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Kitchen Camo: Cutting Board Covers for Undermount Sinks

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Ever notice that there is a gaping hole in your kitchen counter? You may be so used to seeing a sink that it has become second nature to consider it a place you could save some much-needed surface space. These undercover sinks provide a way to create food preparation areas when the water is turned off and the washing zone hidden from view.

Undermount bowls sit slightly below the surfaces above, allowing covers to be slide or flipped over once the faucet is pushed down. ?Stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic or composite, the entire system is hidden from view as needed. Some stand out with black-on-white cover sets, while others are made to blend into the surrounding kitchen island. Read more »



Sensual And Modern Kitchen Design – Seta Class By Ged Cucine

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The symbiosis of wood and lacquer, mostly black lacquer, always is great. It looks ultra modern and at the same time very natural and sensual. Designers of Ged Cucine have chosen just this color solution to create a dramatic kitchen, which is named Seta Class. Black glass doors and black hood in stainless steel are in perfect harmony with the wooden doors with aluminium handles. The work top is made of Jaipur Stone and so it is quite durable and reliable. The island in this kitchen furniture set isn’t appointed to cook but thanks to two-levels top it could become a cool place to have a breakfast or snack.

Besides an excellent design this kitchen demonstrates functionality, comfortable ergonomic and high quality. You could find more information about this modern kitchen on Ged Cucine site. black kitchen cabinets, contemporary kitchen design, Ged Cucine, modern kitchen, modern kitchen ideas, wooden kitchen, wooden kitchen cabinets



Modern and Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas Kitchen Culture

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

This is the sample and pictures of modern minimalist black and white kitchen design ideas. In this year, many people like to decorate their kitchen layout with ultra modern kitchen design. This is the new trends in kitchen design 2009.

Here are two set of contemporary kitchen design pictures works done via kitchen culture, a Singapore prestige kitchen design company. I had listened regarding the company at times back and what I know is that they produce high quality kitchen cabinet design suitable to the design trends and lifestyles of the modern living.

It is an observe aperture knowledge when you want to visit their showroom. Perhaps, you are looking for fresh and original kitchen design ideas for your kitchen interior design.



Kitchen Tiles and Bathroom Tiles Design Idea

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Very interesting ideas! This is all about innovative kitchen tiles design and modern bathroom tile to enhance your house interior. This stunning tile design presented by Okhyo, and I think this is extraordinary digital wall printing on ceramic tile to make murals, the newest generation of wall covering idea. Today, you are able to capture which favorite memory of yours and set it up for everybody to see. No, it is not photos that we are discussion about. These are pictures tile murals that can be personalized according to your likings and be place anyplace in the home. You can make a creative waterfall shower enclosure otherwise bath; splash up your modern kitchen backsplash design by various fruit that seems very excellent enough to eat, otherwise some eye-catching scenery; bring life to your comfortable living room with these original and unusual ceramic print tiles. It is a perfect way to customize your room interior decor, and by choosing one of your own pictures as the subject, you are guaranteed a gorgeous look, not at all to be duplicated. Have as a lot of variations as you want. For starters, check this out compiled a decent furniture collection of minimalist kitchen tile photographs and bathroom tile pictures.

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Quality Over Quantity Kitchens

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Once upon a time a company’s worth was measured by the quality of their products. These days, however, more often than not, the focus in on quantity. With the introduction of computerised equipment, the trend is in mass-produced goods, which often results in lower quality output.

When it comes to fitting out a kitchen, choosing the right flat pack and bench tops is vitally important. With countless looks and feels available, it’s important to choose a style that feels right for your home. It is rare to find a company that has the traditional feel that comes with an authentic cabinet maker, and the personal touch of products manufactured on the premises.

Factors to consider when choosing your kitchen

  • Bench tops and cabinets range from the very cheap, to high end products – it’s important to decide how much you are willing to compromise on the look, feel and cost, and decide what’s important for you;
  • Bench tops now come in an enormous variety of colours and finishes, to suit every budget and taste – considering your needs and customising to them is essential;
  • In the current market economy, the DIY sector is increasing in popularity – but are your skills up to scratch?

When putting together a kitchen, a flat pack is obviously the most cost-effective way to go about it, but alongside the substantial cost saving, it is important to consider whether the company you are dealing with can (and will) provide you with support in case of emergency.

Established in 1991, Proform Products has grown steadily to become a leading and trusted supplier/manufacturer of quality components for the domestic and commercial markets. No other Western Australian-owned and operated company provides such a comprehensive range of quality products for architects, designers, builders and cabinetmakers, while still using cabinet makers, and manufacturing all their own products on premises .

With a strong tradition of pursuing excellence, the company prides itself on its goal of providing customers with quality products, professional advice and excellent service with honesty, reliability and friendliness – making sure that you will not be left high and dry when you need it most.



Contemporary Kitchen Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchens have transformed from rather poky rooms where food came out of, into spaces that incorporate the dining and sitting rooms into an integrated whole. Kitchen design has had to catch up with this evolution as all the various elements are now in full view for all to see, with kitchen cabinetry increasingly resembling fine furniture, with kitchen islands and counters replacing dining tables. The design ethos of the contemporary kitchen is firmly in the direction of clean uncluttered lines and enhanced functionality.  

Modern Kitchen Trends

There have been some key kitchen trends over the last decade which have transformed our kitchens into the functional and convenient locations they are:

  • The modern trend in kitchen cabinetry has been toward lighter shades with white dominating. The two major advantages of this are that any colour palette can be matched to white, as well as fitting in with practically any theme or style of kitchen
  • Integration is another key trend, with appliances now hidden behind cabinetry and panels for a more sleek, cohesive look
  • Stainless steel is the other big trend for appliances, with practically every type available in this sleek looking material
  • Technology has made its mark felt in practically very room of the house, and the kitchen is no exception, with integrated ‘intelligent’ fridges and appliances that use significantly less energy
  • Lighting is now better planned with coverage for workstations and cooking areas prioritised

Versatile Kitchen Design

With a heritage that goes back to the 1930’s Galvin Design Gallery are passionate about the style and product quality of their range, and are determined to source the finest architectural plumbing and hardware for their clients. They specialise in kitchen and bathroom fit outs – including everything from the taps to the plumbing.  They are perfectly placed to track trends in the sector and identified the following demand from their customer base:

  • Ceasar Stone is definitely the kitchen benchtop material of choice currently
  • Feature panels, splash backs and vertical feature walls are an emerging trend in homes, with customers opting for versatile products like their Marblo range that can easily be changed
  • Euro inspired design is perennially hot with a range of Danish designed handles on the horizon