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Small Bathroom Corner Sink

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


If you have a small bathroom then corner sink could be a cool choice for you. Thanks to such bathroom sink you’ll save some space and add an original touch to your bathroom. One of the most elegant examples of such sinks is the corner sink Piccolo by Lacava. Smooth curved lines make it very refine and attractive. Besides it has a useful polished chrome towel holder, which also helps to make your bathroom more roomy. In spite of the fact that this porcelain sink has a very compact size it could perfectly decorate any contemporary bathroom.


Combining this small bathroom sink with right modern faucet you could create a very nice and functional part of your bathroom design. More information about this wall mount corner sink and its price you could find on Lacava site.bathroom sanity ware, bathroom sinkbathroom sinks, corner bath sink, corner bathroom sink, Lacava, small bath sink, small bathroom sinks, small corner sink, small wall mount sink, corner sink, corner vanity sink, corner wall mount sink, ideas for small bathroom, wall mount sinks



Kitchen Sink

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchen Sink

When you’re designing or renovating a kitchen, make it a priority to put a window over the sink. It vastly improves your outlook on washing dishes. “Looking at the farm is a pleasure,” Martha says.

Sink Basin

“Use a plastic bin for soaking or soaping to save water,” Martha says. The plastic is also more forgiving than a hard sink should you drop a dish. When you’re washing a lot of very fragile items by hand, such as crystal stemware, lining the sink with a terry towel also does the trick. Keep dish soap in a clear plastic pump bottle by the sink. (Martha uses Martha Stewart Clean Dish and Hand Soap, of course.) PP Basket.



Kitchen Sinks

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Looking for equipments for your kitchen.

Well one of the accessories of kitchen sink. So if you are looking kitchen sinks accessories. If So can help you find the perfect accessories for you. is a website that sells the best and highest quality discount kitchen sink in all the best styles available in the market. You can choose any one of the styles for your kitchen.

They products of the big name companies in this market like Kohler, Elkay, Blanco etc. Not just kitchen sinks, you can also buy kitchen faucets, Bathroom Cabinets ,Cabinet Doors ,Modular Cabinets and other kitchen accessories from here.



Shopping Guide to Kitchen Sinks

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Shopping Guide to Kitchen Sinks

There are many reasons to install a new kitchen sink in your home. Whether your existing sink is leaking, rusting or is simply outdated, installing a kitchen sink is a simple job that can completely rejuvenate the look of your kitchen.

Introducing… New Innovative / Modern Sinks

Featured below is a new “party” kitchen sink from Elkay, a great remodeling idea. This is definitely not your everyday sink – and it will make quite an impression on your guests. Guaranteed. A variety of party sinks are available on this website: but read on to learn more about the different types of kitchen sinks you can choose from.


There is a wide array of styles of sinks available. Some of the more common kitchen sink styles include:

Copper and Brass Sinks – If you are looking to add some old world styling to your kitchen, copper and brass kitchen sinks can do that with a modern twist. It is important to care for copper and brass sinks properly, however, so they do not turn green.


Stainless Steel Sinks – Still one of the most popular kitchen sink materials available, stainless steel sinks will last for years without rusting and will maintain their attractive appearance through years of abuse.


Glass Sinks – Glass has become a popular material for kitchen sinks in recent years. Available in a variety of styles and vibrant colors, glass kitchen sinks are available in drop in and undermount models.


Fireclay Sinks – Fireclay sinks are a form of ceramic sink that are extremely durable and attractive. Available in a variety of styles and with painted designs, you are sure to find a fireclay kitchen sink that matches your personal style.