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Swiss-Style Organization Kitchen Storage Solution

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Swiss-Style Organization Kitchen Storage Solution,  The Swiss are fascinating from their military organization to their rich history of high-quality and world-famous industrial design including watches, pocket knives and more. This giant-sized reinterpretation of the classic Swiss Army Knife (aka the Swissarmiuscutlery holder) is both a humorous and functional adaptation of a well-known multifunctional original applied creatively in a kitchen context. Read more »



Bamboo Kitchen Cabinetry

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bamboo is beginning to be seen as an attractive alternative for cabinet, floor and furniture construction. For a long time these the traditional hardwood choices of Oak, Maple and Poplar were to be considered for these uses. Although bamboo is being used extensively in the home for flooring, kitchen designers today are using this material all over the house, for just about any use from kitchen cabinets to countertops, cutting boards to serving bowls, shower curtains to dining room chairs.

Bamboo kitchen cabinetry is quite beautiful, but it has many other advantages as well over hardwood too. For instance, bamboo is environmentally-friendly. Bamboo is considered the most Environmentally friendly product in the world. Bamboo is actually a grass and not a wood, and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, since it grows in only a few short years, usually 5 or 6 years. Hardwood can take as long a 50 years to mature. This means that Bamboo is more quickly and easily renewable.

In fact, many homeowners are probably already aware of this bamboo and its benefits, but more importantly today they know that it is being used to create many numerous practical and stylish products, such as in kitchen flooring and kitchen cabinetry. Bamboo kitchen cabinetry is considerably more durable than hardwood. In fact, bamboo is very tough with a hardness of 15% greater than Maple and 25% harder than Oak.

Bamboo is available in several colors in its natural state, including yellow, light and dark green, black and gray. The most popular colors for bamboo kitchen cabinets are blond, bamboo’s natural color, or the slightly darker amber.

Other reasons that can explain bamboo becoming a more attractive building material for bamboo kitchen cabinetry is due to the fact that it is a dimensionally stable material. What causes bamboo to be so strong is that each strand of the grain is perfectly straight. No other tree on earth grows as straight as the bamboo tree. Even though bamboo is a light material is has less contraction and expansion than wood.

With bamboo kitchen cabinets you can bring the beauty of the outdoor indoors and create an exotic look for your kitchen space with bamboo cabinetry. Since this highly renewable and environmentally-friendly product is very comparable to hardwood in style, feel and strength making bamboo can be considered yet another great building material to be considered in your kitchen.

The look of bamboo cabinetry is very beautiful because it is so unique with its light-colored edge grain. It can give a clean and sophisticated look to kitchen cabinets.

Bamboo kitchen cabinets can have the rich warm tone that is found in the carbonized caramel color or the light, natural hues of neutral blond color. Edge or vertical grain provides a smooth look with long lines.

Bamboo is a product that enhances the environment and value of any kitchen design.



Kitchen Installation By Matt Renouf

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Matt Renouf is delighted to offer you a complete Kitchen Fitting service, from design to installation. Matt can even help you choose the design, advise you on a great layout or even help you create a kitchen from products direct from Germany for that exclusive look that your friends will envy.

  • Kitchen design advice offered
  • Kitchens ordered for you from the provider your prefer – Howdens, KBB-world, B&Q etc
  • Kitchens fully fitted including
    • Arranging a local gas engineer to call if needed.
    • Arranging for all electrical work to be carried out by Abre Electrical
    • All necessary plumbing work
    • Tiling
    • Painting, hanging wall paper and replacing your kitchen clock.
  • Complete service – call Matt Renouf and you will only need to contact the one Tradesman and he will ensure that your kitchen is completed to the highest standard.


For more details then please get in touch.




By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Designing your own kitchen cabinets is a complicated process that is best handled by skilled professionals.


Kitchen cabinets can be customised when it comes to both style and size.

However, whether you’re going to have an active part in the process or not, there are definitely some things you should consider. For starters, think about where you want everything stored and how this should reflect the layout of your cabinets.

For instance, a kitchen cabinet that is designed to store small plates and bowls will have much different dimensions to one that is made for storing large pots and pans. Most people simply get their kitchen cabinets fitted and then fill them up. The right way to go about things is to consider where you want things stored and tailor your cabinet design to match up with this.

Putting the effort into making your own decisions with your cabinet design can really pay off. When you’re using your kitchen to cook or even to just carry out small tasks like making a cup of tea, you’ll find things so much easier having everything to hand. If you’ve got a large kitchen with plates and bowls on the other of the room to knives and forks it can be incredibly frustrating marching up and down the kitchen between the two.


Devol Kitchen furniture

Devol Kitchen furniture are kitchen cabinet designers, as well as designing any other furniture which could be placed in your kitchen. All their details are below.



Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchen cabinets are top candidates for the messiest part of the house. Having disorganized kitchen cabinets wastes time when you are trying to prepare meals. With a little planning you can have organized kitchen cabinets where everything you need is at your fingertips.
The first step in organizing your kitchen is to remove everything from the kitchen cabinets. Match lids with their receptacle and get rid of any stray pieces that lost their match long ago. Sort your kitchenware into sections based on function. Throw away or donate items that are just taking up space in your kitchen cabinets. Before you start putting items back in your kitchen cabinets clean the shelves with a hot water and soap solution. If you want to apply shelf paper, wait for the kitchen cabinet shelves to dry and then you can adhere the paper to the shelves.
After you?ve sorted your kitchenware and prepared the shelves, its time to do some creative thinking. The problem with most kitchen cabinets is that they are filled carelessly and without consideration of saving space. To keep your pots and pans both accessible and organized you can get them out of your kitchen cabinets and use a decorative rack hung on the wall. Not only will this keep your cookware handy, but it will give your kitchen a professional look. You can store the lids for your pots and pans in shallow bins in the back of your kitchen cabinet doors. Other specialty organizers that can help your kitchen cabinets are lazy susans, step shelving, and wire baskets on sliders.
The thing to keep in mind when organizing your kitchen cabinets is that there are three basic areas to every kitchen: the preparation area, the cook and serve area and the sink area. Each of your kitchen pieces should fit into one of these three categories. Group like items together and place them in kitchen cabinets near the work area, the stove, or the sink depending on their function. Kitchen cabinet organizing does not have to be overwhelming, and in the long run it will save you time when making meals.
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Kitchen Storage Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchen Storage Cabinets

Don’t Get Lost in a Mountain of Clutter, Make the Most of Your Space!

Kitchen storage cabinets are meant for one thing: storage. However, if you are disorganized and cluttered when it comes to your cabinets, you are hardly utilizing them to their fullest potential. You are wasting space, which is extremely valuable to your home. Space should be reserved wherever possible.

It seems that no matter how many kitchen storage cabinets we have, or how big they are, they never seem big enough to hold everything we own!

Of course, a big cause of this is simple accumulation. We buy groceries, pots, pans, and utensils, and receive countless gifts during birthdays and holidays (which half the time we never end up using).

It’s a good idea to sort through all of your stuff, take a real good look, and distinguish what you really need from what you don’t. If you absolutely can’t get rid of an item for whatever reason, just box it up and get it out of the kitchen.

If you’ve taken the time to sort out your belongings and you still find you don’t have enough space, it could be blamed on inefficient cabinet structure and a poorly designed kitchen layout. There is not much to do in that case besides remodel your kitchen and install new kitchen storage cabinets. It’s really not as scary as it sounds, though. While remodeling your kitchen can be expensive and complicated, it doesn’t have to be.

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