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Bathroom Washstands With Gold Finish

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom Washstands With Gold Finish - GB NUove Linee Bagno is one of those bathroom furniture manufacturers, which not only follow the latest fashion trends but also combine them with ancient traditions of Italian furniture. It always stands out for non standard techniques of materials treatment and original finishes. Recently its collection Artemide has been supplemented by a new model of washstand. It is a quite specific and won’t fit everybody, but if you like gold color it would be an ideal solution.

Gold covers all its elements. This washstand is made from French-polishing wood and is decorated by thin gold vertical lines. Luxury washbasin and useful bathroom accessories are located on black Marquina marble top. Selected colors: violet, black and gold look amazing and splendid together. This washstand is enriched by beautiful mirror in wooden carved frame. For those people, who wants more gold GB NUove Linee Bagno offers floor and ceiling lamps, which are also finished by gold foil. For more information visit please GB NUove Linee Bagno site. Bathroom Washstands With Gold Finish – Artemide By GB NUove Linee Bagno, bathroom furniturebathroom washstands, GB NUove Linee Bagno, Italian bathroom, marble washstandstylish bathroom design, violet bathroom furniture.



Bathrooms By Rockstar Designer – Philippe Starck

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Spotlight on: Philippe Starck

French designer Philippe Starck has produced some juicy designs in his time, including the iconic Juicy Salif lemon squeezer that has been displayed in New York’s Museum of Art, and was even produced in limited edition varieties of anthracite and gold plate, of which Starck says himself was “not meant to squeeze lemons” but “to start conversations.” The pioneering designer has a long list of successful furniture and lighting, and even pushes boundaries in vehicle conception and architecture. Starck takes his zest for design into just about every arena, including the bath.

Philippe Starck describes the slick Axor Starck Shower Collection:

The bathroom is a place of beauty and awareness, a place where we can find ourselves. It is an aesthetic retreat for personal well-being, wherein water can be experienced through all the senses. Over a decade ago, the first Starck bathroom started a revolution. A place of mere hygienic functionality was turned into a new  bathroom style personal retreat. The bathroom as a living space was born – full of warmth and personality. This transformation continues.

“It’s time to redefine the shower,“ says Philippe Starck. His new focus is on the shower as a central element of personal well-being in the bathroom. Again, design, functionality and space interact with each other in a stunning combination. The shower becomes a custom-made spa. The clarity and consistency of this expressive collection offer a bounty of design possibilities.



Ultra Modern Vanity – bathroom vanities Kult by Lacev-Mobilacev

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Italian company Lacev-Mobilacev is putting a contemporary spin on a classic design, with its Kult bathroom vanity collection. This chic vanity design takes elements from traditional pieces, like the hourglass-shaped leg and silkscreen designs, and combines them with exciting, unexpected, ultra-modern features like the avant-garde angled bottom and a trendy color palette, standing on a single leg. The cool, high-polished or semi-gloss lacquer finish gives these vanities a luxurious look that brings some real glamour to your bathroom. Complete the look with a modern wall- or deck-mounted faucet for added flair. To learn more visit Lacev-Mobilacev.Ultra Modern Vanity, bathroom vanities Kult, Ultra modern bathroom vanities, chic vanity design, contemporary bathroom design, classic vanity design



Creative Bathroom Accessories For Minimalist Sinks

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

You do remember this awesome bathroom products collection designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Axor? If so than you probably wonder what accessories would go best with such minimalist and stylish furniture and sanity ware. Students of ECAL university of art and design in Switzerland has come up with several quite amazing ideas for Designer’s Saturday event.

Most of these accessories serve same purposes. Although each of them is a quite unique and creative solution.bathroom accessories, ceramic bathroom accessories, contemporary bathroom accessories, stylish bathroom accessories, white bathroom accessories



3 Things About Small Bathroom Remodeling

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

  • Q: What Defines a Small Bathroom?
    A: A small bathroom is defined as being 50 square feet or smaller. This would be roughly 5 feet by 10 feet; 6 feet by 8 feet; or thereabouts. A small bathroom can either be a powder room, half-bath, or guest bathroom (all terms for the same thing, meaning that it lacks bathing facilities) or a full-bath which has either a shower or bathtub or both.
  • Q: How Does a Small Bath Remodel Differ from Larger Bath Remodels?
    A: Cost. Keep in mind that we do need to compare “apples to apples,” and so the cost of remodelinga powder room cannot rightly be compared to the cost of remodeling a large full bath. However, even small and large full bath will differ greatly in price mainly due to the fact that fewer materials are being used. This is especially important because bathroom materials (as well as professional remodeling services) tend to be unusually high.
  • Q: Can I Remodel a Small Bathroom by Myself?
    A: Yes. If you are so inclined, a small bathroom is a great place for the intermediate-level DIY remodeler to cut his or her remodeling “teeth.” But don’t feel ashamed if you do call in professionals. Because of the services involved (plumbing and electrical, mainly), it’s certainly understandable if you do call in professional remodelers you can visit them at

  • Steps to Small Bathroom Remodeling

    1. Define Your Small Bath Needs and Desires
      First, decide whether this will be a powder room or a full bath. Powder rooms have little more than a toilet, sink, and minor electrical workto contend with. But when you bring in the increased plumbing requirements of a bathtub or shower, you also bring in requirements for other things such as moisture protection (do you have the appropriate type of flooring?), ventilation, sizing requirements, additional bathroom cabinetry, and so on. After that, it helps to define who will be using the bathroom. If this is a full bath that will act as a master bathroom, you may need to go “all out” in terms of cabinetry and higher-end materials. After all, you will have to look at this bathroom at least twice a day for many years. But if this bathroom is for overnight guests, you can probably skimp on the quality of materials. You will most definitely not need increased storage space for guests, either.
    2. Plan Your Small Bathroom
      One misconception we often hear about small bathrooms: “Well, if they’re so small, I can probably map the whole thing out in my head, right?” Wrong. Small bathrooms do need extensive planning. One reason is because stock bathroom cabinets come in pre-determined sizes. You’ll probably need to work around stock cabinet sizes (or order custom cabinets). Obtain home design software that will allow you to plan your bathroom in detail.
    3. Decide Whether to Hire a Pro or DIY
      A small bathroom renovation, performed by a remodeling contractor and using contractor-quality materials, might cost you as little as $15,000. Doing the same remodel DIY might cost the cost by 50%. One option is to do as much as possible by yourself: demolition; basic drywall installation; flooring; and painting. Then, leave the rest to the pros. You’ll need to talk with the bath remodeling contractor to coordinate with him.
    4. Strip Down to the Basics
      Strip down? We mean the bathroom, not you! The degree of bathroom demolition you do depends on the scale of your project, of course; but you can expect to strip down a small bathroom in three days, probably even less. Make sure you have other bathroom facilities available, because this one will be completely disabled. Rent a roll-off dumpster for your driveway or have a hauling company take it all away. If your bathroom pre-dates 1978, be careful for lead-based paint dangers.
    5. Install Plumbing and Electrical
      Electrical and plumbing go in first (remember, the walls are open). Rough-in the plumbing for toilet, shower, and bathtub. Have the electrician bring in the wiring, too. You will need to have two inspections done: first, at the rough-in stage; second, after the walls have been closed up.
    6. Install Flooring, Cabinets, Etc.
      If you are partially DIY’ing this job, you might decide to step in at this point and take over. With plumbing and electrical fully installed, you can lay down flooring, hang cabinets, paint the walls, and install towel bars, mirrors, and that finishing touch—the toilet roll holder!



Traditional Kitchen in Colorful Concept Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

This kitchen concept presents and impressed traditional but colorful design. The lay out of the kitchen is not very traditional classic look, because the colors that adorn the brightly as contemporary design. Traditional kitchen with a floor made of slabs, such as wood, cupboard or shelf stick to the wall is still traditional. Choice white stripes are a touch of classic color indeed impressive, but combined with bright red color that changed more contrast and look good. The concept of color selection also makes traditional kitchen become comfortable and enjoyable. Red chair with a red carpet and red decorative flowers give colorful in each side of the kitchen.



Modern and Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas Kitchen Culture

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

This is the sample and pictures of modern minimalist black and white kitchen design ideas. In this year, many people like to decorate their kitchen layout with ultra modern kitchen design. This is the new trends in kitchen design 2009.

Here are two set of contemporary kitchen design pictures works done via kitchen culture, a Singapore prestige kitchen design company. I had listened regarding the company at times back and what I know is that they produce high quality kitchen cabinet design suitable to the design trends and lifestyles of the modern living.

It is an observe aperture knowledge when you want to visit their showroom. Perhaps, you are looking for fresh and original kitchen design ideas for your kitchen interior design.



Amazing Futuristic Bathroom Vanity and Designs Ideas 2011

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

hese amazing Italian bathroom designs were dedicated for those who were want to build a bathroomspace but still confused on how to maintain the space and the bathroom furniture filling in. the review that was available in this site was dedicated for those who want to make a change for their live. We will see the endless bath decorations plans that support the concept of bathtub furniture in this series. We will see the latest design of bathtub furniture complete with the decorations plans. The supporting components that make this space being good looking was the stylish bathroom decoration plans that can be seen through the interior décor of this space. Those complete decorations and the furniture plans of this bathroom space was shown the concept of new-idiomatic. Looking down into these futuristic bathroom vanity collections, we were already see the complete layouts of these modern bathroom interior designs 2011. Italian companyex.t

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Bathroom Kos: design and comfort with Avec

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

If you are looking for something special for your bathroom The solution offers you the Kos. We’re talking Avec, the Multifunctional shower cabin designed by the famous duo Ludovica + Roberto Palomba especially for Made in Italy brand leader in the field of bathroom. Avec comes with a new idea of being able to give you moments of relaxation to your home. Not bad, do not you too?

Avec is called and the new multi-function shower cabin designed and built by the famous designer duo Ludovica + Roberto Palomba for the Italian company Kos.

Achieved through a simple and essential structure of aluminum with clear tempered glass panels and lighting Led, Have is a real gem hi-tech.

Avec is in fact a sort of oasis of relaxation and pleasure with every comfort including turkish bath, Dorsal jets, rain shower with aromas, colors and music.

A frame from the design minimal and immediate technology that encloses idrocolore, aromatherapy, touch-screen activation commands, taps and thermostatic system that transmits music series.

The shower Avec multifunctional Kos is available in three different dimensions adjacent to corners, and wall niche.

Kos has also designed a freestanding unit with taps for washbasin External integrated ideal for decorating bathrooms with elegant style and important.




Egg Shaped Metal Jaded Waterfall Bathtub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Italians always are up with modern yet comfortable furniture. This time they are out with some luxurious egg shaped metal jaded waterfall bathtub at bathroom design is walk in baths. Egg Shaped Metal Jaded Waterfall Bathtub Italians always are up with modern yet comfortable furniture. Sounds crazy but is surely prettier then I expected, this time they are out with some luxuries egg shaped metal jaded waterfall bathtub at premier baths. This prettier bathtub will be in the smooth organic form and it is available in pristine white with delicately shaded inside, in the pastel colors of spring.

Cascading chains fall from a runner mounted on the ceiling up above the bathtub for an optional touch of glamour.You can choose your favorite color for this bathtub as it is available in various colors such as violet, light blue, gentle pink, premier baths, etc.

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