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Extraordinary Mirrors For Bathroom by F.lli Branchetti

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The Cube collection by F.lli Branchetti is one of nice examples of minimalist furniture for bathroom. The straight and clean lines make a sober and simple look, which is so popular nowadays. In spite of visual simplicity, this collection of furniture is very functional. Thanks to the push-pull opening system for doors and dampers, it’s pleasant in use. The most interesting feature of the collection is mirrors. Their shapes are various and extraordinary. Maybe they aren’t very comfortable, but they are original and could add a unusual touch to any minimalist bathroom. This furniture is available in bleached durmast oak, wengè, dark grey and lightgrey. You could get more information about The Cube on Branchetti’s site.
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Stylish And Cozy Wooden Bathroom Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Wood is an amazing material as it’s eco-friendly, rich-looking, brings coziness and warmth to any space. But can it be used in bathroom design, in a space where there’s no wood usually as water spoils it. But with modern waterproof coats everything is possible! Have a look how it designers use this material for bathroom décor. First of all, it’s fashionable wooden bathroom furniture – bathtubs and washbasins – they look really relaxing, SPA-like and luxurious. Wooden panels are also used for floors and wall décor – it makes the atmosphere so cozy! Using wood and stone – if you like – you may create different styles: modern, minimalist, rustic. Make your own home SPA!

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Colorful Kids Bathroom Furniture by Laufen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Colorful Kids Bathroom Furniture by Laufen , Kids love everything colorful and bright because it’s funny. So in a colorful bathroom it would be easier to make them follow the rules of the hygiene.


Laufen presents collection called Florakids – a focal point for any kid. All the parts remind of something – flowers, food, fruit, dogs, caterpillar, clouds. The narrow toilet seat even has a back rest and side hand grips to enhance comfort and avoid the fear of falling in. Read more »



Built-In Bathroom Storage Space

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


We all know that water and paper do not mix well, so be careful not to splash if you decide to step into this strange bathroom storage-and-fixture combination – a contemporary bathing basin with built-in, metal-and-wood, side-of-tub shelving units.


These curious multifunctional bathtubs by Antonio Lupi come with shelves along either the short or long sides of tubs, presumably to cater to different bathroom layouts that might require users to step over either the side or the end. Read more »



Pine Bathroom Furniture

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Organize your bathroom the elegant way with our Hearts of Pine Bathroom Space Saver, Storage Tower, Towel Stacker, Tissue Holder and Tank Topper. (each sold separately) Solid pine frames, accented by graceful heart cutouts. Assembly required.

Pine Space Saver

Pine Space Saver Bathroom Furniture: Fits over standard toilet. Cabinet with shelf is perfect for storing linens or toiletries. 23 1/2″ w x 71 1/2″ h x 9″ d.

Pine Storage Tower

Pine Storage Tower Bathroom Furniture: Has 4 storage/display shelves and a shelf in the cupboard below. 16″ w x 60 1/2″ h x 8 1/2″ d.

Pine Towel Stacker

Pine Towel Stacker Bathroom Furniture: Turn folded towels into an attractive display. 18″ w x 31″ h x 11″ d.

Pine Bathroom Tissue Holder

Pine Tissue Holder Bathroom Furniture: A lift-off top keeps up to 4 rolls out of sight, yet close to hand. 7 1/4″ sq. x 25″ h.

Pine Tank Topper

Pine Tank Topper Bathroom Furniture: A raised edge prevents items from slipping off. 23″ w x 4″ h x 8″ d.




Eco-Friendly Bathroom Design Of Endless Concrete

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

eco-friendly-bathroom-design eco-friendly-bathroom-of-endless-concrete-modern-design-ideas,

Have a look at this Flow bathroom concept by Art-Tic Design Studio. It is based on the point that all the elements like a sink or a bathtub are fused with the surrounding floor and walls.


The concept is so calming and relaxing! The floor and the walls are done in concrete and so are the elements. The concrete seems not to end at all. The bathroom looks so fen shui and stylish and eco-friendly, of course, as here some green plants grow. Calm green and grey colors add relaxation and the tub with a bookshelf of concrete calls to spend some time lying in the foam.


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Bathroom concept.The bathroom pieces are just covers that can be fited in different structures. In this case concrete alows to fusion the differents elements with the architecture.



Functional Concrete Bathroom Shelf

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Concrete is a very contemporary material because it’s simple, modern, minimalist and very functional. First it was used only for building but today many types of furniture are made of it, and even vases. Designer Sascha Czerny thinks that it’s a great idea to make a bathroom shelf of concrete. It’s very comfortable for a bathroom because it’s ecological, it doesn’t accumulate water and looks stylish, there is even no need to decorate it somehow. Four parts would accommodate all your necessary things, it’s very comfortable for the everyday life. This piece would very well decorate any modern, industrial or minimalist bathroom. bathroom furniture, compact bathroom furniture, elegant bathroom furniture, functional bathroom furniture, minimalst bathroom furniture, modern bathroom furniture, practical bathroom furniture



Simple And Modern Bathroom Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

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Italian company BMT, high quality bathroom furniture manufacturer, offers a new very refine collection – Piquadro 2. This collection consists of different modular elements which allow to create the most right and flexible bathroom furniture set. There are plenty of modern cabinets available in different attractive finishes and shapes. All of them are quite compact and could fit even to a small bathroom. Among this collection you could find amazing sets to design a modern, elegant black and white bathroom. However those people who prefer more gentle solutions could also choose something nice for themselves.

The elegant mirrors, which are available with various frames could perfectly enrich any bathroom design made with Piquadro’s furniture. More detailed description you could find on BMT site.



Rounded Bathroom Cabinets with Reduced Depth

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Rounded Bathroom Cabinets with Reduced Depth, bathroom cabinets, Karol, minimalist bathroom, minimalist bathroom furniture, minimalistic bathroom, reduced depth bathroom cabinets, rounded bathroom cabinets, modern style bath, bath cabinetry.

Since 1980 Karol make modern and practical bathroom furniture. Almost all their collections, including K08, characterized by minimalist yet very functional design. K08 collection is designed to solve the problem of small bathrooms without losing in quality and design. Its cabinets are reduced in depth and have rounded corners. Even though such cabinets will look awesome in any bathroom, small bathrooms was the aim of the company.

Other important feature of this collection is double finish of cabinets – lacquered + wood. The basins, available in assorted designs and finishes, can be positioned either on the centre of the wash-basin cabinet or on the end of the corner to allow the full exploitation of the storage inside the cabinet and of the countertop.

K08 fromKarol is the bathroom furniture set which would be perfect for those who tries to make the bathroom minimalist.



Unusual Bathroom Furniture For Chalking On It

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Custom Alberto Demel Introduced a Really unusual Bathing room Furnishings and Components Selection – you can to pin memos and Suggestions just Arrive to Thoughts on them. You can do that Many thanks to the sheets of foil-like board Exactly where you can Create with a Item of chalk. The Primary Colour is Organic bamboo, there’s a Metallic faucet and board for Crafting with chalk.

The panel on the wall frame is Produced of bamboo, Within which is Positioned a Circular mirror. If you Believe of some Chores for a Evening or just want to Depart from a Humorous Concept for the People of your Loved ones – it’s Perfect! bathroom furniture, bathroom furniture collection, contemporary bathroom furniture, elegant bathroom furniture, harmonic bathroom furniture, bathroom chalkboard, minimalist bathroom furniture, minimalst bathroom furniture, new Bathing room Furnishings.