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New Modern Kitchen Design with Red and White Cabinets – Ego by Vitali Cucine

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Ego is one of latest kitchen designs from the Italian company Vitali Cucine. This kitchen is made for those people who follow fashion trends and like modern furniture. This kitchen is presented in a beautiful bright color combination. Various combinations of the red and white colors create definitely high-tech style, which is in a perfect harmony with trendy minimalist kitchen cabinets. These colors could bring the light and the youth in your kitchen. The big functional kitchen island provides enough space to cook a dinner and to have it with all family. The cooking and dinner zones are divided by the colors and thanks to that the kitchen island looks even more trendy and stylish.

This kitchen furniture can be perfectly complemented by the modern wall unit with TV and several shelves, which look awesome together. You could get more information about this modern red and white kitchen on Vitali Cucine site.contemporary kitchen design, modern kitchen, modern kitchen cabinets, modern kitchen design, modern kitchen design ideas, modern kitchen furniture, modern kitchen ideas, modern kitchen island, modern kitchen pictures, red and white kitchen, red and white kitchen design, red kitchen, red kitchen cabinets, red kitchen ideas, red kitchen units, ultra-modern kitchen, Vitali Cucine, white kitchen cabinets



Modern Turquoise Kitchen Design With Space-Saving Solutions

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

This kitchen is located in one small house in Germany. The first thought that comes to my mind is color! Fantastic fresh color that will hold in good spirits every time you enter the kitchen, – it’s turquoise blue! The interior is very modern, sweet and cozy. As the kitchen is small, many space-saving solutions were used to accommodate everything necessary, for example, the chairs are small and light and you can easily hide them under the table if they are not needed. Bright turquoise and green accessories help to highlight the funny light style. Green plants, a watering can, bright tableware, funny children’s art – all this make this small space so cozy that you wouldn’t like to leave it. An adorable kitchen!



The Kitchen Design Ideas by Seth O’Byrne

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The main vision of this home idea is to motivate you, to give you ideas and create your house for perfect place to live. On this home ideas you can discover all type of material that will inspire you, such as : good-looking pieces of furniture, photos that will inspire and give you new and original ideas for your house, newest house architecture news, house gadgets, tips and tricks for improving your house, etc.

Speak on winding over backwards to satisfy someone! This cross comfortable kitchen spout from Paini is all about satisfying you with its futuristic home design idea, ergonomic form and utility that makes it easy simply beautiful. This tempting kitchen valve is comfortable enough to create all your odd jobs simple, easy and ensuring that you can reach everywhere you want with it.

The design is stylish, modern and beautiful for that “space-age kitchen”. Adding to the entire coolness, it sports LED indicators that light up to signify water temperature. The valve is accessible in black, white and gray.

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kitchen entertainment design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

1. kitchen  island platform to the program table

The center of the kitchen island of the ordinary, just a little below the island of Taiwan, design, and you can put two chairs. In addition, one of the cabinet on the wall cupboard converted into shelves, used to place the book to study or work day. Thus, an island platform and two shelves in the kitchen area to form easily achieved.

2. kitchen cabinets turned book desk

In the whole cabinet, the use of wall cabinets and floor cabinets to open up a free space between the small table, a desk notebook and flowers, and then install the sockets, cable and telephone lines. Container handling at the top of the table, but also no longer display cupboards and other kitchen supplies, books and information but are replaced, cabinets are replaced the drawer. Who says this is not a small study it?

3 . kitchen cabinets turned worktops

Although the kitchen space is limited, you can still set up a desk at the table opposite. Although the adjacent cabinets and tables, but are arranged neatly in the corner of the window, do not take up too much space. A computer, a number of commonly used stationery and simple shelves to help you easily enrich the writing desk. Even if occasionally busy, and you can dine with the family, even if it is sitting next to it!



Inspiration Decorating Modern Kitchen Interior With Bright Blue Light

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The bright kitchen? Who doesn’t like it? Inspiration decorating modern kitchen interior with paint bright colors like bright blue light, there would be very excited. Moreover, many people liked the bright blue color to a favorite color in one of several rooms. Who would like to cook or serve food in the dark kitchen? Of course, certainly not many who like to like that. Homes result this time will share the inspiration decorating modern kitchen interior with a combination of bright blue light. Hopefully it will be interesting for your inspiration.

The combination of bright blue light and white colors for interior decorating modern kitchen makes the kitchen a bright atmosphere, coupled with the maximum sunlight into the room, making the kitchen more bright charm. Bright blue paint colors that dominate the room in the kitchen is one way that light for the modern kitchen interior decoration. Please try it, for your modern kitchen renovation is so fascinating.

Modern Kitchen Interior

Modern Kitchen With Bright Blue Light

Modern Kitchen With Bright Blue Light Furniture

Modern Kitchen With Combination Bright Blue Light Furniture

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Electrolux Outdoor Kitchen Is Sustainable And Chic

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Electrolux Outdoor Kitchen Is Sustainable And Chic

Cooking may not be my forte but do I get excited when I come across kitchens that break the design norms. Check out the eco-friendly Electrolux Outdoor Kitchen which has been made up of sustainable materials and designed exclusively for outdoor cooking. The kitchen features a burner as well as the mandatory BBQ frill and can be customized to ones palette.



Marecucina from ALNO : The Kitchen Island that Looks Like a Boat

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Marecucina from ALNO : The Kitchen Island that Looks Like a Boat

The Marecucina kitchen island design from ALNO looks more like something you would take to an island than something you would expect to see in a kitchen. ALNO has specialized in cutting edge kitchen design since 1927 and it shows here with the contrasting wood over stark white cabinetry accented by stainless steel hardware. Also included are large storage drawers, overhead lighting, and ample counter space. See more of the awesome kitchen designs from ALNO.



Kitchen Islands

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

A kitchen island design can be as simple or as complicated as you like and tailored to suit your specific needs.

You can design a kitchen island for any purpose. If you want to simply use it as a table for sitting around to eat or have a sink plumbed in to do the dishes in, it can be done. The first thing you have to decide therefore, is what you want from a kitchen island design.


Once you know exactly what your kitchen island is going to be used for you can think about how you want it to look. You can get flat kitchen islands or multi-level kitchen islands. If you’re using your island to sit around then a flat level will be much better. However, for working and ease of use a multi-level kitchen island is the better design.

The kitchen island is often the focal point of a design, therefore special attention has to be given to it’s appearence. People often choose to have their kitchen island custom built to ensure it fits in perfectly with their design. Either way, it’s worth making sure the island will look right in the space before making any decisions.

The amount of space you have in your kitchen will also be a factor when deciding what to use your island for. If you have room for a bigger island then you can have things like a second fridge or dishwasher as well as a sink and space to sit at. Small kitchens will only be able to incorporate a smaller island with smaller features. However much space you have to work in, think about what you can realistically include in your island.

A new idea is to use multiple islands in a kitchen design. For instance, some people choose to have an island to sit around and eat and another for food preparation and the washing up. If you have the space, then a multi island kitchen can be both practical and original.

We have more information on kitchen design and can also divert you to some great suppliers of islands and other kitchen furniture.



Kitchen Planning Basics

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchen Planning Basics

The most important part of buying a new kitchen is the planning. What shape will the kitchen have, how big is the family that will use the kitchen and how often will the kitchen be used? In this part of the site we will take you through all the steps of planning your kitchen so that you can make the best decisions in buying your new

First it is important to choose whether you want a fitted kitchen or a freestanding kitchen. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you choose for a fitted kitchen, you will make the most of your space, as all the difficult corners can be hidden and used for storage. You can choose for flat pack, rigid or custom built to suit your needs and budget. A fitted kitchen will also add value to your home, but you can’t take it with you when you move.

 A freestanding or non-fitted kitchen however, gives that individual and informal look you maybe want to give to your kitchen. You can use all kinds of furniture to create the ambiance you prefer. When you move, you can take your furniture with you without a problem and use it again. You have to choose your furniture well though to create as much storage space as in a fitted kitchen.oak-kitchen.gif

On this website, we will mostly take the fitted kitchen as a starting point, but a lot of our storage and design tips will be equally as useful for a freestanding kitchen. And the planning of your new kitchen is of course important whichever style you prefer!

Who will use your kitchen?

 Different people have different lifestyles and since the kitchen is the centre in the house in which the food to live will be prepared, lifestyle is the key to planning a kitchen that works for you. It is obvious that a single person or a couple will have different expectations from their kitchen than families with growing up children. For example, if you’re a single person that eats out a lot, your kitchen will look completely different from a family that takes their evening meals together. Assess your kitchen area accordingly. Plan how much storage space you need for your groceries, cutlery and crockery, which equipment you will use (oven, grill, hob and time saving electrical appliances) and how much seating area you need.

In a small kitchen it is obvious that a large seating area is out of the question, but a small breakfast table might just fit in. In a big kitchen, the seating area will take a big part of the space. Decide which part of the kitchen area you want to commit to seating and work your kitchen around it. There are a lot of handy storage solutions to maximize your space in the storage section.



Backlit Kitchen Cabinet Lighting by Jean Nouvel

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

 Backlit Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Called “Corian Nouvel Lumieres”, this kitchen design was created by Jean Nouvel for DuPont and Ernestmeda. The cornerstone of the design is the backlit cabinet lighting and the visual effect it has on the entire kitchen. The backlit cabinet lighting was created by using transparent Corian panels and then installing lighting in the back of the cabinets. I applaud this concept as it presents other possibilities than the more common practice of installing lighting underneath cabinets. Via.