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Free Standing Metal Soaking Bathtubs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Gold, bronze, copper and corten are materials that choose to represent strength and solidity of metal with the lightness and transparency of water in new free standing soaking bathtubs from BluBleu. Kali’ Metal bathtubs could become real jewels of any interior design. The metal dust resins help to create a gorgeous yet comfortable and aesthetic products for luxury home. Inside, tubs are finished with a smooth, white enamel which would take care of body soaking there. Being not only beautiful but also comfortable, Metal’ bathtubs have strategically positioned water jets and co-ordinating headrests on each end of the tub.

If you more a only shower person than you might like BluBleu’s B-Zone contemporary shower cabin.

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Quite Possibly the Coolest Hot Tub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Ever want to steam on the side of a mountain or carry your hot tub with you on your canoe? Off-the-grid, durable, mobile, strangely sexy and well-engineered, the Dutch Tub is probably the last thing you would expect to see someone lounging in at the top of a summit – but one of the best aspects of the tub is that it moves easily, making the scene above more realistic than most people realize.


This ingenious hot tub is a completely energy-independent gadget that requires no plugging in. Firewood is placed in a spiral on the side that naturally circulates and heats the water in the tub. As a result, the stainless steal tub and its durable poly-fiber hull are transportable by car or even, as you can see, by boat or canoe.

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6 Freestanding Modern Bathtub Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Does your ideal soaking experience involve a classic clawfoot corner-tub design, stark contemporary bathtub or something as informal and relaxing as a hammock? Whether you like the modest natural wood look or prefer the rather flashy (pun half-intended) see-through varieties, there is a luxury bathtub in this collection to fit virtually any bathroom personality and personal taste.


Offered by HighTech this elegantly curved wooden tub seems anything but, well, high tech – save maybe the smooth cylindrical metal fixtures that service the stand-alone, naturally-finished basin. Pebbles around the base replace the need for conventional tile. They provide a nice textured and traction-friendly surface for bare feet catch, but equally important: they channel and ultimately drain any overflow (or excess water should the wood turn leaky). Read more »



Minimalist Square Bathtub For Modern Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Colacril has presented a new bathtub which is a part of design project – Atmospere by Romano Adolini. This bathtub amazes by its simple shape and absolutely minimalist design. It is available in two versions: square (1200×1200 m) and rectangular (1600×700 mm). Thanks to such geometric shape it allows to save the space and can be placed as in the centre of the bathroom as close to a wall. Combination of the glossy bathtub’s exterior and the matt and silky interior makes it very beautiful and capable to decorate any modern bathroom. This minimalist bathtub is made of ecological polymineral materials and presents itself a real product for health. If you’ve liked this model and want more information about it, you should visit Colacril site. Read more »



Charming Freestanding Bathtub – Egg

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


If you are one of those people who prefer beautiful bathtub to functional one then you should take a look on an amazing model by Prodigg. This model stands out by its natural shape and reminds an egg that is why it’s called Egg. Classical pure white colour and the smooth and soft lines make it a contemporary piece of functional decor adaptable to all styles. This bathtub is freestanding and can be decorated by rectangle wooden or acrylic pedestal. This pedestal is covered by special material which looks like natural gravel or sand and adds charming touch to the bathtub. This model could became a heart of you bathroom design if you have enough space to put it. Undoubtedly it has been created for big bathroom and should be placed in centre of the room. In such position it looks the most splendidly. If you like this acrylic bathtub then you could check out more information about it on Prodigg site.



Futuristic Bathroom Layout: High-Tech Space-Saving Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

They say ‘less is more’ … but with this multifunctional bathroom layout there is more truth to that statement than meets the eye. It looks modern, minimalist, devoid of decoration and free of furniture – but there is much that (literally) lies below the surface of this outwardly simple design idea.


When fully closed, the space serves as a recreation room or free-standing shower space with water that sprays from the ceiling. When opened up, the floor becomes a set of benches around a spa-worthy sunken bathtub with all of the extras. Read more »



Origami Sophisticated Bathroom Suite

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Italian company Stocco takes bathroom fixtures to a whole new level of style and sophistication with their Origami suite. The unusual suite of bathtubs and sinks uses modern shapes and clean lines to create beautiful fixtures that will truly set a bathroom apart from any other.



While some of the objects in the Origami line are more decorative than others, all add a little something special to the bathroom landscape. Unexpected shelves, uplighted cutouts, or an elegant tub-side table space are surprisingly at home in these pieces, giving each its own unique personality. Read more »



Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas from Mastella Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

These modern bathroom decorating ideas will try to accommodate your need in style look of a private space. The entire decoration included with the bathroom appliance and the furniture was trying to support one and other and give the best resolution for us. The complement decoration in this space also supports the main concept of the bathroom space. One of the bathroom inspiration designs was the white minimalist bathroom space inspirations that completely decorate with the white color application and the furniture decoration in this space also covered with the white color decoration. The white decoration also can be seen from the wall paint and the additional furniture decoration. As the relaxation space, the designer was try tocomplete this bathroom series with the unique free standing bathtub decor that designed in round style. The white color application still exists here. The unique round shape support with the round design was making the whole layout of this bathroom furniture looking awesome. So, why we don’t start to try on these simple bathroom decoration designs.

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