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Bathroom Remodeling Trade Offs

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The lead article (the table of contents if you will) is titled  Bathroom Remodeling Trade Offs.

Bathroom-Remodeling-Trade-OffsLike all of life, remodeling requires making trade offs.

In order to have one thing, you must give up something else.

The three legs of all remodeling projects are; schedule, quality of finished result, and budget.

Anything you do that affects one those, has an affect on the others.

You can remodel your bathroom for very little money, if you take your time to shop for values and do all the work yourself.

You can have your bathroom remodel done very quickly, if you are willing to pay the premium needed.

Knowing the trade offs allows you to make more informed decisions for you, your family, and your remodel.

And speaking of your bathroom remodeling, we would very much appreciate an opportunity to be of service.



Kitchen Makeovers on a Budget

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Here are some ideas for kitchen makeovers on a budget to pep up the look of your kitchen. The budget kitchen makeovers, given in this article are stylish yet economical.

Working in a kitchen is not something everyone enjoys. It turns into a nightmare when you have battered cabinets, peeling paint, chipped countertop and stained floor. If you have a kitchen that closely resembles this description, then god help you! You immediately need a kitchen remodeling plan unless you are comfortable working in such a kitchen. However, if you are a homeowner on a budget then you might not want to go for expensive kitchen improvement projects. In this article, you will find several ideas for kitchen makeovers on a budget.

Ideas for Kitchen Makeovers on a Budget

You don’t need a fat bank balance to change the look of your kitchen. What you need is creativity and great imagination so as to implement innovative ideas of budget kitchen makeovers. Given below are some inexpensive kitchen makeover ideas.

Assign a Budget
Assigning a budget is the most important of all kitchen makeover ideas on a budget. Unless you have a budget planning, it is impossible to proceed with kitchen makeover ideas. Assess the condition of your kitchen and decide what are the problem areas. Some aspects of the kitchen may need only small quick fixes while others may need a complete replacement. Find out these items and make a list by assigning budget to the tasks that need to be undertaken for the respective items. Make sure you do not overlook any major expense as that can make a dent in your budget kitchen makeover plans. Besides, such unforeseen expense may cause the entire planning to go haywire and become a cause for disappointment.

Quick Fixes
There are innumerable ways in which small kitchen makeovers on a budget can be done, just by fixing a few things. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in pepping up the appearance of any kitchen and that too, for less than $100. However, do not forget to give a coat of primer before painting walls so as to avoid peeling. Another quick fix activity that can add pizazz to your kitchen is painting kitchen cabinets. Replacing kitchen cabinets is a very expensive affair, however by painting them you can achieve similar results for much less cost. You might as well take a step further and replace the cabinet door knobs and handles as well. If trading your existing kitchen appliances for newer ones is not possible, then you can paint them using an appliance paint. You can get them painted at auto shops if you are doubtful about doing the job yourself.

Certain aspects of the kitchen may not work well just by fixing them, hence replacing them is the only way out. However, these replacements need not be always costly, as you can go for cheaper substitutes. For instance, while changing the flooring, you can indeed look for less expensive kitchen flooring options. Vinyl tile flooring and vinyl planks offer the most economical option for kitchen flooring. What more, they come in myriad designs and patterns so that you can choose them according to the rest of the decor. Other cheap kitchen makeover ideas include replacing the worn out kitchen backsplash with ceramic or porcelain tiles instead of glass ones.

Adding pieces of accents here and there can also add to the beauty of your kitchen. Potted plants make for ideal and least expensive adornments for your kitchen. You may also place a clear vase with fresh flowers in it. You may also hang pretty wall pieces or picture frames to beautify your walls. Just make sure they won’t look out of place in your kitchen.

Hope these ideas on kitchen makeovers on a budget help you out in your endeavor of beautifying your kitchen.



A Dream Kitchen in Your Budget

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

You may think that beautiful kitchens are always expensive and unaffordable. But there are ways to make your kitchen look elegant well within your budget. Read on to find out how…

is one of the most important spaces in your home that speaks volumes about your taste and personality. But to have your dream elegant kitchen need not mean you have shell out more money.  All you need is the right choice of materials and idea in the right place. Use your own creativity and get the best kitchen in your home.

You may across several programs on the television and advertisements about interior design but only some genuinely focus on giving you innovative ideas to spruce up your kitchen creatively. We all know that kitchen is an essential part of the house. This is the place where you prepare food to feed your family.


Typically there are three important parts in a kitchen– the working region, the storage section, and the clean up zone. Your gas range, oven and other appliances involved in food preparations are included in the working region. The sink of course comes in the clean up zone. The refrigerator and cabinets compose the storage section where you store items used in food preparation such as kitchen utensils, containers, etc. However, in a relatively large kitchen you can emphasize all of these in an architectural design. But in a small kitchen it is difficult to determine. Nonetheless, kitchen cabinets are truly a blessing in a kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets are cheap compared to other appliances and also have high purpose attached to them. Refrigerators are expensive storage devices used to store frozen food and those that need high temperature while the stoves and ovens cook the food. Kitchen cabinets not only store food but you can also design them to incorporate these appliances as well. It enhances the elegance of your kitchen space. You cannot imagine a kitchen without storage cabinets with all the utensils and food items scattered everywhere on your platform making it look shabby and messy.

These kitchen cabinets are made of different types of material such as aluminum, steel, and even glass. For a modern kitchen with contemporary design, an aluminum cabinet may be the best choice as it goes very with the interiors. Of course, aluminum is costly when compared to wood. But for those with a less budget you can go for the wooden cabinets.  They are durable and easily fit into all kinds of kitchen space. Besides, wooden cabinets are flexible and also ensure easy maintenance.

If your budget is still smaller to afford to custom made wooden cabinets, you can always resort to RTA cabinets. These cabinets are very easy to use and ready-to-assemble as the name implies (RTA).




Designing A Kitchen – The Best Way To Go

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Designing A Kitchen – The Best Way To Go

Best Kitchen Cabinets 

Kitchens are the heart of a family. It provides meals, snacks, warmth, laughter, shared moments, disagreements, comfort and more. Your kitchen has been there for everyone in your family and you want to continue to make it a comfortable place to be. You still want to be able to update your kitchen to make it fit in with modern day décor. How you do that depends on your personal style and flair and also what meals you like to fix the most; Mexican, Italian and more. You can dress up your kitchen with what you like the most.

Kitchens are difficult to design if there is no planning done beforehand. It always takes a moment to think about what kind of kitchen space is required and jot down all the things. For starters is the overall look itself. A small kitchen can also look ideal, as well as a nice and huge kitchen can turn into a confining space.

Know what you would like in your new kitchen. This also includes the basic stove and the microwave. You must be sure whether it is the simple stove you require, a cook top, or a more elaborate cooking range. Then there are other appliances to consider.

Make a list of the items that are really essential for your kitchen, then the items that you think may be necessary. Consult the list twice and remove all those items that you can do without. Unnecessary items constitute as junk and take up lot more space. This also makes the kitchen look really cluttered.
Counters and cabinets come next. How much storage do you need in your kitchen? Does placing a shelf over there looks good, or does it confine the whole appearance? These questions are necessary in order to figure out what you need the most. You might need to read about storage ideas and get some storage tips before deciding.

Visit a good store that has a good variety of appliances. You may need to replace some of your appliances for better and more efficient ones. And you also can get an idea about newer products on offer. By having an idea of the items you need, you can also keep your budget under check.

Never forget the lighting and ventilation. These two things are most easily forgotten. A good exhaust facility is must for every kitchen and it should be ensured that it is properly installed. Electricity outlets and their placement is also necessary. With so many handy electrical appliances around, proper sources of electricity make working in the kitchen an easy job. Whilst mood lighting is probably not necessary you will need good strong lighting so you can see what you are doing.

Consider the flooring. You don’t want to be installing carpet in your new kitchen, we once had a rental with carpet in the kitchen – not good. Consider all your options for flooring.

Once you have all the necessary planning over, it is essential to decide who will do the actual designing. Although the task can be completed without professional help, there are many benefits of having one. Professional designers have the knack of doing things the right way. They have valuable suggestions regarding the overall outlook of the design. Also they can streamline the budget for you by selecting the most appropriate stuff for your kitchen. Getting your kitchen designed by a professional could be an additional expense, but the result can be really rewarding. So go ahead and plan out your ideal kitchen space.

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How To Create A Designer Kitchen

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

How To Create A Designer Kitchen


How do you create an attention-grabbing, designer kitchen on a reasonable budget? How do builders and remodelers design kitchens that sizzle? They’ve figured out the secret to creating kitchens that sell. They hire a kitchen designer! So, if builders think kitchen design is a smart idea, do you think it might be worth the investment?

Today’s remodeled kitchen can easily cost $25,000 – $50,000 or more. If you are going make a sizeable investment upgrading your kitchen, you may want to allocate a portion of your budget to kitchen design. Why? Because a good designer comes up with great ideas. You pay for a trained eye to see what you can’t see. A good designer suggests design elements that won’t blow the budget. They know which details are relatively inexpensive, but add significant “punch” to your project.

Once you’ve budgeted money for design (generally 3-5%), now what do you do? Well, before looking for a kitchen designer, start thinking about what want in your kitchen. A kitchen designer will ask you what you have in mind so they can narrow the focus of your design. Is there a specific appliance that you want to make the focal point of your kitchen? Do you like exotic wood cabinets? Or do you just want a kitchen where everything coordinates and flows together?

Before you contact a kitchen designer, you may also want to visit a kitchen appliance dealer. A designer vent hood or an oversized range can serve as a great focal point for your new kitchen. Then you may want to start looking in design magazines, a great source for design ideas. Find the kitchen or the design elements you like in a magazine and simply replicate those ideas that appeal to you. Finally, after you’ve gathered some general ideas of what you want in your kitchen, start looking for a kitchen designer.

Where do you find a good kitchen designer? And once you’ve settled on a designer and come up with a design, how do you know what your design will cost to build? How do you avoid designing a kitchen you can’t afford? Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had some guidance throughout the design process to determine construction costs?

That’s where a “design-build” firm can help. Design-build remodelers offer both design and construction services. When working with a design-build contractor, the designer creates the beauty (the floor plan, the cabinet elevations, the finished material selections, etc.) and the contractor creates the estimate. There’s no more guesswork. When you hire a design-build contractor you know exactly what the design will cost.

Today, there are number of professional remodelers offering design services. Some design-build remodelers provide in-house design services. Other contractors outsource design to kitchen-designer, business partners. The best design-build contractors couple top design talent with professional construction services.

So how do you create a designer kitchen? Since they appreciate the value of good design, you may want to start by looking for a good design-build contractor. Check their work, check their trade associations, look at their project pictures and talk to their designers. A reputable design-build remodeler can be a valuable partner for creating your new designer kitchen!