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Star Wars Bathroom Tiles

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Star Wars Bathroom Tiles for  kids bathroom decor

We showed you some cool ideas for designing a kids bathroom but I couldn’t pass by this cool idea. If your kid is a fan of Star Wars series then you can decorate some of bathroom walls with pixilated characters using tiles in different colors. You can even use this idea for your own bathroom but I guess it’s time to grow up then.

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Little Girls Bathroom Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Little Girls Bathroom Design Ideas, bathroom ideas, bathrooms, girl bathrooms, kids bathrooms

I’ve already showed you some cool kids bathroom designs and boys bathrooms but now I’m going to be more specific. It’s time to show you some ideas to design a bathroom for a little girl.


Like a girl room such bathroom could be filled with atmosphere of tales, books and cartoons. Flowers, peas, Disney princess, mermaids and many other things could be used to decorate walls and furniture. Check out pictures and tell us what you think. Read more »



Cheerful Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


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If you wanna design a separate bathroom for your kids you should make it cheerful and colorful. There shouldn’t be any complex colors because simple and pure colors are much better for kids mood. Your kids should only feel positive emotions when they are in this room so trendy colors isn’t always a great choice.

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Kids Bathroom Decorating Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


When your kids room is ready probably it’s time to bring some cuteness into a kids bathroom. We gathered for you 10 best kids bathrooms we could find so you were able to make your one perfect. Read more »



Colorful Kids Bathroom Furniture by Laufen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Colorful Kids Bathroom Furniture by Laufen , Kids love everything colorful and bright because it’s funny. So in a colorful bathroom it would be easier to make them follow the rules of the hygiene.


Laufen presents collection called Florakids – a focal point for any kid. All the parts remind of something – flowers, food, fruit, dogs, caterpillar, clouds. The narrow toilet seat even has a back rest and side hand grips to enhance comfort and avoid the fear of falling in. Read more »



Exciting Bathrooms for Children by Laufen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Hygiene becomes exciting in these colorful bathrooms for children by Laufen. Part of a collection called Florakids, anyone can see why this kind of bathroom has been created with the child as the focal point. All the colors and rounded shapes and edges make for a fun, creative, simulating and most importantly safe environment for the modern kid. The collection includes imaginative features like a flower blossom shaped washbasin, cloud like shelving, series of mirrors that look like a caterpillar. The narrow toilet seat even has a back rest and side hand grips to enhance comfort and avoid the fear of falling in. Laufen thought about everything, even a single lever mixer which regulates temperature for ease of use and eliminating the risk of scalding. Learn more at Laufen. via Freshome.

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Bathroom Wall Finishes

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Find information on color, paint and wall coverings to help you make decisions on your bathroom wall finishes.

Using color in the form of paint or wall coverings is a brilliant way to add decoration to a bathroom. It definitely creates the mood and theme as well as wall paper adding texture and pattern.

Often bathrooms can look cold and sterile, all the fixtures are white and stark, the fixings cold and shiny, simply by adding a yellow and white striped wall paper the space is brighter and has atmosphere.

A border can be fun to add, especially if it is a children’s bathroom or a holiday home. You can theme with lots of colored shapes on a border, a border of bubbles, or a nautical themed border for a beach house.

There are so many wonderful designs to choose from.

Wallpaper in this bathroom adds drama and creative flair.

When renovating wallpaper is often a wise selection for the walls. Over time the substrate (wall surface) can become imperfect after years of redecoration and it can be quite expensive to repair and fill or replace to paint over. Wallpaper won’t hide all the imperfections but it will make them less noticable than a paint finish would.

Bathroom Decorative Paint Finishes

Learn about the different types of decorative paint finishes and how they are achieved. A great way to makeover a bathroom for a small budget.

Home design guide to bathroom wall finishes for decorating bathrooms with paint, color and wallpaper. Learn about the products before using them.

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The KID Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Decorating your bathroom with a theme will help you decide on the colors to use and which bathroom accessories to choose.

What are possible themes for the the kid bathroom?, here are a few ideas to help you decide, if this is definitly a kid bathroom the color rule of one light color and one strong color will naturally be stretched.

THE SEA – you can buy floor covering that looks like ocean waves and water effect bathroom shower curtain.

This is a really easy theme to implement, it has already given you your main colors of blue and white, easy colors to find fun bathroom accessories for, like toothbrush holders, soap dish and to introduce big fluffy blue towels.

Have a good look around for interesting toilet seat covers decorated with a sea theme. Blue and white is crisp and nice, also different shades of blue can be combined to great effect.

You can put up some blue bathroom curtains or blinds or even have fun spray painting the bathroom window to create frosted glass with blue and white ocean effects to give the bathroom privacy yet still allowing plenty of light to enter.

Other sea themes are sea life, sea horses, ships, sailing, whales, fish, manatee, water bubbles and dolphins.


THE SAND – If you just don’t want to use blue how about the golden color of sand, this theme allows you to bring in any bathroom accessory which includes sea shells.

I saw a really lovely toilet seat cover the other day on which the lid was covered with sea shells and star fish, very pretty. A bathroom painted light cream and a rich mellow yellow would give you beautiful contrasts.

One of the main advantages of this theme is the warmth of the colors and a cosyness that is not lost even in the cold of winter.


BEACH BALLS – So, here is a multi colored theme which is perfect if you have younger kids in the house. You can even look for or make a hanging mobile to place over the bath.
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Creative Kids Bathroom Decoration Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

If you want to decorate a bathroom for your children, the main thing was consider is the choice of colors and themes to decorate it. Color choices for children’s bathrooms can be quite complicated, although many designers suggest to have a neutral base with a white suite and tiles that one might be able to easily redecorate when your children grow. Following is example children’s bathroom with bright colors and a favorite theme of children that very interesting and very beautiful.
Perhaps this can be a source of inspiration for those of you who want to decorate your children’s bathroom.



Bright and Colorful Kids Bathroom Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Not only Making bedroom with a special decoration, you also can decorate a special bathroom with bright and colorful for kids. This is a collection that includes all the items needed to make the kids bathroom. Every furniture Design are funny, bright, and colorful. Mat and a thick carpet with the color blue and yellow placed each footrest, door, frame mirror, toilet, sink, all designed with bright colors and colorful. Rest assured that the kids will be very eager in doing routines such as bathing, and especially when they are brushing their teeth with faced the mirror overlooking the sunny, will add to the spirit.

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