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Do-It-Yourself Modular Modern Design Bathroom Faucet

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

There is a lot of room for home projects between the extremes of custom contemporary design and do-it-yourself construction. This is a great example of an elegant bathroom fixture that combines elegant aesthetics but with which you can create your own customized configurations by slotting together any number of fitted metal tubes.


Within this system from Neve, the modules can be assembled to create simple curved free-standing faucets or combined to make minimalist-yet-multifunctional designs that incorporate towel racks running along the walls. While the results are modern the approaches to creating them are essentially endless, making this an engaging mix of make-your-own and high-end custom bathroom fixture design.

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New Bathroom Faucets With Swarovsky Crysyal

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Bathroom faucets by Giulini Giovanny always stand out not only by functionality and high quality but also by excellent and aesthetical designs. This year it has presented a new collection – Crystal, which is created for those people who are keen on brilliant and luxury things. All faucets in this collection are decorated by Swarovsky Crystal and moreover almost all of them have valves made of big crystal.


The light and the water reflect in such valves and demonstrate an amazing and attractive spectacle of colors game. Such bathroom faucets could become the most beautiful and splendid functional decoration of any bathroom. Read more »



Luxurious Modern Shower Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The shower is one place we can always go to relax and get away from everything troubling us in the world at large – a small and sometimes unappreciated hideaway in the home where no one bothers you and the noise of everday life is drowned out in a torrent of warm water.


Why not, given its role in our lives, invest a bit more into the design of our shower – make it a real retreat with the home if we can afford it? While these ultra-luxurious fixtures from Dornbracht are not cheap they seem worth it for those who value their time spent in the shower.


On the somewhat cheaper side of things (though nontheless expensive), they also offer a variety of stylish bathtub faucets and handles that can add a touch of modernism to go with a more simple and elegant bathroom interior design.



Original and Drinking Waterfall Bathroom Tap

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Original and Refine Waterfall Bathroom Tap – Fan by Fluid

Fluid Provides 8 Incredible Bathing room faucet Selections, which Simply could decorate any Bathing room Style. Dynamics, Artwork and Engineering have Turn into the inspiration for all of them. A Solo of the most refine Selections has as prototype an Asian Enthusiast, which demonstrates a Higher Interpersonal Standing. This Selection is named Fan and all taps from it remind this Stunning Old Asian accessory Incredibly A great deal. This kind of Bathing room tap could Simply Include the Design and elegance to your Bathing room. This polished tap
Produces an Incredible Drinking waterfall Impact, which charms by its Attractiveness. It is Offered in Solo lever and dual Deal with Types. In Includeitional to Fantastic Style, this bath tap could Aid you to Help save the Drinking water and can be equipped with a Minimal-fMinimal aerator.

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Futuristic and Stylish Bathroom Faucet Design with LED lighting

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The futuristic bathroom faucet designs in this faucet series will complete your futuristic bathroom theme. The composition of both technology and the futuristic design in this product will make us feeling like in other space in this world. The fashionable design of this faucet will make us feeling serve by the best bathroom in this earth. As we can see obviously that this bathroom faucet was add by the touch screen decoration. This idea was thought to ease both oldest and youngest family member to use. Other ornament that makes thisbathroom appliance looking great was the integrated LED lighting faucet idea that embedded in the waterdrain system. In the long small hole of this faucet we can see the LED lighting was turn down together with the water. The Y design of this faucet also gives additional score for this faucet to choose. The whole futuristic and modern look of this bathroom appliance can be found in these stylish bathroom faucet plans.

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Modern Stylish Bathroom Faucet Designs from Marti

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

These integrated LED lamp bathroom faucet ideas from Marti were indicate the stylish performance of a bathroom faucet that helps the owner to show off their personality. We can see that the whole decorations of this bathroom appliance were indicating not only the functional style but also the fashionable performance. We can see that the color application that uses to cover this faucet was use the feminine personality. We can see the decorative performance of this faucet was looking complete and charming. Trough these stylish faucet designs layouts we will saw the diligent design of a bathroom appliance. The glass material also tries to complete this faucet with the translucent style and the stylish performance. Available in several stylish designs, the various style of this faucet was bring new decoration for our bathroom, so why we were not try to apply these modern bathroom faucet designs?

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Modern Stainless Steel Wash Basin Faucet Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The futuristic faucet decor ideas from Franke Rolux in this bathroom appliance series will bring new performance of house decor ideas. We can see clearly that the components that complete this faucet layout was looking suitable with the concepts of modern and futuristic. The round line of this faucet was looking decorative and appropriate with those who have modern and fashionable personality. We can try to apply this faucet for our wash basin space. Included with the high technology of this faucet, we can see how the simple design can be looking awesome trough the high tech system. Trough these stainless steel wash basin faucet decor we will look more stylish and fashionable. That was because the layouts of this faucet were robbing our attention with the whole performance of this faucet included with the system and the function of this faucet. Available in two color application, we can try to apply these modern wash basin faucet designs.



Ultra – Modern Stainless Steel Wash Basin Faucet Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The futuristic bathroom appliance designs in this passage will let us know that the most popular factory ofbathroom appliance was already release a new design of bathroom faucet that we can try on. In this site we will see the simple design but use the unique motivations so that even the layouts of this faucet was simple but when we were seen this stuff we will invited to apply on and go to bathroom appliance store close by. Actually, this stuff was not only decorate or design with the thought of stainless steel wash basin faucet ideas but also with some other compatible material so that here we will see several new and decorative style design of a bathroom appliance especially for the faucet decorations. The tap side that completes this faucet was decorating similar with the water drain of this wash basin faucet so that we will get the full modern layouts through this appliance. As the full inspirations, now we can start to see one of this ultra-modern bathroom faucet decor. captivating design by Toyo Ito for Altro-Supergrif

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