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Update Your Bathroom by Quick Fixes

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom


Quick Fixes Bathrooms are one of those rooms that don’t always get high on the priority list in terms of decorating. This is bizarre as it’s one of the most often used rooms in the house and it probably takes the most wear and tear. In fact, it would probably need refreshing more often than other rooms like the living room or dining room.

Perhaps we’re more concerned about what reception rooms look like as these are the rooms all our visitors will see, while the bathroom is essentially a private domain.

But if you want to give your bathroom a new lease of life without spending a fortune, here are a few suggestions.

Repaint. A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for any bathroom. It’s worth spending the extra on special bathroom paint as it will cope better with the condensation and therefore last longer than normal emulsion.


Change the shower. A decent shower can make a world of difference to any bathroom. You can easily get a new shower fitted, or if you’re handy, fit it yourself. A Mira shower is a great option as the range extends from electric showers – which are cheap to install and run – through to power showers which will make you feel like you’re bathing in a tropical storm!

Declutter.Update Your Bathroom , Bathrooms can be one of the worse rooms in the house for accumulating clutter. It’s so easy just to add more bottles and jars of shower gel, shampoo, body lotion etc, to the ones you already have. Sort through all your toiletries, bin the ones you no longer want and get a good-sized cabinet to store everything that you’re keeping – rather than lining the sides of the bath and the windowsill with them. It’s amazing how much better your bathroom will look with empty surfaces.

Just a few simple changes will transform your bathroom, with no need to replace the bathroom suite. Give it a go and see how much nicer a place your bathroom can be!

- Update Your Bathroom by Quick Fixes This is a guest post done by Ann Nguyen on behalf of Mira Showers UK.



Cubism Inspired Bathroom Collection – Mondart from Gamadecor

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Latest bathroom collection from one of Porcelanosa’s divisions is called Mondart. This time Gamadecor was inspired by cubism and created modular furniture with straight lights and right angles. There are units of three sizes available: 45, 60 or 90cm. Thanks to that almost unlimited amount of combination could be conceived with them in order to create perfect storage space in the bathroom. All units have 6mm thick Il-tech fronts, which are high resistant to damp, and aluminum endings.

The structure of these units is available in Pardo Walnut, Siena Walnut and Tenue Walnut finish, as well as lacquer in wide variety of colours. Units are usually accompanied with contemporary washbasins with as straight lines as they have.  bathroom collection, bathroom furniture, damp resistant bathroom furniture, damp resistant bathroom units, Gamadecor, modern bathroom furniture, Porcelanosa group



Unusual Bath Vanities by Ypsilon

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Transform your bathroom into the lap of luxury with these opulent unusual bath vanities from Ypsilon. The Italian company has created the Noir bath vanity (pictured above) just for her, with gently curved legs and a sculptural mirror, complete with touch-sensitive vanity lighting and defogger. The sink is pictured in white, but is available in a range of colors to suit her style. Another great design geared to the women is the Vanity (pictured below) – an elegant vanity complete with a sink and integrated compartments ideal for storing potions, lotions and make-up.

Welcome to a new world of glamour, right in your own bathroom. Learn more about these unusual bath vanities by visiting Ypsilon.



New Amazing Bathroom Sanitary Ware in Classic Style – Jazz by Art Ceram

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

One more novelty of Cersaie 2009 is the new bathroom sanitary ware collection Jazz by Art Ceram. This collection presents one of the most refine and elegant bath ceramics. All its elements have very sophisticated design and could add romantic touch to your bathroom. In spite of absolutely classic and even retro style they made in, it could perfectly enrich any contemporary bathroom design.

This bath sanitary ware will be excellent choice for those people who have tired of sober minimalism and want to surround themselves by gentle and charming items. The centerpiece of the collection is undoubtedly wash basin on amazing stand, which could easy change your bathroom in exquisite and chic place. If you needn’t to save space and want to enrich your bathroom by this sanitary ware, then you could find more information about it and its manufacturer on Art Ceram site.Art Ceram, bath ceramics, bathroom set, bathroom washstands, ceramic sanitary ware, classic bathroom design, classic sanitary ware, contemporary bathroom ceramics, italian sanitary ware, pedestal wash basin



Good Looking and Flexible Collection of Bathroom Products – Axor Bouroullec

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The latest bathroom furniture and sanity ware collection for Axor is designed by french designers, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The Axor Bouroullec consists of 85 bathroom products, including: mixers, wash basins, bath tubs, solutions for shower areas, and so on. The main point of the collection is to allow home owners to create very personalized and individual bathrooms that will suit all their needs and wishes. Even individual elements like a wash basin could be personalized – you can locate the mixer and handles almost everywhere around it. The whole collection is an excellent, good looking solution that gives enough flexibility for everyone. { Axor }

Axor, bathroom furniture, bathroom line, bathroom sanity ware, elegant sanitary ware, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec



Elegant white bathroom sets by Ceramica Globo

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The bathroom is the new canvas to experiment and give vent to one’s imagination. The colors can be combined to achieve varied results, striking, elegant, lively or pulsating. Black and white bathroom decorating ideas build on the contrasting blends the two colors portray. One of the best things about choosing a white suite is that you have the ability to change your bathroom colour scheme over and over as a white suite will go with any other colour scheme. A white suite will also make the room look more spacious and clean which is always a bonus in a bathroom. When you have chosen a white suite you can enhance your bathroom by the addition of interesting mirrors, cabinets and other accessories without it looking like it has been overdone, the beauty is in the simplicity.

Embodying elegance and grace, these chic new bathroom sets by Ceramica Globo make a classic yet contemporary statement of style. The cool angles and simple forms of the new Relais bathroom collection bring a contemporary look to your space. For more details on this elegant bathroom set, visit Ceramica Globo.



Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas and Examples

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

The Bathroom Vanity

Although the bathroom vanity  is essentially a joinery unit we will cover it here briefly as it is often a proprietary fitting that can be purchased off the shelf and installed. Some bathroom vanity have a separate ceramic basin installed in the top and others have an integral top with the basin. It is a personal preference, however as with other ceramic, glass and plastic fittings check the hardness and brittleness i.e. can it be scratched and can it be chipped?

Then make your judgment as to the bathroom vanity durability. Ensure that the vanity units’ top drains back to the basin. So should the soap dishes. The vanity top should have a raised up stand at the back to catch splashes.This is instead of being directly on the wall. If not tiles, mirror or some other innovative and attractive finish should be used. This is because paint will eventually peel or blister.

It is often a good idea to have raised edges around the top of vanities bench to stop water dripping off the edge especially if it is for a family with young children. Many dont. Check this or at least ensure that there is a fall to the top of the vanity that keeps water draining back to the bowl.

The storage within each bathroom vanity should be able to hold large items such as cans of hair spray. It should also be able to be locked or have safety locks on them for the sake of young children. Hair sprays, nail polishes and soaps are all poisons. Check with the sizes of the products that you use. They are not all standard sizes and you often find the manufacturer of these products use novelty sizes and shapes. They do this to help sell the item. That makes them difficult to store.

Ceramic vessel basin set in a rimu timber vanity top.

A ceramic basin set into a laminate top.

As part of your design evaluation of the bathroom vanity, confirm what is going to be stored and what the unit is made of.

We use lots of different compounds and chemicals in our cleaning and polishing of our bodies. These can be caustic or abrasive to some finishes.

This bathroom vanity has great storage capacity.

This bathroom vanity has a slim top and semi recessed basin allowing for more room in the bathroom.

Hair products in particular often come in varying sized shaped bottles and containers.

A unit with an abundance of different sized drawers can be the most practical, so that medicines, hair products, skin products etc. can all be stored and locked off separately if necessary.

This vanity has a marble top with a bottom fixed basin, lots of good storage and brilliant use of mirrors to make the space look larger.

Double basins can be very useful in large families. One end can be lowered with separate taps and basin for younger children. Ensure that an overflow is in the vanity. This is especially necessary if the bathroom doesn’t have a floor drain.

Alternately a separate cabinet higher up or elsewhere in the bathroom may be used to for the storage of the items and the underside of the cabinet left open or used for towel storage.

Double basins – shown here semi recessed, are a luxury item for couples or busy families sharing the same bathroom space, allowing quicker turn around of ablutions.



How to choose the right bathtub?

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathtubs are being used by humans since eternal years. Romans had already started using bathtubs since the year 500 B.C. To be very frank, a bathtub occupies a vital part in our daily lives. It helps you to prepare yourself for the day ahead and is also known to revitalize the spirit and rejuvenate the energy after a stressful day at work.

It is unquestionable that bathtubs are the best additions to all bathrooms.  Today, bathtubs are available in an array of varying designs, forms and styles. As a result, the task of choosing a bathtub is as confusing as selecting a candy from a candy store.


Below is a list of certain tips to assist you in selecting the right bathtub for you –

1) Set your budget – bathtubs are available in a wide variety of functions, sizes, colors and styles. Setting a budget before you start looking for the right bathtub will limit your choosing and prevent you from overspending.

2) Measure the available space in your bathroom – By measuring the available space in your bathroom, you will be able to ascertain the right size of the bathtub for your bathroom. Most of the people assume that bathtubs are meant for large spaces only. However, this is not true. Bath tubs are available for small spaces also. Assure that you have the dimensions of the available space noted in a piece of paper so that you can check whether a bathtub fits well in the measurement or not.


3) Select the right features – the essential purpose of a bathtub is for bathing but the modern bath tubs are available with an array of features. However, an extra feature simply implies more cost. You may be carried away by seeing the extra features, but you need to question yourself whether the features are useful to you or not. If they are useful and there are no sorts of space and budget constraints, then definitely, it would be worth an investment.


4) Choose the right material – most of the bathtubs are made of acrylic or fiberglass. However, many of them are also manufactured out of cast iron, steel and water proof mood. Select a material according to your taste and ambience of the bathroom.

5) Select a bathtub which is easy to maintain – Varied materials are known to repel soap scum and dirt to different levels. It is always better to select one, which requires minimum maintenance.



Vintage and Modern Bathrooms by Irina Schastlivaya

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Bathrooms are among the most important rooms in every house, no matter they are small or large, simple or luxurious, white or colorful and they are part of our universe. When we have our home, we want to do it according to out own personality, to our taste and this also refers to our bathroom. If some of us prefer simplicity, others want their bathrooms to look like some works of art. Irina Schastilivaya’s designs are definitely in the second category. Who could imagine that simply by using patterns on tiles, your bathroom turns into a real work of art?

These details are eye-catching and make the space inviting, adding another dimension to the concept of common bathroom. There is a permanent combination of modern and vintage that creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere. The modern furniture pieces in a strong color and the strong patterns and decors on the tiles and the glass doors are the just an example.

Sometimes you can have a feeling of finding yourself in another period, in a residence, which belongs to a king or a queen, and not in a normal bathroom. At the same time, beyond the luxury, everything breathes modernity and elegance. Did you choose the bathroom that you like best?



Another Refreshing Italian Bathroom Collection by Lasaidea

By KBC Kitchen & Bathroom

Imagine yourself after a long hardworking day, tired and full of dust. It is not a beautiful scenario if you imagine all these things but it will make appreciate more a clean and refreshing space which can make transform you into a new person.

One of these places can also be another refreshing Italian Bathroom Collection by Lasaidea.This type of bathroom, with modern and beautiful combinations of colors will assure you many moments of pleasure and comfort. Its modular lines include all the necessary equipment for a modern and practical bathroom that refers to bathroom furniture and accessories. Here you may find: cabinets and drawers with oodles of storage space, countertops with separate or integrated washbasins, mirrors and lighting.

The Italian Bathroom Collection by Lasaidea will amaze you with the unconventional design, refined style, elegance and refreshing atmosphere. All these elements create a wonderful space where you can satisfy any desire and enjoy plenty of relaxation moments.

Another advantage of this collection is the fact that offers you the opportunity to choose the combinations of colors you want or wood varieties as it is available in fifty glossy and fifty matte colors and ten different wood varieties. It depends on your tastes and preferences which will make you decide the design that you would like to have or need.Italian Bathroom Collection by Lasaidea