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How to buy an oven

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

How to buy an oven

If home is where the heart is, then do not underestimate the role of your oven. Whether baking a cake or roasting a duck, this central piece of kitchen equipment will be called upon daily to meet the hungry needs of your family and friends. So research properly and invest wisely – or forever serve charred food remnants and hold your peace.


A good oven is an investment

Slot–in vs built–in

If you are lucky enough to be designing your kitchen from scratch you may want to consider installing a separate oven and hob. Avoid awkward bending by positioning a wall–fitted oven at your preferred height; maximise workspace by having the flexibility to fit the hob where you choose. If you’re working with an existing layout and haven’t much space, slot–in cookers are available in widths as narrow as 50cm.

Electricity vs gas: oven

Electric ovens are no–longer the slow–starters they were. Most are multifunction and so, accommodate different cooking needs. In this respect electric ovens are more versatile than gas. But gas ovens don’t dry out food in the same way electric ones do. So, if you are into baking cakes, cooking casseroles and roasts, gas is the one for you. Choose fan–assisted to circulate the heat and create an even temperature throughout the oven. For the ultimate in versatility, look out for microwave ovens with built–in oven function like the Framtid built–in (£449) from IKEA which is neat and contemporary.

Electricity vs gas: hob

Traditionally, chefs have opted for gas over electric hobs for their ‘controllability’ but halogen burners’ accelerated response times is shifting attitudes. Additional electrical features include touch controls, timers and heat sensors, and their wipeable glass top means easier cleaning than clumsy gas–burners. Halogen has been hailed by some as electricity’s answer to gas, but it still can’t match it for speed and control. Read more »



Making the most of a small kitchen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Making the most of a small kitchen

Less is more, right? And even though it may seem like an obstacle at first, a small kitchen can be a cute, fully functioning, intensive workspace rather than a cluttered and pokey hole. Follow our tips and your kitchen will be transformed in no time.


Sliding doors

Consider whether you want to keep your small kitchen intact or knock through an interconnecting wall to open it up to the living area. This doesn’t mean being permanently committed to open–plan living. You can divide any large opening with sliding doors and wooden floor–to–ceiling door systems will look traditional and warm without being too domineering.

Open doors

Don’t obsess about the traditional kitchen rule of sink, oven and hob in a user–friendly triangle formation. Position them in a way that suits your kitchen and the way you cook. However, you mustn’t forget about doors; your oven (preferably a double oven or with built–in microwave) door should be able to open fully without hitting anything else. Experiment before you install or use sliding doors on cupboards to avoid this. Read more »



IKEA kitchens

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

IKEA kitchen design is both stylish and affordable which is a combination you won’t find in too many other places.

IKEA offer a variety of furniture, appliances and storage solutions to help people create ac completely coordinated design. So if you’re desperate for a kitchen where everything looks sleek, modern and slots together perfectly, then IKEA might be the place to look for your new kitchen.


IKEA aim to deliver kitchen design that not only looks brilliant but also delivers on functionality and has a number of smart and practical solutions. One thing that IKEA nevel fail to offer is cutting edge design techniques that make the most of any space.

Unfortunately, there are some accussations levelled at IKEA regarding the qaulity of their kitchen products. Some consumers have had problems with their fitted appliances and claimed design flaws haven’t been properly ironed out. The problem is that the kitchen is the one place where you don’t want to be having problems as one thing can quickly lead to another. However, by carefully examining your IKEA kitchen before buyinh, you’ll sidestep these issues.

Clever storage solutions are IKEA kitchen’s forte. The group have come up with many ideas to save room in any kitchen, so if space is at a premium in your design, IKEA will probably be at the very least, a good source of inspiration.

IKEA kitchens are particularly targeted towards young families and couples even though the company might not freely admit that. That being said, everyone will appreciate the flexibility and options that an IKEA kitchen offers.

We have more information on IKEA kitchen design listed in the articles below and can also divert you directly to the store or to other kitchen suppliers with equally sleek designs.

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