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Modern and Minimalist Kitchen Design Ideas Kitchen Culture

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

This is the sample and pictures of modern minimalist black and white kitchen design ideas. In this year, many people like to decorate their kitchen layout with ultra modern kitchen design. This is the new trends in kitchen design 2009.

Here are two set of contemporary kitchen design pictures works done via kitchen culture, a Singapore prestige kitchen design company. I had listened regarding the company at times back and what I know is that they produce high quality kitchen cabinet design suitable to the design trends and lifestyles of the modern living.

It is an observe aperture knowledge when you want to visit their showroom. Perhaps, you are looking for fresh and original kitchen design ideas for your kitchen interior design.



Modern Black and White Asian Kitchen Design from Futura Collection

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

See the details objects of this modern black and white kitchen designs as your new inspiration in remodeling your kitchen space. Those simple color systems will ease you for both arrange and maintain your kitchen furniture. We can provide kitchen design with either simple or minimalist furniture décor. See the elegant kitchen cabinets and drawer from this kitchen space. Combine with the kitchen table, the top side of this furniture was complete with the kitchen wash basin and sink décor. The flat electric stove also complete this side. Actually, this small contemporary kitchen space was supported with the decorative furniture that will ease us when we were use the stuff. Supported with a modern fridge designs, we can feel the futuristic atmosphere from this space. Now, please enjoy several stylish Asian kitchen designs pictures from Futura Collection as the supported information.

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Black kitchens

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Most people who take the daring step of designing a black kitchen have a clear picture in their head of what they want to achieve, which is just as well.


Black kitchen designs don’t have to be dark.

Using black as the primary colour for any room in the house is a brave decision, not least the kitchen. Most people want their kitchen to be a bright and airy space, two things not immediately associated with black. However, with the right touches, a stylish and inviting kitchen can still be achieved.

Start by thinking about what things specifically you want to have in black. Do you want a black sink, units, table? Unfortunately, if you have absolutely everything black, you will create a very cold, uninviting atmosphere. The key is balance.

Creating a black kitchen that works involves picking the right materials and tones to compliment the dark elements you introduce into your design. A popular choice is to use dark wooden cupboards and doors and then have black work tops. Other people prefer black cupboards and then have white surface tops and appliances. Picking the right scheme and applying it properly will determine how successful your design is.

For a contemporary design, using the colour with metallic accents is a great way to achieve the look. For instance, black cupboards and draws with metallic handles always looks very sleek. Black surfaces and metallic cooker hoods will also achieve a similar effect.

A black kitchen design is a brave decision but don’t let people tell you it’s the wrong decision. It can take that little bit extra work to achieve the right balance, but with time and effort you’ll be rewarded with a stunning kitchen.



Black And White Kitchen Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Black And White Kitchen Design Ideas

If you have decided to create a really modern kitchen then fashionable black and white theme could become an ideal solution for you. Thanks to a right combination of these colors your kitchen could seem larger than it is. You could also accentuate the most beautiful elements and make them even more attractive. Below you could see different black and white kitchen design ideas which perfectly demonstrate how amazingly could be such simple combination. Often contemporary designers choose black color to a kitchen island and pure white for wall cabinets to add elegant touch to the kitchen and to not decrease its visible size. Nowadays there are a lot of black appliances in shops, which could be unnoticeable among black cabinets. If you will choose steal appliances anyway than you should also decorate cabinet doors by steel finish and then these appliances will be in harmony with other kitchen elements. Build-in LED lights could make your kitchen even more awesome and help you to create a striking atmosphere.