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Hi-Tech Toilets and Toilet Seat Covers FOUNTAINHEAD BY KOHLER

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

With its Fresh, Modern Style, the Fountainhead toilet combines Remarkable Operation and Improved comfort with the inclusion of a heated toilet seat ring and integrated bowl lighting. With just a slight touch the Person can actuate the Automated seat and ring opening or closing.

Furthermore, the toilet will Automatedally flush when the toilet seat lid is closed.  Kohler, Modern toilets, futuristic toilets, hi-tech bathrooms, hi-tech toilets, luxury toilets, Current toilets, toilet, toilet seat cover



Limited edition carbon fiber bathtub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Carbon fiber is a material usually used in cars. That’s what makes them so light but still so strong and durable. Recently, designers have tried to incorporate the same material into furniture. One of the most impressive creations is the Corpo Celeste bathtub. Th most unusual thing about this bathtub is that it’s made from carbon fiber. This means it’s ready to last for generations to come.

The bathtub is part of a limited edition collection that only produces 51 pieces worldwide. The process of creating the full carbon fiber bathtub lasts 7 months and it’s not an easy one. It involves high technical prowess with pure carbon as the starting material the carbon is then turned into fine fibers with a diameter of 0.003 to 0.005 mm (3-5 micron) using a special technique. The final product is extremely durable, light and resistant to chemicals and harsh temperatures.

The bathtub is finished with with a surface coating found in luxury cars that only makes it look better and better. Each bathtub is handmade with extreme precision and carries an individual authenticity certificate.

 The tub is 2,43m long, 1,23m wide und 0,64m tall, and has a 330 litres capacity. The design is still in the first phase and there are no details related to the price yet. Hopefully there will be more than just 51 such pieces.{found on corcel}



Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas by Axor

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Axor is as part of Hansgrohe which specialize in bathroom designs and furniture. If you want to create a place of peace and relaxation which represents your wishes and dreams than Axor is here to help you. Their luxury bathroom design ideas are amazing and can please every customer requirements. With their ideas you create piece of art which would be great place for relaxing and refreshing. Everything they made is full of harmony, beauty and luxury. If you want create not just beautiful but also unique bathroom which you can be proud of than getting ideas from Axor will help you a lot.



Egg Shaped Metal Jaded Waterfall Bathtub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Italians always are up with modern yet comfortable furniture. This time they are out with some luxurious egg shaped metal jaded waterfall bathtub at bathroom design is walk in baths. Egg Shaped Metal Jaded Waterfall Bathtub Italians always are up with modern yet comfortable furniture. Sounds crazy but is surely prettier then I expected, this time they are out with some luxuries egg shaped metal jaded waterfall bathtub at premier baths. This prettier bathtub will be in the smooth organic form and it is available in pristine white with delicately shaded inside, in the pastel colors of spring.

Cascading chains fall from a runner mounted on the ceiling up above the bathtub for an optional touch of glamour.You can choose your favorite color for this bathtub as it is available in various colors such as violet, light blue, gentle pink, premier baths, etc.

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Modern Bathroom Designs from Rexa

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Rexa must be born very recently but its collections are par excellence. With a vision of having long-lasting bathrooms, this Italian company has carved a niche for itself in the world of bathroom manufacturers. Having introduced a number of new materials, the bathrooms which are part of the collections are spacious with freestanding, built-in bathtubs.

These concept bathrooms are inspired by the theme ‘Space Navigation’ where the entire collection beautifully comes together as each piece is vividly defined by the curves and smoothness. Everything found in these bathrooms is made of Korakril which guarantees sturdiness, hygiene, static-protection and resistance from lighting and stain.

Rexa designs are powerful and effective. They have encapsulated the essence of good taste and great quality.

You could take inspiration from the bathroom collections available in-house. You could also play with different hues of blue, grey and brown. But if I was you, I would stick to the classy, timeless white exteriors which are shown below.



Classic Italian Vintage Bathroom Furniture Pictures 2010 by Regia

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Complete your luxury concept house trough this classic vintage bathroom design furniture. See the details of the product and enjoy the great experience from this stuff. Along the old concept combine with the modern ideas, we will found the extra-ordinary products. First experience will show from the red classic product. See the tile of the mirror, and the gorgeous wash basin that complete with the mirror. Obviously, these vintage bath accessories collections 2010 were perfectly made for those who love in style and prestige. This stand wash basin was included with the red sexy cabinet. Come and see other collection from Regia and you will be excited. Another collection was the new vintage bath up. This realist concept was combining both classic designs with minimalist style. This stand bath up was very gorgeous cover in black and white color complete with the faucet on the edge of this. This black and white collection was complete with the other needed of the bath room. See the details of the mirror, cabinet, closets, and the hang towel. It’s very gorgeous and perfect. Come to Regia site and see how perfect these cool vintage bathroom furniture and accessories for your luxury home.



Elegant Bathrooms Design Pictures and Inspiration Home Décor

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Home interior design for bathroom sounds easy enough, let alone want to design and decor are new elegant bathrooms designs. Not just a place to put the toilet, drawer, cabinet, sink or bath tub. Consider also adding elements of comfort, softness, sophistication and elegance. Eden Cabinet + Huge Mirror from Gama-decor is an elegant and sophisticated design in our bathroom, also available in two sizes 95 and 125 cm, 50 cm well, something that can accommodate three large drawers and practical. Hopefully this elegant bathroom décor pictures give you inspiration for creation bathroom in order to get the comfort and warmth.

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Modern Bathroom Furniture Sets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Furniture Sets – Next Bathroom Accessories Designs by Lasa Idea

Bathroom furniture sets ideas can be very varatif and imaginative. Modern bathroom furniture slim, elegant, and comfortable and full of color will give the impression of modern and cheerful. The bathroom should be the best place in the home décor since it is the best place where people can relax and relieved all the stress and sick days of hard work. One is never realized how much time is spent in the bathroom, especially when one is truly relaxing in the bath or shower in hot water.
Lasa Idea Italian Company has released a new collection of bathroom furniture sets come in different colors such as hot spring green, dark red, royal purple, black and white bathroom decor, even the wood finish in accordance with modern taste. Bathroom vanities and cabinets look good and offer lots of storage options to achieve a clean, contemporary inspiration.
The best bathroom design ideas to put the paper in the beginning and then changes can be made according to one option. One needs to set a budget from the bathroom in accordance with the ideas you have in mind. If we realize the cost of next bathroom furniture accessories is easy to set up a perfect budget.

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Modern Bathroom Design by Mastella of Italy

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Modern Bathroom Design by Mastella of Italy

Want to see what modern bathroom design is supposed to look like, Mastella of Italy can give us all some decorating ideas. Sure the bathrooms themselves are much more spacious than the average floor plan calls for so just focus on the vanities, cabinets, sinks, mirrors, and bath tubs that I am sure will look great in you bathroom regardless of size. Mastella of Italy has been redefining the standards of modern bathroom design since its inception in 1984 by managing director Antonio Mastella. See more inspiring modern bathroom designs and furniture that tastefully accentuate the most visited room in every home here.