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By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Do you suffer from small kitchen syndrome? Think your doomed to keep the same layout? Well you do not have to be! There are options you may not have thought possible. By having a designer create a new design for your kitchen you can have that kitchen of your dreams! Sometimes just relocating a sink or appliance can make all the difference.

In some cases you can remove part or all of a wall to create that open felling we all love. Adding an island where the wall used to be will bring some definition to the space. It will provide extra seating as well as additional storage. Do not be afraid to think outside of the box!

If all you really want is to freshen up your kitchen, there are several options available to you too! You can change the style, add glass doors or replace that corner cabinet with a corner angle cabinet just to name a few options.



Black ‘can be a great colour for kitchen design’

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Black could be a good colour to use when fitting and decorating a new kitchen, according to one expert.

Writing for the Deseret News, interior decorator and HGTV host Candice Olson notes that many people tend not to think of black when considering new kitchens.

“Used properly, however, it can provide a great anchor in a large room and bring a sense of sophistication and style to any space,” she remarks.

Ms Olson gives the example of one property where she fitted black kitchen worktops to begin with, creating an “immediate” change.

She then set off the contemporary feel created by the black worktops with an aluminium backsplash and a black and burnt cream area rug in the dining part of the kitchen.

Last month, Helen Green of the Terry’s Fabrics blog claimed that black kitchens are proving particularly popular at the moment and may be “here to stay”.

She recommended using black high gloss kitchen units and balancing the dark colour with shades of white and grey to create the perfect black kitchen.



Britons given colour scheme advice for kitchen design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

 Homeowners mulling over a colour scheme for their new kitchen should consider three main options, it has been suggested.

In a blog post for Helium, Annalyn Andriyenko claimed that one of the most important aspects of refurbishing a kitchen is giving it a “fresh look” that will stand the test of time.

Despite admitting that white and off-white may be viewed as a “boring” choice, she explained that it can be effective when combined with small additional touches.

“Hanging a beautiful wall decoration against a white wall will make the kitchen look less wide and open and will add a nice homey touch to it,” she wrote.

“You can also add white kitchen pieces and mix them with other kitchen-coloured pieces as well.”

Ms Andriyenko also recommended using red walls and pink undertones, which she noted add “spice” to a kitchen and can be combined with dim stove lighting.

However, she conceded that a traditional selection of yellows and creams is always a safe choice because it creates a feel of softness and warmth for chilly winter mornings.

Earlier this month, Joan DesCombes, president of Architectural Artworks, told the Orlando Sentinel that contemporary kitchens are increasingly being characterised by a super-sleek feel with clean lines. 



Chelsea Cafe & Latte Urban Chic Kitchens

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Chelsea Cafe & Latte Urban Chic Kitchens

 Chelsea Cafe & Latte Urban Chic Kitchens

This is Space Kitchens most contemporary of high gloss fitted kitchens, it is available in either Caf ?or Latt ?finishes or a combination of both exciting colours (as shown). Also featured as an option are Cladded base infills. The kitchen shown, features Latt ?infills between Caf ?base units to add further detail.

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Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Use these ideas about contemporary kitchen cabinets when making your buying decision.

If you’re thinking of renovating your home, one of the changes that you can make to update the overall look of the house is to install contemporary kitchen cabinets.  By moving to this style from, say, country kitchen cabinets, will immediately change the entire appearance of the room, giving it a more fresh and open feel. 

However, before you make your final selections, you first need to decide whether you will be buying products that have been ready-made or if it would be better (or necessary) to invest in custom pieces created specifically for your room.

If you can obtain attractive, durable contemporary kitchen cabinets that are ready-made, you will be able to peruse through several options in terms of sizes, shapes, styles and colors.  They are typically produced in sets and will therefore be limited in terms to their customization options for your particular kitchen.  This may also present a problem if your room is of a strange shape or has atypically sized cabinetry.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets – Benefits Of A Customized Solution

If your kitchen is oddly shaped or is simply not in simple straight lines, then you may need to have your cabinetry tailor-made for your specific room.  This means that any choices you make, from country kitchen cabinets to contemporary kitchen cabinets will all need to be custom designed and manufactured for you.  Though the price will certainly be higher for this type of home renovation project, there are many benefits. 

You will be able to make all of the decisions in their creation and style, from the material from which they are made to the color they are stained or painted.  Even the specific style and hardware will all be your own choice.  The difference this makes will clearly show in the final result of the room’s décor and will certainly act as an investment that increases the value of your home.

If you’d like to have some of the benefits of custom made contemporary kitchen cabinets without the significantly greater price tag, then you can settle for a compromise; the semi-custom design.  Here, you’ll still have several choice from which to choose, such as color and stain, while other elements, such as door shape, will be chosen from pre-designed options.

While you may find that you can find exactly the contemporary kitchen cabinets you’re seeking within pre-made selections, if not, you do always have options with custom-made products, or semi-custom elements that will help you to choose these crucial elements to your décor in a way that will suit your taste and desired style perfectly. The trick is not to rush into the project.  Give yourself some time to shop around, look at what is available, and find out what your options may be.

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Integra U-shaped modern kitchen set

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Integra U-shaped modern kitchen set

The new integra U-shaped modern kitchen design is a perfect choice for every home owner who need a modern contemporary kitchen set for their home interior with stylish looks, luxurious model and unique design from Pedini. This integra kitchen set designed to create an enjoyable cooking space with its clean and simple u-shaped design and produced in white and dark oak and high gloss white lacquer with gray glass worktop. This classy and elegant U-shape Integra from Pedini surely will make you want to spent more time in the kitchen.