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Mission Style Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Mission Style Kitchen Cabinets

Antique Kitchen Cabinets 

Mission style kitchen cabinets are one of the very few styles that are both beautiful and timeless.

If you’ve been in the market to renovate your home, especially where you prepare food, then the odds are that you’ve seen the term mission style kitchen cabinets pop up at one time or another.  This is because this is a style of cabinetry that is becoming exceptionally popular, just like modern or country kitchen cabinets

They offer a type of style that easily complements many other kinds of decorating, so that you can replace the cupboards and drawers without necessarily needing to change the countertops or décor of the entire room.  They typically have very sleek, clean lines in square or rectangular shapes, especially on the frames of the doors.  In terms of color, they are wood shades from medium to dark for a  much warmer final result.  They also include inlays to give their overall design a bit more flair.  Depending on your preference, you can choose them with or without leaded-glass inserts, as well.

Mission style kitchen cabinets date back to the early-to-mid twentieth century and has never once gone out of style since their creation.  They are often paralleled as an American version of the Arts and Crafts movement which occurred in the United Kingdom.  Though the style had been seen as quite basic, classic, and straight forward for quite some time, it was then used through the art-deco period in order to create its own crisper sleek appearance.

Mission Style Kitchen Cabinets – Booming In Popularity

Today, the overall decorating style is so popular that it is not just mission style kitchen cabinets that are available, but also tables, chairs, book cases, fireplace mantles and surrounds, and even bed head- and footboards.  It is the warmth that this kind of décor brings to a room, combined with the more contemporary geometric appeal that attracts so many people to its style.

When you decide to incorporate this style into your home, you can either use it exclusively among your pieces, or simply place it in some featured places, such as in mission style kitchen cabinets, and complement it with pieces in other styles that suit the look.  You can either create the look yourself – something that is time consuming and challenging, but if you have some skill and artistic flair, you can do it – or purchase the pieces ready-made.

If you want to locate mission style kitchen cabinets, you can often find them in the same places that you’d spot country kitchen cabinets.  Home renovation stores might carry a style or two, while you can also discover options in places that sell wood furniture, especially in more traditional styles.  If you can’t find exactly the right ones, you might speak with someone from a wood furniture store to see if it is possible to have them custom made in the look you’re seeking.

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How to Color Match Kitchen Cabinets

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

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Families normally spend a large portion of their time in the kitchen, so it’s important to choose the right colors for that entire area, including the cabinets. Use colors that make you feel comfortable and complement the rest of your home.

Step 1

Determine whether you want a wood grain for your kitchen cabinets or whether you want to paint them. For example, if your house has a country look, you may want to select an oak wood grain to match the rest of your furniture. An oak grain goes well with colors generally associated with country decor, like blues and greens.

  • Step 2

    Choose a cherry finish if you like the traditional look. This includes Victorian and Old English decor. Cherry cabinets match colors like mauves, greens and maroon, colors often used in traditional decorating.

  • Step 3

    Paint your kitchen cabinets a glossy white if you like French or colonial decor. French decor incorporates bright colors, like blue, orange, yellow and red. The white will make bright color accents stand out.

  • Step 4

    Paint your cabinets a bright color to match your contemporary taste. Modern interior designers use bright colors when decorating contemporary homes. You may paint them any color you choose such as yellow, orange, blue, red or green. Display a few accents the same color as the cabinets to tie in everything.

    Novelity Kitchen Cabinet

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    Empty Nester Kitchen

    By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

    •Learn how to design for aging in place.
    •Find out how to blend style and functionality.

    Imagined for a baby boomer couple’s dream home, this kitchen combines inspired style and functionality that goes the distance. Midwest Living senior home editor Carol Schalla designed the space for the Meredith Corporation’s

    Design Idea Center at K/BIS 2008. “This space is all about aging in place,” says Schalla, “but it doesn’t look it.”

    • Enlarge photo


    Throughout the sleek, contemporary kitchen, cool tones of gray and stark white set a canvas for vibrant colors in the Ocean Blue countertops and green accents. High-gloss cabinets and stainless steel appliances add an element of sparkle that contrasts with rustic faux-stone walls and marble countertops. Dark cherry wood cabinets add drama and warmth to the space.

    The kitchen’s layout was designed to make moving around comfortable for people of any age. Wide traffic paths were incorporated for wheelchair accessibility and the cabinets were raised and lowered for more comfortable working heights in different task areas.

    • Enlarge photo

    Many cabinets and drawers feature pull-out shelving, which brings items into plain view and also helps keep them better organized. A rolling cabinet tucked beneath the counter serves as a portable work station or storage for heavy appliances.

    • Enlarge photo


    Schalla also chose the faucets, fixtures and appliances with an eye toward ease and accessibility in the kitchen. Pots and pans can be filled right at the stovetop with the counter-mounted pot filler, eliminating the strain of lugging heavy dishes. Schalla also added a foot control for hands-free functionality. The cooktop features touch controls that are simpler to operate than knobs.

    • Enlarge photo

    The Prologue™ kitchen sink adds a recessed stainless steel counter space for convenient prep and cleanup. Food can be prepared on the sink’s incorporated work surface, making clean-up as simple as swiping the food scraps into the basin and rinsing with the sidespray.

    Even the dishwasher was selected for ease of use. As Schalla explains, “We installed dishwasher drawers as opposed to a regular dishwasher, again to keep everything right at counter height; less bending, less reaching.”

    • Enlarge photo


    For boomers who are likely downsizing from a larger home, an adjacent eating area provides an attractive and sensible alternative to a formal dining room.

    See more of this kitchen: watch the video.
    For more aging-in-place design ideas, explore the Green Mountain Ranch.



    Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

    By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

    Cherry Kitchen Cabinets,Cherry Cabinets,China Cherry Kitchen Cabinets,Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

    1) Carcass: HMR / plywood / particleboard / MDF
    2) Door: MDF + solid wood finishes (cherry / maple / basswood / oak / beach)
    3) Countertop: silestone / granite / marble / man-made stone / laminate    top / formica top
    4) Fittings: blum / ferroni / other top brands / brands made in China
    5) Appliances: can be included
    6) Remark: all the above can be customized by customers
    7)Flat pack, Assembled pack
    8) Professional design team ensure high design capability
    9) Obtained the China environment labeling

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    Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

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