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Art Deco Bathroom Designs To Inspire Your Relaxing Sanctuary

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Art Deco is an eclectic artistic and design style that began in Paris in the 1920s. Nowadays it’s popular in luxury residences and hotels because it represents elegance, glamour, modernity and even functionality. Even though it’s hard to find good furniture in that style that won’t cost you a fortune you still can do that. So if you like this style you can use at your home too. The best room to start is a bathroom. Many manufacturers of modern plumbing have products that combine the aesthetic of minimalist and luxury of art deco. Glossy furniture is also very popular nowadays so it definitely won’t cost you a fortune. Here are some examples of modern interpretations of Art Deco bathrooms to inspire you. Read more »



Bathroom Design Ideas & 3D Color Schemes

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Bathroom design, from small remodel plans to new large luxury spaces, is too often the last place for interior designers to concentrate. Like it or not we spend time daily in this room for our most basic needs – but also take a shower, get something from the cabinet and (if you are very lucky) relax in a spa area. Some of the best contemporary bathroom decor ideas start with a simple choice of color: from a toned-down green vanity accent to fully-colored floors, tiles and decor.


Black and white, the popular modernist default, can get boring fast. In this rendering, Duebi Italia cheated a bit with this 3D online design – there may be nothing but black, white and gray in the paint or on the furniture but there is a dark forest green to be found in the area rug as well as the soft light coming from the shower.

A slide tonal shift into brown families of color goes a long way toward softening a bathroom interior, as these pictures illustrate. From the tan tile to the darker-brown mirror trim, cabinetry and wall panels, these images already seem a lot closer to an comfortable ideal home. Read more »



Dark Bathroom Design Ideas

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Many people believe that designing a room in dark tones is a bad idea. Especially bad that is for bathrooms because there usually aren’t many windows to fill them with natural light. We want to show you that such believe isn’t true.


Dark tones help to make bathroom interiors more voluminous and harmonious. Even though it’s a good idea to combine them with light ones you shouldn’t worry about that because there is usually some white sanity ware there anyway. In our gallery you can find different bathrooms with dominant black, gray, brown colors and other dark colors. We believe that you can find some interesting ideas for your bathroom there. Read more »



Bathrooms With Washbasins Below Windows

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Side view of a sink under a stained-glass window in a green bathroom

Even though it is very popular to put a sink below the window on a kitchen, the same layout in a bathroom isn’t popular at all. We gathered for you some examples of such layout to prove that it is really great. Of course it’s a matter of taste but we all know that natural light is great for your skin so it’s a great idea to put a washbasin and a mirror close to windows in bathrooms.  Windows are a great addition to the bathroom.  Having the right contractor like Houston roofing install the windows can really make all the difference. Read more »



Bathroom Designs With Built-In Fireplaces

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


We all know that a hot bath is a good way to forget about working day problems. How can you make your bathroom even better for that task? To make a fireplace there. The warm fire, the crackling of burning wood, and the soft glow are perfect to create a relaxing mood. Nowadays installing a fireplace in the bathroom isn’t too hard. There are a lot of semi-portable electrical solutions and they are almost as good as built-in fireplaces.

How about you? Is having a fireplace in your bathroom is one of your dreams too?

Read more »



Contemporary Bathroom Set with Natural Touch

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


The SensaMare complete bathroom is one more product by Hoesch, which has been presented on ISH 2009 in Frankfurt. It presents itself the set for bathroom consisted of shower cabin, bathtub and washbasin. It is addressed to active people who like comfortable and modern furniture. If you are one of them, you should check it out. Hoesch gives you a place where you could relax and find yourself. You could start your day freshly and vital, taking shower in stylish and functional SensareMare box. Comfortable whirlpool bath could help you to make the end of working day much more pleasant. All of the elements are made in contemporary minimalist style and would look great in black and white interior design. One of the most interesting features of this set is combination of white acrylic with exotic wood, which adds natural touch to it. [Hoesch]




All-in-One Super-Sleek Bathroom Set

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Space-saving combination fixtures are in vogue, but few go as far as this one. This stylish space-age combo fixture folds out to reveal a toilet, sink, shelf and mirror, all in one object and fanning out from the center like features of the ultimate giant-sized multi-tool knife.

Definitely designed (by Dang Jingwei) with small bathrooms in mind, one of the neatest features is the built-in water-saving system that reuses tap water (used to wash your hands or brush your teeth) as toilet water with the push of a button. Read more »



Black And White Pedestal Wash Basin

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


black and white bathroom basin, pedestal wash basin, porcelain washbasin, Regia, unusual wash basin

Italian company Regia specializes in manufacture of modern bathroom furniture, bathtubs and washbasins. Its products and mostly washbasins always stand out by unusual shapes and trendy colors. One of its latest collections is Milos.


Each washbasin from this collection is freestanding and consists of two parts: pedestal and tank. There are several different variants of both parts available and all of them can be matched in various ways. These washbasins are made of white or black tecnoglass and decorated by nice ornaments. Soft lines and refined design make them adaptable to any bathroom. Read more »



Traditional Black And White Bathrooms To Inspire

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

A bathroom is one of those rooms where a combination of a black and white color theme and traditional design is really easy to achieve. Some cast iron bathtubs seems to be made especially for such bathrooms. In combination with elegant lights and interesting sink units these tubs allow to design a traditional black and white bathroom easily.

Check out the gallery we’ve gathered and most likely you’ll find some inspiration among these pictures. bathroom design ideas, black and white bathroom, black and white bathroom design ideas, black and white decor, black and white interior,

Traditional Black And White Bathrooms To Inspire, black and white interior design, classic bathroom decoratingclassic bathroom design.



Black and White Modular Bathroom Vanity

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Inka Project designed by Massimillano Cicconi is the latest addition to Kerasan’s Acqua Libre collection of modular furniture and sanity ware for bathroom. As usual with modular systems, new products are highly customizable and would be able to find their place in every bathroom. Although with it colors it would be best for black and white bathroom designs. The main product of the Inka Project are washbasins. There as single as double models available. The single washbasin has a square design in two sizes: 40×40 cm or 60×40 cm to 17 cm in height.

The double version would take twice more space. The Inka Project washbasins can be combined with furniture like drawers to create a practical and complete corner dedicated to the daily cleaning. There are a lot of ceramic finishes and glossy lacquered furniture combinations available. If you search for nice products for black and white bathroom, probably Inka Project from Kerasan is the right choice for you.  black and white bathroom, black and white bathroom design, black and white bathroom furniture, black and white bathroom inspirations, Kerasan