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Contemporary Kitchens designs

By Bathroom Designer

Contemporary Kitchens

Made from walnut, this 10-foot x 4-foot bespoke dining room table seats 10 people. Combined with the island seating, the kitchen and dining room offer a total of 16 seats, making the area a great spot for entertaining guests.



X-Ray Kitchen: Custom Cabinets with Built-In Back-Lighting

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

New to a kitchen and not sure where to locate which dishes? No worries: this clever custom kitchen cabinet system will light your way to the right serving bowls, plates, utensils and gadgets, showing their forms as shadows directly on the doors of these cabinets.


Ever the hybrid architect, artist and minimalist designer, Jean Nouvelhas accomplished a great deal with this design idea – the find-anything functionality of see-through cabinetry, the animated and ever-changing artistry of light and dark shapes and the naturally and of course the built-in lighting itself that can illuminate the kitchen background while you cook. Read more »



Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Plastic laminate is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets because it is durable, stain resistant and available in an array of colors, patterns, and textures. It is also easy to clean, but just because it easy to clean doesn’t mean that you can neglect to give it maintenance.

Unfortunately, there are two common problems with plastic laminate countertops which include chipping and torn edges. However, due to advances in technology; you can repair a small chip for less than $20. Edge repairs cost about the same. The process for repairing a small chip in a counter top is exactly the same as filling the seam when repairing a torn edge.
Plastic laminate is nothing more than Kraft paper, resins bonded together under heat and pressure, and a plastic coating. You will notice with plastic laminates that the Kraft paper that it is constructed of leaves a brown edge. However, this brown edge can be covered and decorated with a stainless steel, brass, or wood trim. If you decide to go with a more expensive solid-color laminate, you will notice plastic sheets of the same color throughout so that no dark edges are revealed.

Laminate cabinets have several benefits that cannot be found with other cabinet materials. For one,they’re stain resistant. Due to their incredible
resilience, maintenance is a cinch. So when the next food fight breaks out in your kitchen, you can rest easy. Because they are man-made items,they are not limited to tones/patterns, and they come in a varied palette of colors. Additionally,laminate cabinets do not warp and are very strong,which means that you can store heavy items with confidence, knowing that there will be no structural damage to your cabinets.

Even if your kitchen layout is just what you want and the cabinets are in good condition, you can still give your kitchen a fantastic facelift by refacing the cabinet doors. If your doors are laminate, you can make your cabinets look brand new by following these simple ideas.

Refacing laminate kitchen cabinet doors need not be a difficult job and the results can transform your kitchen from a room that looks tired and worn-out to one that is bursting with style and color.Here are two ideas for refacing your laminate kitchen cabinet doors that should be relatively easy to carry out and will not cost a fortune.

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“Green” Cabinetry

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

You might not think of your kitchen or bath cabinets as having an effect on your home’s air quality, but some materials and finishes used in their manufacture may contain formaldehyde, which, if inhaled, can cause a condition that increases your sensitivity to other chemicals, such as those in paints, finishes, and even cosmetics. Even small amounts of formaldehyde can increase your risk of nose- and lung-related cancers.

Birch Kitchen Cabinet

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Stock cabinets are often made from medium- density fiberboard (MDF), which is essentially the waste from lumber mills (sawdust and shavings) pressed together with resin to create a solid piece of material. That resin, and some of the finishes used to stain and seal the members, contains formaldehyde.

To avoid the health risks and environmental effects of formaldehyde, you can install cabinetry made of PrimeBoard or of solid wood. Unlike MDF, PrimeBoard is made from wheat straw and a non-formaldehyde resin. If you choose solid wood, try to go with something environmentally sustainable such as bamboo. Cabinets should be made entirely of these alternative materials, not just the doors or drawer fronts.

“Green” cabinetry can be hard to find and is expensive because only a few manufacturers produce it—although more are beginning to offer formaldehyde-free products. To keep your budget in check, try looking for used solid-wood cabinets at salvage-supply stores, and install metal shelving where its appearance won’t be prominent, such as in the garage or pantry.

Unless you’re adept at carpentry projects, installing cabinetry is a job for a professional with the right skills and tools, especially for base cabinets, which will also need a countertop installed. If you are an experienced DIYer, you can find installation instructions for both cabinets and countertops in the Interior Improvements area of HomeTips.



Kitchen Redesign: Advantages and Disadvantages

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

There are a number of advantages to having a kitchen redesign. The greatest benefit is that the value of your home is increased. The increased value depends on the quality of the workmanship in the project. If your kitchen redesign is done properly, the value goes up. If you do not decide to sell and you are enhancing its aappearance based on your needs or the needs of your family, you will find that a kitchen redesign project will make the room your family spends a lot of time in more warm and inviting.

A disadvantage of a kitchen redesign project is the cost. If you decide to make small improvements such as replacing appliances the cost will be less than if you decide to do a major kitchen redesign which may include moving walls, changing the surface of the floor, changing the kitchen cabinets, adding marble countertops, and so on.


A kitchen redesign project can be a do-it-yourself project or it can be professionally designed and the work can be done by a professional contractor. If you are handy with plumbing and electricity, you may want to make small changes yourself. However, it is always better to have a professional install an appliance such as gas stoves. Leaks can prove fatal to you and your family. Another disadvantage to do-it-yourself is familiarity with all the tools you will need to work with. You may injure yourself and this could cause you to lose time from work. You also need to consider the time it will take for you to make the changes.

An interior designer can assist you in the proper placement of fixtures and accessories as well as help you with the overall look and feel of the room. The interior designer draws up the plans and the contractor completes the work. Interior designers may also be able to get you a discount on the fixtures you need for your kitchen redesign.

You should research your ideas as to how you want your kitchen to look. Looking through magazines, books, and rooms on the Internet will give you ideas. You should clip pictures or print them out so you can discuss them with the designer if you decide to work with a professional.

When you decide on a kitchen redesign project, you will essentially get a new kitchen. It does not matter if it is just a change in cabinets, putting in a new sink or a new floor. When the project is completed, you will feel good about your new kitchen.



Choosing a Good Quality Kitchen Cabinet

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

If you are planning for a kitchen renovation or buying a new kitchen, it is important to properly choose what to go with your new kitchen.


If you spend much time in the kitchen, not just to be a functional space with all possible comforts it can offer? It should also be resistant to last a long time and resist the intensive use possible.

You will find that most of the kitchen furniture are made of different types of materials, depending on the price tag. These are often made up of particles, plywood, medium density fiber (MDF). Rarely can find kitchen cabinets that are made entirely from solid wood.

Particle is the material most commonly used cabinet. The components of a particle composed of wood chips, sawdust and other derivatives. The pressure is used to glue these materials together. Particles exhibit outstanding screw holding capacity.

Panel of medium density fiberboard, or MDF, is a basic high-quality material. This is done in the finest components of particles. Unlike particleboard, MDF can be shaped into the surface because it is smoother and cleaner than can be painted.

Plywood is a composite material made of layers of layers of wood. Its composition and the shape of each layer is placed to provide this material the same force in all directions. Veneers generally provides a good cabinet material, especially when covered by plywood. A cabinet made of wood covered with veneer is called solid wooden cabinet. Therefore, a solid mahogany wood furniture you can find in your favorite store in the kitchen can certainly not be mahogany, but is probably covered with wood veneer. Note that only can be plywood, but can still be a high quality product. It is often a common misconception that the property sheet as particle board medium density fiberboard and plywood have lower quality when used as building material for kitchen cabinets compared to solid wood. By contrast, property sheet are even better than wood in many ways. Solid wood is more expensive than sheet goods. Solid wood is poorly suited to most of the kitchen cabinet. Absorbs moisture. It is often unstable, as it contracts and dilates in response to changes in humidity. You can warp and crack when used for the sides, down, up and behind cabinets. Experts believe that even the best cabinets are made of plywood. However, the cabinet made up of particles or medium density fiber can sometimes exceed the quality of plywood cabinets facts – according to the manufacturer. Particles are generally used for cabinet interiors to reduce costs, as these are cheaper compared with plywood. Cabinets made from these engineered wood products like particle board medium density fibreboard and plywood considered solid wood, once covered with plywood, or even painting.

Finally, wood finishes also provides an important factor in determining the quality of a kitchen cabinet. Factory finishes that are in the cabinets of the populations are more consistent, smoother and last longer compared with the cabinets finished in the usual shops. This is because large manufacturers kitchen cabinet finish using an automatic process. Automation results in a more consistent finish small cabinetmakers find very expensive to maintain.



How to Design a Summer Kitchen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

How to Design a Summer Kitchen,Summer kitchens,How to Design,outdoor kitchens,designing a summer outdoor kitchen,outdoor summer kitchen,How to,grills,appliances

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Summer kitchens, also called outdoor kitchens, are becoming a popular luxury today. Just a simple barbecue pit in the backyard is not enough for some homeowners. This article will list steps for designing a summer outdoor kitchen that will be the envy of all your neighbors.

Step 1

Decide what type of grills and appliances you want in your outdoor summer kitchen. Do you want a gas and/or charcoal grill? What about a pizza oven, warming drawer, or a side burner for warming liquids? A smoker and rotisserie are also nice. Refrigerators and ice makers are also popular. You can even get a dishwasher and a sink.

  • Step 2

    Decide what recreation amenities you want in your outdoor summer kitchen. Would you like a TV or a mosquito fogger? How about a pool or hot tub? Will you sit in a hammock, living room type seating, or dining room type seating? A wood burning fireplace would be nice to sit around.

  • Step 3

    What type of comfort amenities would you like? Do you want a covered patio, one that has an open pergola or arbor, or one that is open to the sky? How about a ceiling fan or outdoor heater? Do you want lush landscaping or a large umbrella to block the sun?

  • Step 4

    What materials would you like to use for your kitchen floor – slate, brick, concrete, or something else? What about the cabinets – concrete and metal are popular. Countertops can be tile, granite, or other surfaces.

  • Step 5

    Once you have decided what you want in your outdoor summer kitchen, draw out the space to scale using the actual dimensions of the items you have selected. You may find out that you do not have enough room to accommodate everything you want and that outdoor rated amenities cost much more than indoor amenities.

  • Step 6

    Make sure you hire a licensed general contractor to do the work on your outdoor summer kitchen so that all building codes are followed and all permits are pulled prior to starting construction. Also make sure you get all of the necessary utilities run to your outdoor summer kitchen such as electricity, gas, and water for your project.

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    How to Line Kitchen Cabinets

    By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

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    Lining cabinets with wallpaper is part of making a house a home. This article will show you how to line your dishware and glassware cabinets quickly and easily.

    Unique Kitchen Cabinets 

    Step 1

    Clean cabinets with TSP and water. Let dry.

  • Step 2

    Measure cabinet walls.

  • Step 3

    Make a single piece of wallpaper for back and side walls of cabinet by totaling all three measurements. Mark measurements with a pencil on to the wall paper. Draw a straight line for cutting edge using a ruler.

  • Step 4

    Cut out wallpaper and dry fit it into space to check fit.

  • Step 5

    Adjust as necessary.

  • Step 6

    Wet wallpaper and place on the cabinet walls.

  • Step 7

    Apply to cabinet walls, starting in the middle and pressing outward. Work out the air bubbles with wallpaper brush.

  • Step 8

    Measure bottom of shelves and cut, wet, and place paper in the same fashion.

    Things You’ll Need:

    • TSP–Trisodiumphosphate (a heavy duty cleanser)
    • Wallpaper brush
    • Ruler
    • Wallpaper
    • Pin
    • Tape Measure
    • Pencil

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    How to Spring Clean the Kitchen

    By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

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    Online Kitchen Cabinet 

    Kitchens are among the most difficult rooms in the house to clean. With their myriad loose parts, such as dishes and appliances, there are a lot of things that will need the attention of your dust cloth, sponge or broom. While it will probably take the better part of an afternoon to spring clean your kitchen, the end result is well worth it. Nothing beats a shiny, well-organized kitchen to set the right tone for a productive new year.

      Make Your Kitchen Sparkle

    1. Step 1

      Prepare for your spring cleaning by washing and putting away any dirty dishes. Remove appliances from the kitchen counters.

    2. Step 2

      Dust the entire kitchen. This includes windows, window sills, door frames, cabinet tops and lighting fixtures. Don’t forget the top of the refrigerator.

    3. Step 3

      Examine the back splashes and remote corners of counters and cabinets for previously hidden food stains. If you find any, scrub them off using mild soap and water.

    4. Step 4

      Wash down the kitchen counters. If your kitchen has a bar or an island, wash those as well.

    5. Step 5

      Clean the interior of your oven. If the oven has an automatic-cleaning feature, use that. If not, use a commercial oven cleaner and a scouring pad. The object is to thoroughly remove any baked-on food matter inside the oven.

    6. Step 6

      Remove the range coils from the top of your stove and clean them in warm, soapy water. Before replacing them, wipe down the entire surface of the stove with a damp cloth or paper towel.

    7. Step 7

      Empty your kitchen cabinets. Set their contents aside in a safe place, and then dust every shelf inside the cabinets, using a damp cloth. Give the interior cabinet walls a wipe-down while you’re in there. Once you’re done, replace the contents.

    8. Step 8

      Remove the contents of your kitchen pantry. Discard any food that’s too old to eat or that will never be used. Replace the contents in a neat, organized manner that will allow you to easily see what you’ve got in there.

    9. Step 9

      Clean out your refrigerator. Remove all the food, discarding anything that’s gone bad. Wipe down the interior, including walls, shelves and storage bins. Do the same thing with the freezer. Replace whatever food you’re keeping.

    10. Step 10

      Use a glass cleaner to wash the panes on your kitchen windows.

    11. Step 11

      Dust any window blinds you may have. If your kitchen windows have curtains, remove them for washing.

    12. Step 12

      Sweep, and then mop your kitchen floor.



    Kitchen countertops

    By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

    Kitchen countertops are a necessity in every kitchen. They take the second most wear of any part of the kitchen. They need to be sturdy as well as durable not to forget reliable for the purposes they are needed in the room. There are different types of material used for the countertops including lament, granite, Corian, wood, and tile.

    Lament countertops are the most popular countertop material used. They are cost efficient, easy to install, and easy to clean. They come in different patterns accommodating the different décor for the kitchen. They are easily scratched and scarred. They do not last as long as the other styles of countertops. This is one reason people have started using other countertop materials in the kitchen.

    Granite countertops are a stone material. It is formed into the shapes and sizes of the countertop design for the kitchen.They have different colors of the granite yet they are also unique in the designs, which make replacing to match the current countertop extremely difficult. They are easy to clean but require special care to remove food particles and common kitchen bacteria. They can be cleaned with soapy water lightly rubbed on the surface. They have a long life if taken care of properly. They can also be expensive so it is recommended to select a design of the granite that will provide years of enjoyment.

    Corian countertops are a man-make stone material that is durable and long lasting. It is easy to clean and stain resistant. It is not porous like the granite countertop so it does not collect bacteria and food residue like the granite countertops. It is available in different colors and patterns making it very appealing to many people. It is heat resistant but it is not recommended to place hot objects directly on the surface. It is also not recommended to cut directly on the surface, use a cutting board instead. To remove scratches or nicks on the surface, softly rub sandpaper over the surface. Remember to consider the type of finish the countertop has as the use of sandpaper can damage the surface finish.

    Wood counters are made out of hardwoods like oak, maple, cherry, beech, walnut, and mahogany. They are more resistant to bacteria since the natural wood has the natural ability to avoid bacteria. They are easy to clean and maintain yet they so require regular maintenance consisting of mineral oil treatments to keep the conditions of the wood in top condition. It is not recommended to place hot objects directly on the surfaces of the wood as it will burn and scar the surface. It is also not recommended to cut directly on the surface.

    Tile countertops are made out of ceramic tile. They add the ability of creating custom designs by using different tiles in different shapes and designs. They are long lasting as long as they have proper care. They require having the grout in between each time to be sealed and special care is needed to combat build up of food debris and bacteria.

    The decision for the type of countertop material in the kitchen depends on the budget of the homeowner, needs of amount of maintenance, and desired life span of the countertop. Yet with the many options for the countertops, the homeowner has a large variety to select from that will provide the right option for any one