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Bathroom Colors

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

There are many different bathroom paint ideas to incorporate into you remodel. Whether you are painting the space yourself or hiring professionals, you can search through our photo galleries for ideas on colors for rooms. Here you can find trendy colors to paint a bathroom to keep your style up to date with the most popular fashions. Adding a new coat of paint to your walls can give your dull and drab room the revamp that it needs to feel like a brand new space. Selecting color palettes is an important step in your design process. The color schemes you choose will help to pull the style together and create the perfect space. Because the bathroom is such as small area it is important to choose the best colors to reflect light and open up the room. We’ll show you some of the most popular bathroom colors of 2014 to help transform your boring space into the most beautiful room in the house.

bathroom vanity blue colors

bathroom vanity blue colors

Last year, the best bathroom colors in 2013 were dark shades of red, blue, green, and purple. These color combos made for a regal and dramatic style for your home. However, in a small room like a bathroom, a dark paint color absorbs light and makes the space feel even smaller. Thus the design trends of 2014 are moving towards lighter shades. The best paint colors 2014 are soft pastels like blue, green, purple, and peach that will reflect light and open up the room. This pale paint colors are representative of feng shui designs that bring peace and tranquility to your space. By pairing these light wall colors with white or similar tile colors you can create a serene atmosphere. White bathroom tile designs match any style and can be a nice accent for colored paints on the wall. However, using colored tiles that are a slightly darker shade than the paint can also produce a beautiful look. For example applying a light teal coat of paint on the walls with a darker mix of teal tiles in the shower will create a gorgeous appearance. Read more »



Decorating Bathroom Walls With Colorful Tiles

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Sometimes people think that it isn’t possible to make bathroom look great. There are pipes and drains everywhere and usually you can’t do anything with them. Although even such thing as right wall tiles can make your bathroom more enjoyable. Colorful mixes and patterns are definitely are capable to turn any bathroom in a quite sweet and beautiful room. Those who don’t think so would be pleasantly surprised with bathrooms you can find on pictures below.

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Sunny Yellow Bathroom Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Yellow is a great color. For example you can easily make your bathroom more stylish and sunny with it. We’ve gathered for you a bunch of cool decorating ideas showing how you can do that. Yellow wall paint, yellow shower curtain, yellow floor tiles or any other yellow accents – everything would work great. If you’re ready for a lovely and cheerful bathroom renovation that don’t hesitate to do it!

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Realistic Mosaic Bathroom Tile Patterns Wall-to-Wall Art

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


While a brick black whole or scenic panorama might be more than you want to keep you company in the bathroom, there is something pleasant and refreshing about a colorful pattern of mosaic tiles to liven and open up what can be a boring and crowded interior space.

From drops of water to dropping fruit, forest scenes to beach vistas, these glass tiles from Glass Decor align to create hyper-real scenes that seem to almost breach their two-dimensional confines and pop off the wall.


They look fascinating as bathroom wall accents, but some of their more out-of-the-box applications and less realistically rendered designs make engaging statements in various home and commercial settings when not confined murals in one of the most private spaces inside a house.




Colorful Kids Bathroom Furniture by Laufen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Colorful Kids Bathroom Furniture by Laufen , Kids love everything colorful and bright because it’s funny. So in a colorful bathroom it would be easier to make them follow the rules of the hygiene.


Laufen presents collection called Florakids – a focal point for any kid. All the parts remind of something – flowers, food, fruit, dogs, caterpillar, clouds. The narrow toilet seat even has a back rest and side hand grips to enhance comfort and avoid the fear of falling in. Read more »



Color Wash Basins by Regia

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The Wallpaper color wash basin by Regia is an eye catcher. It’s a brand new addition to the bathroom line up at Regia and was presented at Cersaie 2011. Available in various modern colorful tones (brown, green, blue, white and yellow), this wash basin is adorned with a beautiful pattern and textural quality inspired by wallpaper. Regia is about fresh, experimental, high-quality designs and Wallpaper is definitely exemplary of that. It’s bold, brightly colored and highly unique. It’s tall, freestanding design will give it a certain prominence in any bathroom space. Visit Regia for more information.

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Exciting Bathrooms for Children by Laufen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Hygiene becomes exciting in these colorful bathrooms for children by Laufen. Part of a collection called Florakids, anyone can see why this kind of bathroom has been created with the child as the focal point. All the colors and rounded shapes and edges make for a fun, creative, simulating and most importantly safe environment for the modern kid. The collection includes imaginative features like a flower blossom shaped washbasin, cloud like shelving, series of mirrors that look like a caterpillar. The narrow toilet seat even has a back rest and side hand grips to enhance comfort and avoid the fear of falling in. Laufen thought about everything, even a single lever mixer which regulates temperature for ease of use and eliminating the risk of scalding. Learn more at Laufen. via Freshome.

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Traditional Claw Foot Bath Tub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Traditional Claw Foot Bath Tub in Calming Blue and White Bathroom

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Ideal color combination for a bathroom with a traditional claw foot bath tub, used for long, luxurious soaks. Soft blue walls and white joinery are prominent in this theme giving a calm and quiet effect to the bathroom.

This bathroom captures a lot of natural light through the Georgian windows, these are detailed with a lovely white pelmet which is followed throughout in the joinery units.

It is great to see that there are no blinds on the windows, it looks as if the bathroom is situated on the second storey of the house and privacy is not a large issue.

The use of two large mirroring bathroom vanity cabinets balances the spacious room and allows the viewer to focus on the feature of the room the traditional claw foot bath tub.

The chrome feet and fittings of the bath tub are complemented with the trim of the light fittings. The water pipes and faucets are required to be exposed in this form of bath tub as in the early days, before water was plumbed directly into the home, warm water was poured into the bath from a vessel of some kind, a bucket or jug. By having the pipes in a chrome they looking in keeping with the claw feet.

The flooring is a traditional tiled pattern with a key insert vinyl and is a very practical product to use in a bathroom, hard wearing and impervious to water.

The wainscoting to the walls is a lovely design detail, it breaks up the blue walls and is the same height as the vanity units creating a single band of color and texture around the large bathroom space.

While the room functions well the smaller mirrors and blank wall opposite the bathtub leave a lot more scope for decoration.

Overall a lovely use of a traditional claw foot bath tub in this blue and white bathroom.



Bathroom Wall Finishes

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Find information on color, paint and wall coverings to help you make decisions on your bathroom wall finishes.

Using color in the form of paint or wall coverings is a brilliant way to add decoration to a bathroom. It definitely creates the mood and theme as well as wall paper adding texture and pattern.

Often bathrooms can look cold and sterile, all the fixtures are white and stark, the fixings cold and shiny, simply by adding a yellow and white striped wall paper the space is brighter and has atmosphere.

A border can be fun to add, especially if it is a children’s bathroom or a holiday home. You can theme with lots of colored shapes on a border, a border of bubbles, or a nautical themed border for a beach house.

There are so many wonderful designs to choose from.

Wallpaper in this bathroom adds drama and creative flair.

When renovating wallpaper is often a wise selection for the walls. Over time the substrate (wall surface) can become imperfect after years of redecoration and it can be quite expensive to repair and fill or replace to paint over. Wallpaper won’t hide all the imperfections but it will make them less noticable than a paint finish would.

Bathroom Decorative Paint Finishes

Learn about the different types of decorative paint finishes and how they are achieved. A great way to makeover a bathroom for a small budget.

Home design guide to bathroom wall finishes for decorating bathrooms with paint, color and wallpaper. Learn about the products before using them.

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wooden bathtub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom furniture is always tricky. Nevertheless, wooden furniture always seems to eb a favorite, regardless of the style or the dimensions. Laguna Basic is particularly versatile because it’s shape makes it easy to integrate in any bathroom. It has a rectangular external form so it fits just about anywhere. Moreover, there’s a very wide range of different materials and finishes that are available The costumer has the freedom to choose whatever type of wood he wants and a custom bathtub will be produced for him in a reasonable amount of time.

The Laguna Basic has a soft, curved but yet very stable design. Moreover, every model is availably as fully equipped Jacuzzi, regardless of the dimensions of material. Every piece is made from high-grade wood and modern composite materials. What’s especially interesting and attractive about this particular bathtub is that is has a flexible outside shape that can be chosen by the costumer, in order to make it fit exactly the bathroom.

Trap and valve are already installed so the assembly requires is reduced to a minimum and so is the time required to make it ready. Among the colors available we can mention wenge, walnut, mahogany, pear, iroko and oak. Every tub is completely saturated to resin, making it resistant to water and humidity. It can be manufactured from every conceivable type of wood, in a reasonable period of time.