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Very Slim Glass Bathroom Sink

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Very Slim Glass Bathroom Sink, Omvivo offers an original range of bathroom sinks – Washplane. Its name perfectly reflects the best feature of its models – slimness. These bathroom sinks almost haven’t any hollow for the water. If you needn’t to hold the water then these sinks could become an interesting choice for you. Although they have a quite complicated construction because their tanks are completely integrated in a wall. If you aren’t afraid of this difficulty then you could decorate your bathroom by one of very stylish sinks by Omvivo.Glass Bathroom Sink, One more advantage of such sinks – all tubing is hidden in the wall and don’t spoil bathroom look. There are a lot of models which are differs by materials and a little by shapes available. Read more »



Sheet Metal Sinks in Steel by Lago

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Modern, unique and hip are the best ways to describe these sheet metal sinks made of steel by Lago. The first metal sink featured here is called Steel and is pretty unique in its way of draining water. Instead of your usual center drain, the water drains out through the perimeter of the sink. Not only is that pretty cool, but apparently, this promotes a cleaner sink too. Steel can be installed free standing or supported and can be adorned with neat little containers for holding soap and toothbrushes. The other sink by Lago featured here today is called 20 Degrees and among all its sleek, sharp edges is a very welcomed curved basin. This curve allows for a lovely cascading effect of the water when it’s running. It also may be accessorized with colorful containers for your bathroom extras. There is something so current and fun about these sheet metal designs, maybe it’s the overall thinness of them. They would be happy additions to any contemporary, modern home. Learn more at Lago.

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Bathroom Glass Vessel Sink

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom glass vessel sink
1.Tempered glass sink/basin
2.Bathroom,sanitary glass

1.The basin is made of 100% tempered glass

2.The patterns are carved by hand

3.Excellent after-sales service is provided

4.Different styles,sizes and colors are available

5.Customer’s logo is available

6.Very durable and convenient to use

17mm tempered double-layer basin
size: 405*405*130mm

the color is not painted, but printed between the 12mm glass and 5mm glass. the basin is very smooth on the inner and the outside because it is glass on the two sides. so the color will not clear away.

the size can be smaller. the diameter can be 400mm, 395mm,380mm,350mm,315mm.

Square Bathroom Glass Vessel Sink
1. Size: 400*H113mm
2. Thickness: 15mm
3. Simple but modern design

1. This square vessel sink is made of 100% tempered glass.
2. This vessel sink bathrom is made of clear glass in high quality.
3. Hundreds of unique designs are available to make your bathroom stylish.
4. Excellent after-sales service is provided.
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Party Sink Design

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

There are many reasons to install a new kitchen sink in your home. Whether your existing sink is leaking, rusting or is simply outdated, installing a kitchen sink is a simple job that can completely rejuvenate the look of your kitchen.

Introducing… New Innovative / Modern Sinks

Featured below is a new “party” kitchen sink from Elkay, a great remodeling idea. This is definitely not your everyday sink – and it will make quite an impression on your guests. Guaranteed. A variety of party sinks are available on this website:  but read on to learn more about the different types of kitchen sinks you can choose from.


There is a wide array of styles of sinks available. Some of the more common kitchen sink styles include:

Copper and Brass Sinks – If you are looking to add some old world styling to your kitchen, copper and brass kitchen sinks can do that with a modern twist. It is important to care for copper and brass sinks properly, however, so they do not turn green.

Stainless Steel Sinks – Still one of the most popular kitchen sink materials available, stainless steel sinks will last for years without rusting and will maintain their attractive appearance through years of abuse.


Glass Sinks – Glass has become a popular material for kitchen sinks in recent years. Available in a variety of styles and vibrant colors, glass kitchen sinks are available in drop in and undermount models.

glass_undermount.jpg      glass_1.jpg

Fireclay Sinks – Fireclay sinks are a form of ceramic sink that are extremely durable and attractive. Available in a variety of styles and with painted designs, you are sure to find a fireclay kitchen sink that matches your personal style.




Designing Your Zen Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

 Designing Your Zen Bathroom

If you need a respite from your busy life, consider transforming your bathroom into a personal refuge. Follow this simple seven-step path to create an authentic, Zen-inspired design.

When creating a Zen bathroom, the floor plan should flow effortlessly, blending from one area to the next. Simple design is a difficult thing to do well, and Zen relies a lot on architecture rather than decorative elements. So if you’re building or renovating, consider hiring an architect or interior designer to manage the project. They can draw up floor plans, offer suggestions for materials and work directly with contractors to ensure that you achieve the look you want. You may even want to work with a feng shui consultant. Feng shui is the Chinese art of placement that focuses on creating a positive flow of energy in the house. Whether you choose to hire a consultant or go it alone, here are some tips from designers and architects on how to think about space.

You should place the bathtub by a window so that you can experience nature while soaking. The bathroom should interact with adjacent rooms so that the view looking in and out of the bathroom is appealing and serene. The toilet area should not be seen from the doorway. Consider placing a beautiful piece of artwork within viewing distance of the toilet; let that art be the focal point from the doorway. “You want to feel the adjacent space even though you may not always see it,” says architect Michael Morris of Morris Sato Studio in New York City. “There should be something present beyond the wall or screen, a borrowed landscape from another room that suggests a deeper space or surface.”

While sections may be distinct, the bathroom should not feel divided. You want to be able to easily transition from one space to another, says Dallas-based designer Alan Hilsabeck Jr. of Alan Hilsabeck Jr. Interior Design. “Think of how nature interacts,” he says. “Simplicity, clean lines, fluidity and functionality.” Partitions, such as shoji screens, allow you to divide the room or leave it open as you choose.



Vision : The Illuminated Free Standing Sink from Rapsel

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Vision : The Illuminated Free Standing Sink from Rapsel

The “Vision” free standing sink from Rapsel may even encourage people to wash their hands more. It is just that much fun to look at. The Alicrite material and the internal light give the Vision sink a magic aspect that really pops in moderately lit rooms and offers a seductive visual it is hard to keep your eyes off. 490w x 640d x 840 h mm £4,27.00 From

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Vision : The Illuminated Free Standing Sink from Rapsel



Bathroom Sink Base and Different Bathroom Sink Styles

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The bathroom sink base is what the basin stands on with its faucets, fittings and fixtures. There are a number of popular sink bases that are used often Kitchen Sinks. Some of the most popular pones are given as Bathroom Cabinets following:

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet 

Console Bathroom Sinks

The console sink base is generally very up to date in design. The console bathroom sink base is frequently modeled after the Victorian shaving stand. Traditionally these don’t have many storage facilities and sometimes include a small drawer or a shelf besides a mirror. A more recent style of console sink base can also have storage facilities, but seldom more than a glass shelf or two.

There are always exceptions.China Kitchen Cabinets The console sink base in the most up to date design usually incorporates metal and glass. The metals can be chrome, stainless steel, brass, copper, Bathroom Vanities blackened wrought iron or alloys or combination of metals. The finishes usually match that of the faucets and fittings and may be polished, satin, matte, brushed, oil rubbed, aged or blackened. Sometimes the console sink base looks plain and almost clinical, but others can be elaborate with wrought iron or beaten copper vines, flowers or abstract sculptures. The plumbing is sometimes concealed behind a cover plate, and sometimes it is revealed, usually in decorative, matching metal.

Cabinet Sinks

A cabinet sinks base describes almost any piece of furniture with storage that has been built or adapted to hold a bathroom sink basin and its fittings. In this range you get plain, minimalist, wall mounted cupboards with flat, undecorated doors or drawers.

These are often made of wood and frequently painted a dark color. The countertops may be of wood, granite or other stone, glass, ceramic, or even metal. The sinks can either contrast or blend, in color and texture Wardrobes . Vessel sinks are popular and so are undermount sinks. This type of bathroom sink base is also beloved of antique enthusiasts. Many old, antique or replica antique cabinets and side boards with turnings, scroll work, carvings and panels are used very successfully. Antique or replica antique wash stands with ceramic tiled or marble countertops are often used.

Sink basins for these are usually vessel sinks or drop in sinks. They are often made of ornate glassware, pottery, brass or copper. The plumbing needs to be fed through holes in the cabinets and is hidden inside. The cabinet is fastened to the wall.

Vanity Bathrooms

A vanity bathroom sink base is similar to a cabinet bathroom sink base, but it is generally smaller and often doubles as a dressing table, too. It can be sleek and modern, or retro and elegant. Some people indulging in the 40s and 50s look in their bathroom may cover the front with a frilly vanity curtain. These are still available. The plumbing is concealed inside the vanity similarly to the cabinet bathroom sink base.

One should keep in mind that a bathroom sink base can be a lot of other things, too. It could be made from a wine barrel, a bird bath, a statue or an abstract sculpture. It could even be made from a tree stump. The human imagination is almost unlimited!

Pedestal Bathroom Sinks

These were the first dedicated bases made for the bathroom sink. They are usually either joined to the sink basin or they go with it to be installed together as a unit. The plumbing is concealed behind the base. Pedestal sinks have been around for more than a hundred years. They were originally made from porcelain and then from metals including cast iron, finished with enamel. Vitreous china is a more recent invention. A very beautiful innovation in the pedestal bathroom sink base is a huge variety of lovely stone and marble. As new kinds of sinks come and go in popularity, the pedestal sink with its matching base remains a timeless favorite.