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New Bathroom Faucets With Swarovsky Crysyal

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Bathroom faucets by Giulini Giovanny always stand out not only by functionality and high quality but also by excellent and aesthetical designs. This year it has presented a new collection – Crystal, which is created for those people who are keen on brilliant and luxury things. All faucets in this collection are decorated by Swarovsky Crystal and moreover almost all of them have valves made of big crystal.


The light and the water reflect in such valves and demonstrate an amazing and attractive spectacle of colors game. Such bathroom faucets could become the most beautiful and splendid functional decoration of any bathroom. Read more »



Modern Stylish Bathroom Faucet Designs from Marti

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

These integrated LED lamp bathroom faucet ideas from Marti were indicate the stylish performance of a bathroom faucet that helps the owner to show off their personality. We can see that the whole decorations of this bathroom appliance were indicating not only the functional style but also the fashionable performance. We can see that the color application that uses to cover this faucet was use the feminine personality. We can see the decorative performance of this faucet was looking complete and charming. Trough these stylish faucet designs layouts we will saw the diligent design of a bathroom appliance. The glass material also tries to complete this faucet with the translucent style and the stylish performance. Available in several stylish designs, the various style of this faucet was bring new decoration for our bathroom, so why we were not try to apply these modern bathroom faucet designs?

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Modern Stainless Steel Wash Basin Faucet Designs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The futuristic faucet decor ideas from Franke Rolux in this bathroom appliance series will bring new performance of house decor ideas. We can see clearly that the components that complete this faucet layout was looking suitable with the concepts of modern and futuristic. The round line of this faucet was looking decorative and appropriate with those who have modern and fashionable personality. We can try to apply this faucet for our wash basin space. Included with the high technology of this faucet, we can see how the simple design can be looking awesome trough the high tech system. Trough these stainless steel wash basin faucet decor we will look more stylish and fashionable. That was because the layouts of this faucet were robbing our attention with the whole performance of this faucet included with the system and the function of this faucet. Available in two color application, we can try to apply these modern wash basin faucet designs.