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Traditional Kitchen in Colorful Concept Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

This kitchen concept presents and impressed traditional but colorful design. The lay out of the kitchen is not very traditional classic look, because the colors that adorn the brightly as contemporary design. Traditional kitchen with a floor made of slabs, such as wood, cupboard or shelf stick to the wall is still traditional. Choice white stripes are a touch of classic color indeed impressive, but combined with bright red color that changed more contrast and look good. The concept of color selection also makes traditional kitchen become comfortable and enjoyable. Red chair with a red carpet and red decorative flowers give colorful in each side of the kitchen.



Resurfacing Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Resurfacing kitchen cabinets can be a less expensive alternative to replacing cabinets and will update your kitchen and give it a whole new look. To resurface your cabinets, means literally to “give them a new surface”. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this – some expensive and some for budgets.

Typically, refacing or resurfacing kitchen cabinets should be done by a professional. It consists of replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and putting a matching veneer on the cabinet frame. You can get any type of wood or plastic you want so your options are unlimited. It can be quite costly ranging anywhere from $3500 to over $10,000 and takes 2 to 4 days depending on how big the job is.

This type of resurfacing can be a good idea if you like the cabinet layout and your cabinets are in good solid condition (many of the older cabinets are very solid and high quality). If, however, your cabinets are weak or damaged or you want to change the design you will probably want to get replacement cabinets – it might not cost that much more and could add a lot to the usefulness of the room and your homes value.

If you don’t have $3500 in your budget for resurfacing kitchen cabinets, then there are several alternative that are much less costly!

My number 1 choice for changing cabinets is paint. You can make a huge change just by painting them – especially if you are going with a retro look and you are daring enough to use a splashy color like pink, turquoise or orange. For those really brave souls you can even paint designs on the cabinets or use stencils or a faux finish. Wouldn’t a country kitchen look nice with painted cabinets and a nice country stencil on the top? Just add some matching hardware and you’ve got new cabinets for under $300!

Another idea is to remove the doors altogether. This would only suit a few decorating themes but would be great way of resurfacing kitchen cabinets in a cottage kitchen design or even an antique Victorian design. You can line the shelves with lace or doilies that flap over the edge to add to the look. Maybe you could even find old windows that are the right size to use as doors or make up new doors from another type of material that goes with your theme like bamboo or even fabric.

Another idea for resurfacing kitchen cabinets is to wallpaper them or apply contact paper. Of course you’ll want to use something with a plain pattern and that is washable. Just prepare the cabinets the same way you would if you were wallpapering a wall. You don’t need to wallpaper the whole thing, you can cut out shapes or patterns from the contact paper or wallpaper and just paste those on. I don’t think this type of resurfacing would last forever but it might make a nice short-term change.



Mission Style Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Mission style kitchen cabinets are one of the very few styles that are both beautiful and timeless.

If you’ve been in the market to renovate your home, especially where you prepare food, then the odds are that you’ve seen the term mission style kitchen cabinets pop up at one time or another.  This is because this is a style of cabinetry that is becoming exceptionally popular, just like modern or country kitchen cabinets

They offer a type of style that easily complements many other kinds of decorating, so that you can replace the cupboards and drawers without necessarily needing to change the countertops or décor of the entire room.  They typically have very sleek, clean lines in square or rectangular shapes, especially on the frames of the doors.  In terms of color, they are wood shades from medium to dark for a  much warmer final result.  They also include inlays to give their overall design a bit more flair.  Depending on your preference, you can choose them with or without leaded-glass inserts, as well.

Mission style kitchen cabinets date back to the early-to-mid twentieth century and has never once gone out of style since their creation.  They are often paralleled as an American version of the Arts and Crafts movement which occurred in the United Kingdom.  Though the style had been seen as quite basic, classic, and straight forward for quite some time, it was then used through the art-deco period in order to create its own crisper sleek appearance.

Mission Style Kitchen Cabinets – Booming In Popularity

Today, the overall decorating style is so popular that it is not just mission style kitchen cabinets that are available, but also tables, chairs, book cases, fireplace mantles and surrounds, and even bed head- and footboards.  It is the warmth that this kind of décor brings to a room, combined with the more contemporary geometric appeal that attracts so many people to its style.

When you decide to incorporate this style into your home, you can either use it exclusively among your pieces, or simply place it in some featured places, such as in mission style kitchen cabinets, and complement it with pieces in other styles that suit the look.  You can either create the look yourself – something that is time consuming and challenging, but if you have some skill and artistic flair, you can do it – or purchase the pieces ready-made.

If you want to locate mission style kitchen cabinets, you can often find them in the same places that you’d spot country kitchen cabinets.  Home renovation stores might carry a style or two, while you can also discover options in places that sell wood furniture, especially in more traditional styles.  If you can’t find exactly the right ones, you might speak with someone from a wood furniture store to see if it is possible to have them custom made in the look you’re seeking.



The Cottage-style Kitchens

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Do you love the breezy, uncomplicated mood of a summer cottage? Do you long to capture that feeling and experience it year-round at home?

So do many of the rest of us–which goes a long way toward explaining the wildly popular trend of cottage-style kitchens. Why are cottage kitchens all the rage? Maybe it’s because they let us escape to a slower and simpler time without sacrificing the modern conveniences that keep us in step with our fast-paced lives.

“The reason our vacation home kitchens and summer cottages work so well is because we stick to the basics, and that makes us feel relaxed,” says Robin Pelissier of Robin’s Nest in Hingham, MA. “Cottage-style kitchens are especially conducive to today’s busy lifestyle because they are pared down and efficient,” she says. “Honest-to-goodness simplicity is the key.”

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The hallmarks of the cottage style—its carefree attitude, utilitarian or vintage features and liberal use of white—work well in any kitchen, whether it’s high-end with state-of-the-art appliances or a modest, cozy room. The first step is deciding how far to go with the look. You can opt for full-blown vintage, replete with distressed walls and exposed framing, or add cottage-style features gradually to your existing kitchen.

Just be sure to choose items that resemble or replicate great antique finds, says Jennifer Gilmer, a kitchen and bath designer in Chevy Chase, MD. “People are looking for that simple, primitive look that has sophistication; that’s casual, yet has style,” she says. “They like the feeling that something has been there a long time.”

Here are some tips to help turn your kitchen into a cottage getaway:


Use open shelving and plate racks that are whitewashed or painted a light color.

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Window treatments

Cottage windows are portals to the great outdoors, so avoid elaborate treatments. Try venetian blinds, a woven shade or a simple valance—or leave the windows bare to show off their great shapes or wood moldings.

Sinks and countertops

Farmhouse and apron-front sinks are hugely popular additions to the cottage look, although undercounter trough sinks and freestanding porcelain sinks also work well. For a touch of luxury, add a stainless steel or ceramic sink to an island or pantry area. For countertops and backsplashes, white Calcutta marble is drawing attention because its brown and yellow tones provide a ready-made patina look.



Enhance an apron-front or farmhouse-style sink with an antique wall-mount or high arch faucet finished in chrome, polished nickel or hand-rubbed bronze.

Cabinetry and hardware

Keep cabinets light and accentuate them with old-fashioned freezer handles or large wooden knobs, bead board or batten doors, or hardware finishes such as oiled or antique bronze, or even copper. Glass doors in upper cabinetry work especially well. A real find is a distressed or light-colored hutch that doesn’t necessarily “match” other surfaces in the kitchen, but still looks great and functions well in it. Consider placing feet on this and other cabinets so that they more closely resemble furniture.

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Old wood floors are popular, particularly those with wide or random planks and authentic, old-fashioned pegs. Painted floors help define a cottage look, and a black undercoating can give them a well-worn look. Vinyl flooring is making a comeback; it comes in a variety of designs, is easy to maintain, and provides a nostalgic feel.

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Authentic old beams or crown molding bring old-world charm to a ceiling. Or try a more stately option: a coffered ceiling.


Because they are bulky and freestanding, professional ranges fit nicely with the cottage style, as do pot fillers for the stove. Don’t be surprised to see a return of retro-style refrigerators as well.

Kitchen table

Remember, this is cottage living. The eating table is moving back in the kitchen, for casual, family-style dining—sometimes as a built-in breakfast nook.

While the cottage look works best in smaller, more traditional houses, such as bungalows, it is also possible to achieve the cottage look in the large kitchen of a newer home. To add a cozier feel, Gilmer recommends using color to define different areas of a large kitchen, such as clean-up and prep areas. She also recommends turning a portion of the kitchen into an open pantry and lining it with beautiful baskets.

“With the sophistication and scale of some of the newer appliances and fixtures on the market, just about any space can define our personal aesthetic,” Pelissier says. “Any size room in any size home can say ‘cottage’ or ‘castle.’ You can dictate which one.”