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Futuristic Bathroom Layout: High-Tech Space-Saving Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

They say ‘less is more’ … but with this multifunctional bathroom layout there is more truth to that statement than meets the eye. It looks modern, minimalist, devoid of decoration and free of furniture – but there is much that (literally) lies below the surface of this outwardly simple design idea.


When fully closed, the space serves as a recreation room or free-standing shower space with water that sprays from the ceiling. When opened up, the floor becomes a set of benches around a spa-worthy sunken bathtub with all of the extras. Read more »



Bathroom Furniture Duravit. Philippe Starck shower St.Trop

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

It’s called St.Trop and is the latest project born from the collaboration between the famous world-renowned designer Philippe Starck and Duravit , a leading company in the field of bathroom and sanitary ware. We are talking about a real oasis of well-being capable of combining into a single product turkish bath and shower. That’s right, St.Trop is a shower from the simple and basic design with the function of turkish bath . Let’s take a closer look at the latest news by Philippe Starck!

Today I want to present St.Trop the shower for the bathroom conceived and designed by none other than that by the great Philippe Starck for Duravit famous brand .

It is a shower with turkish bath function capable of furnishing with style bathroom and at the same time give you moments of relaxation.

Featuring a simple, basic, boxy, the shower St.Trop occupies a very small space, only one square meter of surface, but without neglecting the comfort and aesthetics. As in a real framework of art, the shower door is framed and the wall is white and serves as a canvas. The stool made of materials resistant to high temperatures seems finally a sculpture.

Through a functional control unit is then possible to activate the bathroom steam for maximum relaxation of the default duration of 20 minutes. Not bad, do not you too?

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Choosing A Luxury Shower Tub For Your Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

One of the biggest elements to any bathroom design or remodeling project is the shower. How to choose a shower tub? After all, it’s the centerpiece of your bathroom and the place where you are likely to spend most of your time. Therefore, it’s important that you choose the right shower unit for your needs. A two-in-one shower tub is a very popular option, and here’s why:



Luxury Bathroom Shower Tub Unit

Maybe you have a big family and some like to shower while others prefer to take a bath. It’s also helpful if you have young children because you can all get in there at once! Or maybe you’ve got limited space in your bathroom, but don’t want to miss out on the luxury of having a bath for when you just want to soak your worries away and relax. A shower tub is the perfect choice for either scenario as it meets the needs of every bathroom-user in a stylish and compact way. 

Safety and Mobility

Shower-tubs are a common choice for people who have mobility issues because they can be installed with handrails or slip-resistant floors and give the user a bit more room to move. If this is the case for you, you might like to consider a walk-in tub, which eliminates having to step over the wall of the tub to get in.

Variety of shower tub enclosures

The good thing about shower tubs these days is that you can be sure to find one that suits your budget, style and the amount of space you have available.  Shower tub enclosures can be pre-fabricated or customized to your specific needs. Another thing to consider if your looking for a little bit of extra detail on your enclosure is whether you want to have a frame – you can choose from a range of materials, including silver, gold, brass, chrome, brushed nickel, stainless steel or even antiqued brass for a vintage look. Finally, you can have fun choosing individual fixtures, or going for built-in soap or shampoo holders.

What to look out for with a shower tub

Whether you’re designing a bathroom from scratch, or about to embark on a total overhaul of your existing bathroom, here are some things you need to keep in mind if you are considering a shower tub:

Shower Tubs Prices

Because they are larger than stand-alone shower enclosures, shower tubs can be on the more expensive end of the scale, sometimes costing up to $700 new (not including installation costs!). That’s why it’s important to consider if you want to replace your existing shower tub or just give it a bit of a “touch up”.

If you’re watching your pennies, check out our tips for Shower Remodeling On A Budget.

Replace or just “revamp”?

Another thing to remember if you are looking to replace your current shower tub is that you’re likely to damage the surrounding walls when you take out the original unit. This will mean re-painting or new tiles to join and seal your new shower tub. A cheaper and lower-impact option is to just replace the insert (usually made of fiberglass) and redo the seal around the tub. This will halve your costs and you’ll be amazed by the result. Lastly, to add a little extra something to your renovation, you could also look into replacing the fixtures (a hand-held showerhead is a popular choice).

Cleaning Your Shower Tubs

While showers aren’t always nicest things to clean, you can make your job easier by the materials you use for your shower tub. The benefit of an acrylic or fibreglass tub is that the surface smooth, waterproof and doesn’t have any crevices to collect mildew. If you want to use tiles for the tub or enclosing alcove, you need to be prepared for more regular maintenance on the mold that can collect in the grout. You also need to consider if you want to use an enclosure that completely seals the tub (such as glass doors), or opt for a simple and classic shower curtain – which you can change as often as you like with minimal expense!



Glass Bathroom Sinks

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

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The KID Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Decorating your bathroom with a theme will help you decide on the colors to use and which bathroom accessories to choose.

What are possible themes for the the kid bathroom?, here are a few ideas to help you decide, if this is definitly a kid bathroom the color rule of one light color and one strong color will naturally be stretched.

THE SEA – you can buy floor covering that looks like ocean waves and water effect bathroom shower curtain.

This is a really easy theme to implement, it has already given you your main colors of blue and white, easy colors to find fun bathroom accessories for, like toothbrush holders, soap dish and to introduce big fluffy blue towels.

Have a good look around for interesting toilet seat covers decorated with a sea theme. Blue and white is crisp and nice, also different shades of blue can be combined to great effect.

You can put up some blue bathroom curtains or blinds or even have fun spray painting the bathroom window to create frosted glass with blue and white ocean effects to give the bathroom privacy yet still allowing plenty of light to enter.

Other sea themes are sea life, sea horses, ships, sailing, whales, fish, manatee, water bubbles and dolphins.


THE SAND – If you just don’t want to use blue how about the golden color of sand, this theme allows you to bring in any bathroom accessory which includes sea shells.

I saw a really lovely toilet seat cover the other day on which the lid was covered with sea shells and star fish, very pretty. A bathroom painted light cream and a rich mellow yellow would give you beautiful contrasts.

One of the main advantages of this theme is the warmth of the colors and a cosyness that is not lost even in the cold of winter.


BEACH BALLS – So, here is a multi colored theme which is perfect if you have younger kids in the house. You can even look for or make a hanging mobile to place over the bath.
Read more »



Modular Bathrooms

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Do you have a need for an extra bathroom but are looking for an alternative?  Why not think about a modular bathroom?  Read on to learn more.


Why Use a Modular Bathroom? 

A modular bathroom is a great alternative to a traditional tiled bathroom, and can be used for almost any application.  The bathroom is finished in an easy to clean smooth gloss finish in a range of colours to suit your décor.  You can match the bathroom to your existing décor and it comes with a range of optional extras so that you have exactly the bathroom you want.

What is a Modular Bathroom?

The modular bathroom is a completely waterproof, self supporting module that includes the floor, walls, and ceiling, and requires no painting, tiling or internal lining of any kind.  The modular bathroom arrives ready to be assembled and installed, without the need for traditional site preparation.  At the factory, they are manufactured as complete bathrooms, fully fitted out right through to the light fittings.  The modular bathroom is great for:

• new homes
• home extensions or renovations
• an additional bathroom
• holiday homes
• workshops and sheds
• cabins
• granny flats

Other Advantages of a Modular Bathroom

A modular bathroom is great as the factory manufacturing process saves time that would otherwise be spent on site and labour costs, making it a very cost-efficient choice for a bathroom renovation or installation.  There is also consistency in the manufacturing process, ensuring that high qualities are always achieved.