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Cozy Library Right In Your Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


What do you do while having a bath? Most of us listen to music or read something. A bathroom has become not only a place of hygiene but also a place of relaxation with cool design where you can feel good after a hard day. This conception is right for those who like to relax in the bathroom. The zone of the bathtub is transformed into a stylish library.


Green color is very calming and warm that’s why it was chosen. The first part of the bathroom is quite usual and modern, there’s everything necessary including a shower cabin, washbasins and so on. But the second part is very unexpected. The bathtub zone is made like it’s a very cozy living room with a fluffy armchair and a large bookstand. Enjoy your book!



Bathroom Layouts and Living Room Interior Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom and Living Room Interior Design Ideas, Bathrooms are often tucked into small spaces, saving room for other more important places within a house, condo or apartment. What if you rethought the priority of your layouts or had enough space to arrange a bathroom furnishings, fixtures and decor look and feel more like an open living room area than a cramped closet?   Read more »



Traditional Claw Foot Bath Tub

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Traditional Claw Foot Bath Tub in Calming Blue and White Bathroom

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Ideal color combination for a bathroom with a traditional claw foot bath tub, used for long, luxurious soaks. Soft blue walls and white joinery are prominent in this theme giving a calm and quiet effect to the bathroom.

This bathroom captures a lot of natural light through the Georgian windows, these are detailed with a lovely white pelmet which is followed throughout in the joinery units.

It is great to see that there are no blinds on the windows, it looks as if the bathroom is situated on the second storey of the house and privacy is not a large issue.

The use of two large mirroring bathroom vanity cabinets balances the spacious room and allows the viewer to focus on the feature of the room the traditional claw foot bath tub.

The chrome feet and fittings of the bath tub are complemented with the trim of the light fittings. The water pipes and faucets are required to be exposed in this form of bath tub as in the early days, before water was plumbed directly into the home, warm water was poured into the bath from a vessel of some kind, a bucket or jug. By having the pipes in a chrome they looking in keeping with the claw feet.

The flooring is a traditional tiled pattern with a key insert vinyl and is a very practical product to use in a bathroom, hard wearing and impervious to water.

The wainscoting to the walls is a lovely design detail, it breaks up the blue walls and is the same height as the vanity units creating a single band of color and texture around the large bathroom space.

While the room functions well the smaller mirrors and blank wall opposite the bathtub leave a lot more scope for decoration.

Overall a lovely use of a traditional claw foot bath tub in this blue and white bathroom.