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Creative Kitchenware Cutting Board

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

There are so many kitchen and other home gadget designs that claim to make life easier. While many may add new functionality to your life they often cost more than they are worth or perform redundant tasks at best, and at worst add long-term clutter to your house while making you work harder than ever to get things done. Scale Combination


Simple but quite brilliant, this combination cutting-board-and-scalecombination would actually be a useful addition to the kitchen. It combines two kitchenware designs that are individually essential but together could take up less space, mean fewer things to clean and make the cutting and weighing of food during preparation even easier.



Colonial Kitchen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The kitchen in this American colonial has mahogany counters, a table on casters, and chairs designed by by KBC.



Sensual And Modern Kitchen Design – Seta Class By Ged Cucine

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The symbiosis of wood and lacquer, mostly black lacquer, always is great. It looks ultra modern and at the same time very natural and sensual. Designers of Ged Cucine have chosen just this color solution to create a dramatic kitchen, which is named Seta Class. Black glass doors and black hood in stainless steel are in perfect harmony with the wooden doors with aluminium handles. The work top is made of Jaipur Stone and so it is quite durable and reliable. The island in this kitchen furniture set isn’t appointed to cook but thanks to two-levels top it could become a cool place to have a breakfast or snack.

Besides an excellent design this kitchen demonstrates functionality, comfortable ergonomic and high quality. You could find more information about this modern kitchen on Ged Cucine site. black kitchen cabinets, contemporary kitchen design, Ged Cucine, modern kitchen, modern kitchen ideas, wooden kitchen, wooden kitchen cabinets



Kitchen and Bath Counters That Inspire

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

From butcher block to marble, countertop surfaces come in an array of materials and colors to suit your style and your needs.

The counter: It’s a key component to the kitchen or bath. It has to be sturdy, practical, and, of course, look good. The best countertops are timeless, not trendy, and stand up well to wear and tear. Top-notch materials span a range of styles, from industrial-chic stainless steel to classic marble or granite, so there’s an option for every taste. Looking for inspiration?



Modern Black and White Asian Kitchen Design from Futura Collection

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

See the details objects of this modern black and white kitchen designs as your new inspiration in remodeling your kitchen space. Those simple color systems will ease you for both arrange and maintain your kitchen furniture. We can provide kitchen design with either simple or minimalist furniture décor. See the elegant kitchen cabinets and drawer from this kitchen space. Combine with the kitchen table, the top side of this furniture was complete with the kitchen wash basin and sink décor. The flat electric stove also complete this side. Actually, this small contemporary kitchen space was supported with the decorative furniture that will ease us when we were use the stuff. Supported with a modern fridge designs, we can feel the futuristic atmosphere from this space. Now, please enjoy several stylish Asian kitchen designs pictures from Futura Collection as the supported information.

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Quality Over Quantity Kitchens

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Once upon a time a company’s worth was measured by the quality of their products. These days, however, more often than not, the focus in on quantity. With the introduction of computerised equipment, the trend is in mass-produced goods, which often results in lower quality output.

When it comes to fitting out a kitchen, choosing the right flat pack and bench tops is vitally important. With countless looks and feels available, it’s important to choose a style that feels right for your home. It is rare to find a company that has the traditional feel that comes with an authentic cabinet maker, and the personal touch of products manufactured on the premises.

Factors to consider when choosing your kitchen

  • Bench tops and cabinets range from the very cheap, to high end products – it’s important to decide how much you are willing to compromise on the look, feel and cost, and decide what’s important for you;
  • Bench tops now come in an enormous variety of colours and finishes, to suit every budget and taste – considering your needs and customising to them is essential;
  • In the current market economy, the DIY sector is increasing in popularity – but are your skills up to scratch?

When putting together a kitchen, a flat pack is obviously the most cost-effective way to go about it, but alongside the substantial cost saving, it is important to consider whether the company you are dealing with can (and will) provide you with support in case of emergency.

Established in 1991, Proform Products has grown steadily to become a leading and trusted supplier/manufacturer of quality components for the domestic and commercial markets. No other Western Australian-owned and operated company provides such a comprehensive range of quality products for architects, designers, builders and cabinetmakers, while still using cabinet makers, and manufacturing all their own products on premises .

With a strong tradition of pursuing excellence, the company prides itself on its goal of providing customers with quality products, professional advice and excellent service with honesty, reliability and friendliness – making sure that you will not be left high and dry when you need it most.



Home kitchens

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Your kitchen design represents one of the best opportunities you’ll get to inject your own personality into your home.

This is important.

After all, they say that most important room in any home is the kitchen, so you’ll want it to reflect exactly who you are.

Finding the right kitchen that suits your home is imperative.

Here are some useful pointers for designing the ideal kitchen for your home:

  • Choose your style of kitchen carefully. The design needs to reflect not only your personal taste, but also your home. For instance, a contemporary kitchen design in a rustic country cottage is going to look strange, as is a more traditional kitchen in an ultra modern apartment.
  • Make sure you measure the dimensions of your kitchen before drawing up your wish-list of all the amazing things you want to include in the design. It is very easy to get carried away but always be realistic about what you can do with the space you have available. A kitchen design needs to start off by including the basic essentials. The snazzy extras can always be added later.
  • Think about the flow. The flow is the transition from one room to the next. What you don’t want is adjacent rooms that look completely different in terms of style and design. Creating a seemingly effortless flow from one room to the next is vital when planning any room in the house.
  • Keep it functional. Don’t let yourself become so immersed in the aesthetics of your kitchen design, that you forget that the room needs to be used to carry out numerous day-to-day tasks. A successful kitchen is one that looks great and functions just as well. If you only achieve one of these things, then you’re always going to end up disapointed.

Hopefully these basic tips have proved helpful. We’ll be adding more articles right here that go into more detail on specific subjects.



How to create soft geometry in your kitchen by Johnny Grey

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

How to create soft geometry in your kitchen by Johnny Grey

It is important to create an easy flow of movement in your kitchen, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. In his book, Kitchen Culture, design expert Johnny Grey shows you how with his expert tips on soft geometry in your kitchen.

how-to-create-soft-kitchen-geometry-by-johnny-greyKey aspects of planning

Create an easy flow of movement throughout the space so that obstacles feel they belong rather than impose. Imagine that a river has been flowing through the space and over time the water has ground away all protrusions. The river makes its pathway easy flowing.

Design central pieces with rounded edges, particularly central islands and peninsulas. This makes for easier use of the work surfaces too.

At pinch points where distances between the cabinetry is tight create soft shapes that allow for smaller corridors, allowing one to make bigger work surfaces when space is limited.

Avoid always using the walls to position the cabinetry. Think of the focus as being the centre of the space with people using the kitchen being able to look around the room, not just the walls. This is more sociable and makes better use of the room.

As a design exercise imagine yourself moving around as if you were partially sighted. This helps you decide how easy it is to perambulate around the furniture without being injured or disrupted.

Be aware of the role of peripheral vision; what happens at the corner of our vision uses up a lot of mental activity surprisingly. The lack of sharp edges makes for more relaxed movement.

Use curves which add a soft, sensual quality to the design but don’t employ them everywhere. They work best when there is a functional basis to their deployment.

All extracts were taken from the book – Kitchen Culture by Johnny Grey.



Kitchen Cabinets ? A Growing Market for the Perfect Kitchen?

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The kitchen cabinet is simply a box with a door, usually made of wood that is affixed to the wall of the kitchen. They are prevalent in the kitchen due to the need for storage space and the fact that they can also be stood on the floor and the top affixed with a work surface, maximising storage efficiency.
Kitchen cabinets are produced by a massive variety of companies. Famous companies exist in Canada and Sweden but shopping for kitchen utilities can be done anywhere, so long as you take caution to shop around for a good price. It is becoming prevalent for people to buy things like cabinets in kit form and construct them at home, making transport easier, and simply requiring a little DIY skill. Cabinets of a huge variety of designs and sizes can be found in this form or ready made.
You can find base cabinets, built for the floor, with drawers fixed above the cabinet, two cabinets side by side, tall thin cabinets for kitchens with low floor space, and of course wall mounted cabinets of various shapes. Triangular cabinets that fit snugly into a corner make maximum use of the space and give the shape of the kitchen a smoother look. Some companies make two cabinets one above the other, with a space in between making a small shelf.
To make your kitchen fit your ideals, many cabinet companies produce a variety of special moulding strips for the corners of your cabinets, and panel covers in a different colours. If you can?t find the cabinet you want in a certain colour, you can just customise one with these new covers, or new feet, handles, and plinths, also meaning that the height from the floor is changeable. When buying any cabinets or covers make sure that they are made from durable woods and will be easy to wipe down. Some companies even allow you to order samples, so that you can envision the perfect kitchen without any risk.




By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


We have put together some Top Tips for you to consider when buying a new kitchen.

Knowing which kitchen you want is one, but being able to buy the kitchen you need is another story. There are a lot of things you have to think about when buying a new kitchen. We will try to give you the best advise possible to make your decision a bit

First it will be important to determine how your kitchen is going to be fitted. Will it be a flat pack, a rigid construction, a custom-built or a non-fitted kitchen? Look for companies that are specialised in the construction you choose. If you choose for flat pack units, check if the company delivers a fitting service.

When you have found your company, check if it is a member of a trade body such as the kitchen specialist association (KSA). This will give you the guarantee that the business has been checked and approved. If you do decide to go through with purchasing your kitchen, make sure that you get a fully itemised costing, so that you know what to be expected to pay. Never pay the full payment for your kitchen when you place your order. Purchase from someone that offers reasonable payment terms and make sure you know the terms and conditions. Read more »