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Cabinet Frames: Frameless and Face Frame

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

There are two types of cabinet construction: face frame and frameless (also called European-style).

Face frame cabinets, as their name implies, have a frame around the front of the cabinet. Frameless cabinets don’t. You can usually tell the difference between the two types of cabinet construction by the way the doors and drawers fit against the front. Bathroom cabinets are made using these same techniques.

Another difference between the two styles is that, because the face frame adds rigidity to the construction, face-frame cabinets usually don’t have a top panel or a full back (or the back may be made of quite thin material). Also, frameless base cabinets are usually mounted on top of a separate plinth or toekick; face frame cabinets have integral bases.
A face-frame cabinet has a 1 by 2 frame that rims the cabinet’s front edges, masking the construction and strengthening the box. Doors or drawer fronts normally overlay the frame but they may be flush or offset. Standard offset hinges are partially visible from the front.


The frameless cabinet utilizes European-style connectors and hinges to create a contemporary look with flush doors and hidden hinges. This method of construction is often used with laminate cabinets. Frameless cabinets usually have a solid top and back and base units sit on a separate plinth.



How to Choose the Best Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

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Outdoor kitchen cabinets are unique in that they need to withstand outdoor elements like sun, water and the changing weather conditions. Low cost cabinets constructed from plywood and laminates just won’t do. You need to find outdoor kitchen cabinets that are manufactured or custom built so that they will not rot, warp, discolor or peel and match your outdoor kitchen design style. With these tips you can assure yourself that the outdoor kitchen cabinets you choose are the very best for you and your outdoor kitchen.

Step 1

Choose the right cabinet and door material for your outdoor kitchen cabinets: It’s not only about look when choosing outdoor kitchen cabinets but each of these materials has a unique look and I’m sure one would be perfect for your outdoor kitchen design.

Teak: Teak with a rich dark wood finish has been used by the best boat builders for years.

Cyprus: Cyprus finished to a warm honey color with the right countertop combination can appear formal or family casual.

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel works marvelously with a huge gas grill and may even get the men in your life interested in your outdoor kitchen.

Polymer: Polymer has the unique characteristic of being available in a number of colors, actually, so many colors and panel designs that it may be the hardest material choice to make.

Natural Stone: Cabinet construction utilizing natural stone and a lighter weight but weather resistant choice for doors and drawers works great for an outdoor kitchen that will include a wood-fired oven.

  • Step 2

    Choose the best hardware for your outdoor kitchen cabinets: Hardware may not seem like an important choice when designing your outdoor kitchen but if your contractor sends you to the hardware store to make a selection you need to consider the elements again. You may even need to ask your contractor to be certain to use weather resistant screws for the installation. Some outdoor kitchen cabinet manufacturers require proof of proper installation before honoring their warranties.

    Hinges: An outdoor kitchen will be enjoyed by your entire family so choosing hinges that are self closing and weather resistant is important.

    Drawer Glides: Drawer glides that offer full extension and are weather resistant will last the longest in your outdoor kitchen.

    Cabinet Door and Drawer Handles: Handles are available in so many unique designs and they can add a look of class and unique style to your outdoor kitchen cabinets but you also want to keep safety and quality in mind when selecting the best ones. Stainless steel can be fashioned into a unique pull that’s perfect for the weather and design.

  • Step 3

    Choose the quantity and layout of your outdoor kitchen cabinets: I know you and your contractor may have already worked out a layout for your cabinets but make sure that you consider the unlimited storage opportunities that these cabinets provide before placing your order.

    Pool Toys: The construction of outdoor cabinets is perfect for your children’s outdoor toys. You may want to consider a storage bench that could add seating and storage for these possibly wet toys.

    Brooms and Mops: After your outdoor kitchen is installed you will not want to have to look for the push broom or mop in the shed or use your indoor cleaning supplies for the outdoor kitchen so a tall cabinet is something to consider.

    Lockable Cabinet: As your outdoor kitchen changes from family gatherings to adult gatherings you will want to be able to store some items in your cabinets that will need to be locked, so keep this in mind also.

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