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Kitchen Camo: Cutting Board Covers for Undermount Sinks

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Ever notice that there is a gaping hole in your kitchen counter? You may be so used to seeing a sink that it has become second nature to consider it a place you could save some much-needed surface space. These undercover sinks provide a way to create food preparation areas when the water is turned off and the washing zone hidden from view.

Undermount bowls sit slightly below the surfaces above, allowing covers to be slide or flipped over once the faucet is pushed down. ?Stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic or composite, the entire system is hidden from view as needed. Some stand out with black-on-white cover sets, while others are made to blend into the surrounding kitchen island. Read more »



Kitchen Hub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchen Hub

The owners of this Westchester, New York, ranch home updated the kitchen to include a marble-topped island and three Thonet bentwood stools. It now makes a comfortable hub for quick meals or homework.

Handy Outlets

Electrical outlets near the top of the island allow you to use small appliances easily, without the cord getting in the way.



Build kitchen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

To get the most of a small room as a kitchen is possible only with a solution to measure. At less than nine square metres, we have accommodated a complete kitchen with beech fronts and ample cupboard space, on top of that spacious effect. Our step by step guide shows how to build the kitchen itself.

Fitted kitchens are expensive, good even sinfully expensive. Of course furniture stores offer ready cheap kitchen units or even angle kitchens. But since the space available, as well as water and electrical connections need to watch already pretty much. We present a good food to the Selberbauen here – at a bargain price.

Properly plan kitchens

The quality of the kitchen furniture is for the most part in inner values: two corner units be comfortably developed by ingenious Rotary dump fittings with chrome-plated steel baskets until the last corner. And nine drawers with aluminium hollow Chamber frames that very simplify the construction of the kitchen, glide on integrated bearings fully with drawable and close automatically like magic.

Practice tip: Of course even simple Rotary fittings in the Eckschränken and partial extension do it for drawers made of medium density fiberboard (MDF) itself. Thus the price of equipment parts and fittings is reduced drastically.



Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Plastic laminate is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets because it is durable, stain resistant and available in an array of colors, patterns, and textures. It is also easy to clean, but just because it easy to clean doesn’t mean that you can neglect to give it maintenance.

Unfortunately, there are two common problems with plastic laminate countertops which include chipping and torn edges. However, due to advances in technology; you can repair a small chip for less than $20. Edge repairs cost about the same. The process for repairing a small chip in a counter top is exactly the same as filling the seam when repairing a torn edge.
Plastic laminate is nothing more than Kraft paper, resins bonded together under heat and pressure, and a plastic coating. You will notice with plastic laminates that the Kraft paper that it is constructed of leaves a brown edge. However, this brown edge can be covered and decorated with a stainless steel, brass, or wood trim. If you decide to go with a more expensive solid-color laminate, you will notice plastic sheets of the same color throughout so that no dark edges are revealed.

Laminate cabinets have several benefits that cannot be found with other cabinet materials. For one,they’re stain resistant. Due to their incredible
resilience, maintenance is a cinch. So when the next food fight breaks out in your kitchen, you can rest easy. Because they are man-made items,they are not limited to tones/patterns, and they come in a varied palette of colors. Additionally,laminate cabinets do not warp and are very strong,which means that you can store heavy items with confidence, knowing that there will be no structural damage to your cabinets.

Even if your kitchen layout is just what you want and the cabinets are in good condition, you can still give your kitchen a fantastic facelift by refacing the cabinet doors. If your doors are laminate, you can make your cabinets look brand new by following these simple ideas.

Refacing laminate kitchen cabinet doors need not be a difficult job and the results can transform your kitchen from a room that looks tired and worn-out to one that is bursting with style and color.Here are two ideas for refacing your laminate kitchen cabinet doors that should be relatively easy to carry out and will not cost a fortune.

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The Kitchen Design Ideas by Seth O’Byrne

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The main vision of this home idea is to motivate you, to give you ideas and create your house for perfect place to live. On this home ideas you can discover all type of material that will inspire you, such as : good-looking pieces of furniture, photos that will inspire and give you new and original ideas for your house, newest house architecture news, house gadgets, tips and tricks for improving your house, etc.

Speak on winding over backwards to satisfy someone! This cross comfortable kitchen spout from Paini is all about satisfying you with its futuristic home design idea, ergonomic form and utility that makes it easy simply beautiful. This tempting kitchen valve is comfortable enough to create all your odd jobs simple, easy and ensuring that you can reach everywhere you want with it.

The design is stylish, modern and beautiful for that “space-age kitchen”. Adding to the entire coolness, it sports LED indicators that light up to signify water temperature. The valve is accessible in black, white and gray.

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Modern and Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas Kitchen Culture

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

This is the sample and pictures of modern minimalist black and white kitchen design ideas. In this year, many people like to decorate their kitchen layout with ultra modern kitchen design. This is the new trends in kitchen design 2009.

Here are two set of contemporary kitchen design pictures works done via kitchen culture, a Singapore prestige kitchen design company. I had listened regarding the company at times back and what I know is that they produce high quality kitchen cabinet design suitable to the design trends and lifestyles of the modern living.

It is an observe aperture knowledge when you want to visit their showroom. Perhaps, you are looking for fresh and original kitchen design ideas for your kitchen interior design.



Home kitchens

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Your kitchen design represents one of the best opportunities you’ll get to inject your own personality into your home.

This is important.

After all, they say that most important room in any home is the kitchen, so you’ll want it to reflect exactly who you are.

Finding the right kitchen that suits your home is imperative.

Here are some useful pointers for designing the ideal kitchen for your home:

  • Choose your style of kitchen carefully. The design needs to reflect not only your personal taste, but also your home. For instance, a contemporary kitchen design in a rustic country cottage is going to look strange, as is a more traditional kitchen in an ultra modern apartment.
  • Make sure you measure the dimensions of your kitchen before drawing up your wish-list of all the amazing things you want to include in the design. It is very easy to get carried away but always be realistic about what you can do with the space you have available. A kitchen design needs to start off by including the basic essentials. The snazzy extras can always be added later.
  • Think about the flow. The flow is the transition from one room to the next. What you don’t want is adjacent rooms that look completely different in terms of style and design. Creating a seemingly effortless flow from one room to the next is vital when planning any room in the house.
  • Keep it functional. Don’t let yourself become so immersed in the aesthetics of your kitchen design, that you forget that the room needs to be used to carry out numerous day-to-day tasks. A successful kitchen is one that looks great and functions just as well. If you only achieve one of these things, then you’re always going to end up disapointed.

Hopefully these basic tips have proved helpful. We’ll be adding more articles right here that go into more detail on specific subjects.