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Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas and Examples

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The Bathroom Vanity

Although the bathroom vanity  is essentially a joinery unit we will cover it here briefly as it is often a proprietary fitting that can be purchased off the shelf and installed. Some bathroom vanity have a separate ceramic basin installed in the top and others have an integral top with the basin. It is a personal preference, however as with other ceramic, glass and plastic fittings check the hardness and brittleness i.e. can it be scratched and can it be chipped?

Then make your judgment as to the bathroom vanity durability. Ensure that the vanity units’ top drains back to the basin. So should the soap dishes. The vanity top should have a raised up stand at the back to catch splashes.This is instead of being directly on the wall. If not tiles, mirror or some other innovative and attractive finish should be used. This is because paint will eventually peel or blister.

It is often a good idea to have raised edges around the top of vanities bench to stop water dripping off the edge especially if it is for a family with young children. Many dont. Check this or at least ensure that there is a fall to the top of the vanity that keeps water draining back to the bowl.

The storage within each bathroom vanity should be able to hold large items such as cans of hair spray. It should also be able to be locked or have safety locks on them for the sake of young children. Hair sprays, nail polishes and soaps are all poisons. Check with the sizes of the products that you use. They are not all standard sizes and you often find the manufacturer of these products use novelty sizes and shapes. They do this to help sell the item. That makes them difficult to store.

Ceramic vessel basin set in a rimu timber vanity top.

A ceramic basin set into a laminate top.

As part of your design evaluation of the bathroom vanity, confirm what is going to be stored and what the unit is made of.

We use lots of different compounds and chemicals in our cleaning and polishing of our bodies. These can be caustic or abrasive to some finishes.

This bathroom vanity has great storage capacity.

This bathroom vanity has a slim top and semi recessed basin allowing for more room in the bathroom.

Hair products in particular often come in varying sized shaped bottles and containers.

A unit with an abundance of different sized drawers can be the most practical, so that medicines, hair products, skin products etc. can all be stored and locked off separately if necessary.

This vanity has a marble top with a bottom fixed basin, lots of good storage and brilliant use of mirrors to make the space look larger.

Double basins can be very useful in large families. One end can be lowered with separate taps and basin for younger children. Ensure that an overflow is in the vanity. This is especially necessary if the bathroom doesn’t have a floor drain.

Alternately a separate cabinet higher up or elsewhere in the bathroom may be used to for the storage of the items and the underside of the cabinet left open or used for towel storage.

Double basins – shown here semi recessed, are a luxury item for couples or busy families sharing the same bathroom space, allowing quicker turn around of ablutions.



Bathroom Glass Vessel Sink

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom glass vessel sink
1.Tempered glass sink/basin
2.Bathroom,sanitary glass

1.The basin is made of 100% tempered glass

2.The patterns are carved by hand

3.Excellent after-sales service is provided

4.Different styles,sizes and colors are available

5.Customer’s logo is available

6.Very durable and convenient to use

17mm tempered double-layer basin
size: 405*405*130mm

the color is not painted, but printed between the 12mm glass and 5mm glass. the basin is very smooth on the inner and the outside because it is glass on the two sides. so the color will not clear away.

the size can be smaller. the diameter can be 400mm, 395mm,380mm,350mm,315mm.

Square Bathroom Glass Vessel Sink
1. Size: 400*H113mm
2. Thickness: 15mm
3. Simple but modern design

1. This square vessel sink is made of 100% tempered glass.
2. This vessel sink bathrom is made of clear glass in high quality.
3. Hundreds of unique designs are available to make your bathroom stylish.
4. Excellent after-sales service is provided.
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Double Bathroom Vanity with Arched Surround

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

A double-sink vanity can be ideal for a couple, providing space for both to use the area simultaneously. The soothing white and light-blue tones mesh beautifully in this bathroom, creating a clean and calming look. The elegantly arched surround shows that the dual-sink vanity is all one piece, but separation between the mirrors ensures that there is plenty of space for two. Use soothing hues on your double vanity to create an elegant look that is ideal for your master bath.



Kitchen Sinks

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

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Elkay Avado Accent Sink – new double bowl 11″ deep drop-in sink

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Elkay Avado Accent Sink – new EFT402211 double bowl 11″ deep drop-in sink


The Elkay Avado Accent Sink is so versatile you won’t know how you lived before you had one! Actually a range of four deep, double bowl, drop-in kitchen sinks, with the neat modular elements mean you can personalise your own Avado Accent specifically to your needs. These days time is of the essence, and it’s crucial to be well organised – something this sink is an expert at helping you achieve. You needn’t run around delving into drawers and cupboards for pots and pans, strainers and drainers – the modular system allows you to drain, soak, and defrost whilst still using the front of the sink to wash and prep. Ideal for budding chefs, you love the sheer functionality of the attractive, ultra-thick stainless steel sink and the optional modular parts. Contact Elkay and bring one home for USD $1,884 – $3,635.