalist, rustic. Make your own home SPA!

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Nice Hydromassage Bathtub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Stas Doyer is a big producer of different bathroom appliances, which could help you to well care of your beauty and health. One of such product is a new model of whirlpool bath – L’Alizee. This nice automatic bathtub is equipped with sensitive touch screen, which allows to adjust all settings and also shows various useful information. 180 hydromassage nozzles provide a perfect relaxation and thanks to their right position are capable to make a healthy massage of 6 anatomical zones. You could completely programme your own massage and get very pleasant moments in such hydromassage bathtub. However like any functional and high-tech bathtub, L’Alizee is a quite expensive and you need to have a big bathroom to locate it because its size is l 2,24m x w 1,05m x h 0,84m and its capacity is 280 litres. If you want more information about this nice whirlpool bathtub then you could find it on Stas Doyer site.high tech bathtub, hydro massage bath, hydro massage bathtub,hydromassage bathtub, Stas Doyer, whirlpool bathtubs Read more »



Stainless Steel Kitchens

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


For high-quality undermount sinks, stainless steel is the industry standard, but this durable and attractive material can be deployed inside a home in other ways, and most notably: they can be introduced without making yours look like a commercial kitchen.

The high-end Elam series from Tisettanta is elegant and minimalist – what is particularly engaging (and useful for those looking for new layout ideas) is the contexts they are put into for showroom display and photographs. Read more »



Cool Black Hi-Tech Toilet

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Comfort Toilet should be everywhere! When it’s Comfort Toilet with style and high technologies – that’s cool Toilet ! Read more »



Modern LED lights Shower

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Take a LED lights Shower column in a new modern way! Shower column Ametis by Graff is modern appliance for your bathroom the movement of which is inspired by water itself. Made of hollowed brass, this faucet not only offers an aesthetically pleasing design, but durability as well. Read more »



Bathroom Layouts and Living Room Interior Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom and Living Room Interior Design Ideas, Bathrooms are often tucked into small spaces, saving room for other more important places within a house, condo or apartment. What if you rethought the priority of your layouts or had enough space to arrange a bathroom furnishings, fixtures and decor look and feel more like an open living room area than a cramped closet?   Read more »



Luxurious Bathroom Design – A Home SPA

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


This luxurious bathroom is designed as a home SPA.


What is the secret of this exquisite look? First of all, it’s the color scheme – classical, black and white with natural wood touches and green plants to enliven the look.


The design is minimalist: strict lines, sharp corners and no unnecessary details. Pieces of nature give the luxurious touches to the bathroom, have a look: green plants and those in blossom, usual stones on a big plate decorated with the same flowers and in the sink to cover the tap hole. Candles in lanterns add coziness and relaxation feeling; lanterns won’t let you quench the candles.


Natural wood, soap and bath salts also give a luxurious touch to the space; add a jewelry stand and some drawers with funny inscriptions and the bathroom would look charming. Luxurious Bathroom Design – A Home SPA, bathroom minimalism, big bathroom design, luxurious bathroom, luxury bathroom design, minimalist bathroom, minimalist bathroom design, modern bathroom design ideas, unique bathroom designs



Eco-Friendly Bathroom Design Of Endless Concrete

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

eco-friendly-bathroom-design eco-friendly-bathroom-of-endless-concrete-modern-design-ideas,

Have a look at this Flow bathroom concept by Art-Tic Design Studio. It is based on the point that all the elements like a sink or a bathtub are fused with the surrounding floor and walls.


The concept is so calming and relaxing! The floor and the walls are done in concrete and so are the elements. The concrete seems not to end at all. The bathroom looks so fen shui and stylish and eco-friendly, of course, as here some green plants grow. Calm green and grey colors add relaxation and the tub with a bookshelf of concrete calls to spend some time lying in the foam.


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Bathroom concept.The bathroom pieces are just covers that can be fited in different structures. In this case concrete alows to fusion the differents elements with the architecture.