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Gorgeous Green Bathroom

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Peaceful, relaxed and removed from everyday life, this washroom may as well be outdoors for all its greenery, visible through a transparent floor, and climbing up the walls on all sides.


Presented by Azuma Makoto at the House Vision 2013 exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, the concept is absolutely minimal – a few white fixtures floating out from the walls and nothing else but glass and greenery.

The high-contrast photos complete the effect, making white doors, windows, floors and trim seem to to disappear, leaving only the shape created by the plant life in the room. Read more »



Bathrooms With Washbasins Below Windows

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Side view of a sink under a stained-glass window in a green bathroom

Even though it is very popular to put a sink below the window on a kitchen, the same layout in a bathroom isn’t popular at all. We gathered for you some examples of such layout to prove that it is really great. Of course it’s a matter of taste but we all know that natural light is great for your skin so it’s a great idea to put a washbasin and a mirror close to windows in bathrooms.  Windows are a great addition to the bathroom.  Having the right contractor like Houston roofing install the windows can really make all the difference. Read more »



Bathroom Formal Curtain Photos

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Traditional Formal Bathroom Curtain Design Photograph Examples

Bathrooms can be difficult spaces to choose curtains and drapes for.

Get some ideas on how to use drapery for traditional bathrooms, photos spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing.

Remember that there is usually a great deal of moisture in the air of the bathroom, so consideration of the fabrics and track systems need to be considered. Easily laundered fabrics are the best option to reduce any chance of mold building up.

Sheers on a french pleat head with a decorative rod. They gently diffuse the light and create a formal backdrop for the freestanding bath.

Colored Sheers with angled leading edge, soft and subtle, gently cover the window and create a warm glow of natural light in the bathroom.

Simple Gold Fabric Sheers tied back soften the look of the bathroom. White venetian blinds allow for complete privacy.

Scarf drapery over a decorative rod frames the view from the luxury bathroom. The weight of the curtain design, lowers you eye and brings to back to the feature of the bath. It creates a roman drapery feel, I am waiting for the toga clad person to walk in.

Jabots used with a pelmet and blinds. Elegant but not over the top, they are away from the direct line of water, they frame the window and soften a very detailed and ordered formal bathroom.



Bathroom Curtains Blinds Shower Curtain

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom Curtains, Blinds and Shower Curtains

Bathroom privacy is often an issue in urban areas, requiring the selection of blinds or curtains to cover bathroom windows.

Sometimes the use of translucent glazing is an option but then you lose a lot of natural light.

Using blinds or curtains means that you have choices, you can have them up or drawn, for general bathroom use or when you need privacy – they can be lowered or closed.

Shower curtains are another area covered in this section of the web site. They are useful for privacy as well as keeping you warmer in the shower and reducing the water leaving the shower area. Shower curtains are an ideal way to makeover a bathroom and a very popular bathroom accessory.

Shower Curtain Style

See how easy it is to change your bathroom look with a luxurious shower curtain.

Bathroom Blinds
Bathroom Formal Curtains
Bathroom Window Glazing

Curtains and blinds used together, the blinds for privacy and the curtains for decoration.



Urban Beat Bathroom Shower Curtain

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Tastes are very different and so are people. Some people prefer their home design to be futuristic or minimalist and modern bathroom or even classic and welcoming. And once you choose one of these styles, you must also be careful to match the smaller items, too. The shower curtain for example is pretty important for the general design of the bathroom, so if your bathroom is cool and modern maybe you would like this great Urban Beat Bathroom Shower Curtain.

This shower curtain has a striking and modern design and can be used in any kind of bathroom. The geometrical patterns and the contrast between red and white and black make it the centerpiece for your bathroom. You can say anything you want, but I bet the shower curtain will not go unnoticed. Any way, it is nice-looking and very useful, too, as it long and wide enough to cover the whole bath tub and it is made of polyester, which makes it perfect to use in the dampness of the bathroom. It is very easy to clean.



5 stylish new bathroom cabinets adds bathroom fun

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

REVIEW: cramped bathroom space, frequent daily use, complicated toiletries, bathroom furniture, cabinet choices than other more time-consuming bother. And difficult to take care of the surface materials, storage shall not force the tasteless style farewell to the following selection of bathroom cabinet style, will be able to help you configure the bathroom well done.
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Split wall-mounted storage cabinets wall space is not a waste of garbage

There is a bathroom window everyone aspire to, but the wall under the window, if you do not install the bath, the wall might become a waste to waste. The split this wall storage cabinets, just use this space, from shower area and wash basin area are very close, daily use items can be stored.

Embodiment of the side wall cabinet vanity wash basin

Choose bathroom cabinets, mainly to see the usual habits. If you make every morning, then this can be transformed into a dressing table, bathroom cabinet must not be missed. Cabinet height for standing position, the surface and real wood dresser is almost the same. Morning time constraints, a person can take turns using the wash basin area, take a long time will never occur because of conflicts.

Flexible and easy to use mobile cabinet

Wash basin and shower area were set on both sides in the bathroom, you need a flexible and mobile connectivity of the bathroom cabinet to two important areas, so that objects at hand, but do not have to repeat the set storage space. Mobile bathroom cabinet wheels must be of good quality assurance within the cabinet filled with all kinds of bath liquid can freely post events.

Simplified installation piece bathroom cabinet

Mirror, wash basin, bathroom cabinet, toilet area is essential, this collection features three bathroom cabinet design saves installation steps, one to be completed. Just choose the time to pay attention, back behind the bathroom cabinet has done enough moisture treatment, otherwise, moisture accumulation, corrosion of the cabinet easy to be deformed.

Act as a cut off corner bathroom cabinet

Bring about a new bathroom cabinet corner bathroom layout.lows cabinet cut off as part of the back to planning for the shower area or toilet area. This bathroom cabinet for the bathroom and bedroom connected type design, so that more specific functional areas, space utilization higher.



Bathroom Windows

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathroom Windows | Glass, Insulation, Frames
Top Things to Consider When Searching for Bathroom Windows … For this reason, the modern bathroom windows are more efficient as they are made from vinyl, aluminum or steel. …

Bathroom Windows
Get your exterior home improvements like replacement windows, vinyl siding, hardieplank, and entry doors installed by a remodeling company serving the greater …

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Bathroom Windows: Find Customer-Rated Bathroom Contractors and Bathrooms Articles

Bathroom Windows – When Functionality meets Design
Design your unique bathroom windows and then give them the bathroom window treatments they deserve. Let us help you with some ideas.

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Item: Window shutter,
Type: White painted +Leveling opening + window shutter
popular in UK,USA,Netherland and Australia

1) Material: Carefully selected Basswood(imported from Russia)

2) Specification:

A) Louver/blade: 2.5″/3.5″/4.5″ width(11mm thickness)

B) Customerized sizes available

3)Structure: Integrated, anti-deformation

4) Finishing: Quality prime, unbeatable surface coating, waterproof,

5) Features: Abundant designs, Easy to install, Louveradjustable for air permeability, sunlight, sound, heat, environmental-friendly Read more »