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Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas by Axor

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Axor is as part of Hansgrohe which specialize in bathroom designs and furniture. If you want to create a place of peace and relaxation which represents your wishes and dreams than Axor is here to help you. Their luxury bathroom design ideas are amazing and can please every customer requirements. With their ideas you create piece of art which would be great place for relaxing and refreshing. Everything they made is full of harmony, beauty and luxury. If you want create not just beautiful but also unique bathroom which you can be proud of than getting ideas from Axor will help you a lot.



Modern Black and White Asian Kitchen Design from Futura Collection

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

See the details objects of this modern black and white kitchen designs as your new inspiration in remodeling your kitchen space. Those simple color systems will ease you for both arrange and maintain your kitchen furniture. We can provide kitchen design with either simple or minimalist furniture décor. See the elegant kitchen cabinets and drawer from this kitchen space. Combine with the kitchen table, the top side of this furniture was complete with the kitchen wash basin and sink décor. The flat electric stove also complete this side. Actually, this small contemporary kitchen space was supported with the decorative furniture that will ease us when we were use the stuff. Supported with a modern fridge designs, we can feel the futuristic atmosphere from this space. Now, please enjoy several stylish Asian kitchen designs pictures from Futura Collection as the supported information.

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Victorian-Style Bathroom Vanity

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

A dresser-style vanity can be an ideal way to blend modern and historical elements in your bathroom. Gothic-style arched mirrors, ample storage space, and scalloped skirting create an old-world look and offer up-to-the-minute practicality. The white-stained vanity matches the color scheme in the bathroom, with creamy whites and lightwood floors, while the bridge-style faucet’s porcelain handles add to the Victorian style.



European Styled Bathroom Design Ideas with Sauna and Fitness

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

If you are looking for best sample photos bathroom designs European styled and applications includes modern sauna and fitness. Here are sample photos of European inspired bathroom design ideas for your home. European influence your bathroom affixed with the right pieces of furniture, bath faucets, vanities, tile and and storage cabinets. As well as their luxurious and spacious Viitta Finish sauna (a European company based in Germany) in the corner, the rest of the spacious bathroom like wise becomes dedicated to pampering, and maintaining the body beautiful. The room with the bright red Finnish sauna concentrates on physical fitness, including a welcoming exercise area with large white cushions and exercise equipment attached to the wall. It makes sense to have this right next to the large, walk in glass shower area. If you have more time, there is an imposing white bathtub set next to the sauna, in front of two large floor to ceiling windows. The other room shown here with the wooden Finnish sauna takes a more indulgent approach – offering a place to work on your mental well-being by escaping from the world outside. A luxurious tanning bed lets you stretch out on in front of a soothing fire. A wide whirlpool bath, a walk-in steam shower and a wooden dip soaking bath gives you a variety of bathing options. You can easily live in a house with a modern European style influence by having your bathroom affixed.



Italian kitchen design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Italian kitchen design involves creating a work friendly environment that’s equally as welcoming as it is effective. Italian kitchens therefore shouldn’t compromise on style or functionality. Whether you’re creating a modern kitchen design or a country kitchen design, the same set of rules apply for Italian kitchens.\


Italian kitchens – style and functionality

A well crafted Italian kitchen design will be everything you’d expect from a nation synonymous with style – sleek surfaces and sharp features, built into a beautifully lit environment. Italian kitchen designs are immediately recognisable because of these features and it’s essential you stay true to them.

Contemporary Italian kitchens are primarily designed to be eye catching and ultra stylish, but that doesn’t mean they compromise on functionality and the basics of kitchen design. More traditional Italian kitchens have a rustic charm and are normally formed with warmer tones and materials but the same rules apply.

If you want a kitchen in your home based on the Italian principles of design, then it’s a good idea to start by thinking about what you use your kitchen for. By doing this you can determine the things you really need and start to eliminate the things you don’t.

Italian kitchen design is all about achieving tasteful lines so getting the right fittings is also essential. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consult with a number of companies to ensure you get the precise look you’re after.

By embracing these two simple ideas you can give yourself the best chance of achieving a bespoke, contemporary, Italian kitchen design.

We have more information on Italian kitchen design in the articles below and can also divert you to a number of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Italian kitchens.

Torchetti Italian Kitchens UK

Torchetti can design Italian kitchens in whatever style you want to achieve, whether it be contemporary and modern or more traditional and rustic.

Arclinea Italian kitchens

To achieve a bespoke Italian kitchen design, you’ll need some inspiration and Arclinea should provide this.

Panik kitchens

Panik kitchens are top quality Italian kitchen designers, all of Panik’s details are listed below.



Luxury Kitchen Designs from Comprex

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Luxury Kitchen Designs from Comprex

Take a look at these luxury kitchen designs from Italian kitchen maker Comprex and KBC from China. Incredibly spacious and furnished with designer furniture and decor, you immediately get the feeling that these posh kitchens are meant for a high end audience. They are unique in their layout, sophisticated in design and manufactured with meticulous attention to detail.




IKEA kitchens

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

IKEA kitchen design is both stylish and affordable which is a combination you won’t find in too many other places.

IKEA offer a variety of furniture, appliances and storage solutions to help people create ac completely coordinated design. So if you’re desperate for a kitchen where everything looks sleek, modern and slots together perfectly, then IKEA might be the place to look for your new kitchen.


IKEA aim to deliver kitchen design that not only looks brilliant but also delivers on functionality and has a number of smart and practical solutions. One thing that IKEA nevel fail to offer is cutting edge design techniques that make the most of any space.

Unfortunately, there are some accussations levelled at IKEA regarding the qaulity of their kitchen products. Some consumers have had problems with their fitted appliances and claimed design flaws haven’t been properly ironed out. The problem is that the kitchen is the one place where you don’t want to be having problems as one thing can quickly lead to another. However, by carefully examining your IKEA kitchen before buyinh, you’ll sidestep these issues.

Clever storage solutions are IKEA kitchen’s forte. The group have come up with many ideas to save room in any kitchen, so if space is at a premium in your design, IKEA will probably be at the very least, a good source of inspiration.

IKEA kitchens are particularly targeted towards young families and couples even though the company might not freely admit that. That being said, everyone will appreciate the flexibility and options that an IKEA kitchen offers.

We have more information on IKEA kitchen design listed in the articles below and can also divert you directly to the store or to other kitchen suppliers with equally sleek designs.

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Kitchen design of the new concept

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Residential consumption is the basic human resources community, it must as a commodity with the changes of market demand and continue to develop and update. Especially in the standard of living of our people is in a survival-from-full transition to the well-off today, this development, more obvious changes, which China’s urban residential have a distinct sense of the times, in different functional space again in the kitchen, bathroom more identifiable.

China’s urban residential kitchen and bathroom since the 1980s despite the unbalanced development between cities and towns, but the development of extremely strong sense of the times have changed, especially in large cities and developed areas more fuel gasification, oil purification , the food supply of semi-finished products, kitchen utensils and Sanitary Ware supply serialization, and the supporting of, and so on, the operation of kitchen and bathroom matching speaking, can be comparable with the developed countries residential pools.

Kitchen design - Italian-Modern-Kitchen-Cabinets

However, the people’s living standards is a continuous development of the kitchen, health awareness of the concept, but also constantly changing. With scientific and technological development, the people’s awareness of environmental protection has been continuously strengthened, saving energy, water, materials, reduce pollution has become the consensus of humanity, in order to protect people shared their homes, “Earth,” and the people are making unremitting efforts. As we all know, living life in the area, kitchen space is enjoyment of life, sources of pollution and potential disaster, in order to give full play to their functions to ensure that reduce pollution to prevent disasters, people have done a lot of work, such as change for the operation of open-kitchen Kitchen, cooking areas of labor from the domestic life to the field of entertainment acts, in the kitchen of this outlook is master of life, food, and their signs. The prerequisite for its realization is: Read more »



Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Modern Kitchen Cabinet

Use these ideas about contemporary kitchen cabinets when making your buying decision.

If you’re thinking of renovating your home, one of the changes that you can make to update the overall look of the house is to install contemporary kitchen cabinets.  By moving to this style from, say, country kitchen cabinets, will immediately change the entire appearance of the room, giving it a more fresh and open feel. 

However, before you make your final selections, you first need to decide whether you will be buying products that have been ready-made or if it would be better (or necessary) to invest in custom pieces created specifically for your room.

If you can obtain attractive, durable contemporary kitchen cabinets that are ready-made, you will be able to peruse through several options in terms of sizes, shapes, styles and colors.  They are typically produced in sets and will therefore be limited in terms to their customization options for your particular kitchen.  This may also present a problem if your room is of a strange shape or has atypically sized cabinetry.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets – Benefits Of A Customized Solution

If your kitchen is oddly shaped or is simply not in simple straight lines, then you may need to have your cabinetry tailor-made for your specific room.  This means that any choices you make, from country kitchen cabinets to contemporary kitchen cabinets will all need to be custom designed and manufactured for you.  Though the price will certainly be higher for this type of home renovation project, there are many benefits. 

You will be able to make all of the decisions in their creation and style, from the material from which they are made to the color they are stained or painted.  Even the specific style and hardware will all be your own choice.  The difference this makes will clearly show in the final result of the room’s décor and will certainly act as an investment that increases the value of your home.

If you’d like to have some of the benefits of custom made contemporary kitchen cabinets without the significantly greater price tag, then you can settle for a compromise; the semi-custom design.  Here, you’ll still have several choice from which to choose, such as color and stain, while other elements, such as door shape, will be chosen from pre-designed options.

While you may find that you can find exactly the contemporary kitchen cabinets you’re seeking within pre-made selections, if not, you do always have options with custom-made products, or semi-custom elements that will help you to choose these crucial elements to your décor in a way that will suit your taste and desired style perfectly. The trick is not to rush into the project.  Give yourself some time to shop around, look at what is available, and find out what your options may be.

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European Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

European Kitchen Cabinets

Antique Kitchen Cabinets 

European kitchen cabinets offer a unique look and feel that will set your kitchen apart.

It seems as though everywhere you look these days, there are places offering you different options for renovating your home with everything from European kitchen cabinets to country kitchen cabinets.  But how do you know whether you want to purchase your products from a home improvement store, big box store, or online?  After all, once you decide to redecorate a room, including its most basic elements, you will want to ensure that you’re purchasing the right pieces so that they will remain appealing and attractive throughout many years. 

Increasingly, people are discovering that the internet is providing many helpful tools and resources for understanding home renovations, performing price comparisons, and even making final purchases. 

European Kitchen Cabinets vs. Country Kitchen Cabinets

To start, it should be understood that there are two main types of cabinetry currently on the market.  These are the traditional forms, such as country kitchen cabinets, and European kitchen cabinets, which are frameless. 

The latter gives the room a much more sleek and clean contemporary appearance.  European kitchen cabinets do not show any of the trim between the doors, as the frame is entirely covered.  The former, on the other hand, has a much more traditional and historical feel.  This is the type of cabinetry utilizes a full face frame around the cabinet box’s front.  This means that it remains quite visible around and between the doors. 

For both styles, there are many different kinds of hardware, glass shelves, glass door inserts, crown molding, light rail molding, corbels, fillers, and other elements that make the final appearance what you’d like it to be.  In fact, there are so many different details and options that the main struggle may be in narrowing down your final choice among many very appealing choices.

No matter whether you have opted for European kitchen cabinets or another style, they are generally all made in the same overall way.  The foundation to the design is a box which may or may not include a face frame.  The shelving inside will be either adjustable or fixed.  There will also be either drawers or doors.  Some also include storage on top – for decorations, for example – or underneath for hanging pots or other tools that you will want to have handy while you cook.

Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for in terms of style for your European kitchen cabinets, you can start to look into different makes and price ranges.  While brand will often impact the price of the product, other things that will bring the price up or down is the type of material that is used as well as its thickness.  The type of finish and hardware can also make a significant difference in the price tag you’ll see.

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